Septic Tank Issues

son and dil been noticing some issues for a while; hub and a “friend” of theirs dug up a line between house and tank that appeared to have come apart – wrong tee or none, coupling instead? or the other way around; either way, repaired, but problem came back so apparently that wasn’t it

but didn’t get it taken care of soon enough

surveyor showed up

did I post about the house fire? will check

but several months ago house 2nd over from dil’s was burning; dil thought was the house next door that someone lives in; this one was empty, but thinking it was the other one she called the fire department – which fits this whole story – so when they got there – hm, wait, maybe I’ve not been thinking, looking at the neighborhood, seems like the preacher lives between – well, not that house, but the house that in a measure this one’s in the backyard of – and the transmission shop though been seeming lately been as if on the other side; anyway – that house has been empty as well; turns out to be the granddaddy of the neighborhood whose owners had now both passed away and understood daughter in charge and maybe so but today found out who son was as well – why didn’t I make the connection with the same last name and how well that fits in here as well – anyway he – think the preacher – calls daughter, who had made arrangements – here we go again – with a firefighter from another fire department – out of the area – hm…- to burn this house down – hm…normally have to get a permit  or at least are supposed to and think would have had to had she approached the local department, hm..- once again – so when got there put a stop to it – after it had already collapsed; well, but only partially, might have been better had it totally – now, seems like something like if she had deed, so didn’t she? but still couldn’t burn, would only be then to be able to dig a hole and bury it – oh, once again, hm….but for whatever reason – not wanting to pay anybody, so could find somebody to burn but not bury? hasn’t been done but was doing it to help the sell of parent’s/granddad’s house/property – to “right” people – read how you want because the “wrong” people probably would have wanted that house but anyway apparently has ended up not really mattering after all since the guy with the transmission shop, who owns the land that’s behind his shop – one way – and behind son and dil’s the other – wish I had the map to show you – kind of the whole corner of the main property, has now bought this property and “all the remainder of the estate”; hm…so what does that mean – well, seems the people son and dil bought their property from had told them they owned part of what he had been claiming of this corner property but yet apparently they knew better because when they were doing some burying of their own – of the construction debris of son and dil’s house from where they were remodeling it – on what he – transmission shop owner – was claiming as his property – with survey, et al – he – son and dil’s house owner – apparently conceded because he, upon transmission shop owner’s orders per survey – dug it back up and covered up the hole – now what did he do with it, hm…oh, so, wait a minute, he has digging equipment, hm….but not only did he do that but he had transmission shop owner’s surveyor, while he was out there, mark his corners – based on what? transmission shop owner’s survey, I suppose, so just those corners, ones in dispute, was he not going to anyway – hm, maybe not, often don’t unless in dispute, hm…but anyway, apparently conceded them, since don’t believe had his own survey done, but point is seemingly then told them something differently, so now this – new? – same company, but at least apparently since that survey – in 2008? – surveyor has retired – remember knowing about that with our place, long story – surveyor when out there told them – son and dil – the situation while also telling them about a situation with their neighbor, shame he didn’t wait to see how it was going to be resolved because it ended up being resolved in his favor and he got his land that he told the surveyor was supposed to be his but wasn’t showing up that way on the survey? legal description? he had but maybe? based on this guy telling him differently he researched it more thoroughly than he possibly would have otherwise and discovered that – apparently, now who could dispute a legal description other than a surveyor – an error was made, saying land was being taken away that was actually supposed to be given – it had already been taken away on his other side and was to be given back to him on their side but had inadvertently been put down as being taken away but couldn’t be because had never been part of, so was able to be corrected and given, as he’d been claiming it anyway, so was upset but apparently through that came over or at least saw onto their property and saw the septic issue; thought he had at first said was already causing him problems but when looked didn’t see how that could be but apparently only said if it did but seemingly possibly because who else – oh, well, supposed could have been the law enforcement that came out for something totally other but they insist not or could have been the septic person had had already come out but they insist not as well, so only one left and there have been issues in the past and since you can do it anonymously, well…but think was related to being upset over the land issue, so if had just waited to realize wasn’t going to be shafted over that maybe wouldn’t have done anything but done now,

health department notified and showed up –

code violation notice sent out

now, since already contacting septic people, contacted them again and told them

now they say have to wait for permit

except one/some say, no, have to go get, so…

since having to – well, maybe not “having” but going – to go that way anyway – and – since upset about them coming, had called, was told have to “apply” for permit, one doesn’t just show up – that’s the code violation notice that did but apparently caused the delay in going buy to “apply” for the permit, since not normally done until receive the code violation notice, which supposedly tells you to do that, but at least to me they must expect you to be mind readers because I sure didn’t get that out of it; if hadn’t been told, not sure would have realized needed to go and what makes it worse, it also doesn’t say what they said that if you don’t they issue a warrant for your arrest but

making it worse, apparently I and son are contacting two different types of septic people, the ones I am are telling me this but the ones he is are not he’s operating on assumption that what was said today is sufficient to begin to be getting estimates, prices, except he truly is not even contacting the same type people – as in not licensed – hm….

do they have to be? what I understood

now neighbor – ours, not theirs – but they know, grew up with since grew up with us here – telling them they understood you could get a homeowner’s permit to do it yourself – ok, but not the same as hiring unlicensed, as I understood; oh, but he’s not telling them that – he’s worked for a licensed, though didn’t use that term – just worked for a septic person for 3 yrs so he knows how to do it – well, then, so does my older son, he did too but not sure he’d do it for someone else, not too sure he’d do it for himself – but might could get by with it except I understood that to buy the new septic – which, yes, as I understand, basically what health department inspector saying has to be done, but…based on assuming, because of lid,  it’s a block tank, which is no longer allowed, yet based on assumption of age of when last used, yet ours is same age and it’s not block, so….is anybody going to look; well, that’s what will be done tomorrow evening or night, when says going to come – though inspector today was supposed to inspect but apparently felt unnecessary, be interesting depending on what find out but then also be interesting depending on what permit – that they did not tell would be sending, but what the septic people I talked to say would be, hope – or do I? – that they’re right? especially now that being told about this homeowner one which nothing’s been said about, sorta – says about replacing but don’t see how they could require it without seeing it and then if they say does based on assumption of being block but then not, but now just remembered, thinking – maybe that’s my problem, guess don’t have to tell them already found out, just don’t replace and see if they see about it when come out to inspect after tell them have got it repaired but who’s going to actually buy because as said understood record has to be made of that; not sure has to be turned in to the health department, maybe only if there becomes a problem? but maybe homeowner himself can but if bought by unlicensed installer, but if gives homeowners address as to where going but then believe would have to be in homeowners name but especially if health department already involved, not sure if have to show ID or if known, so not sure if can buy in homeowner’s name but maybe but thought homeowner had to be actually installing himself, not hiring unlicensed installer to be doing it in his name, so believe homeowner – son – would need to actually buy it himself then how they work out labor their own issue, not involving parts/ supply dealer, so…but not sure any understand that because nobody explaining, seeing it just buying a car, which are issues there as well, but maybe like only having to sell so many, so seeing at as issue when only installing so many, not sure if considered the same or not but either way as far as that goes, which seemed to apply to licensed installer had come out, when get there don’t like having come to just give estimate, at least that one, not sure how it got to him from office, maybe that’s the problem, wanted to do something and seemingly possibly situation here as well and since they’re not being told same thing I am, which I don’t understand, especially since I’d already told them what was going on – went through this once before in a different situation – how does this happen….that I get in the middle – will see what happens tomorrow – info came from brother of guy had do work for us as well as them but he’s passed away – try to see what he says, so….



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  1. hub took off the next day – to rest, ha – so wound up going to health department and picking up permit, then also to septic company that sells tanks and getting price of just tank, tank with installation, and total job cost, using this new stuff, but also health dept guy somewhat hinted about contacting this other guy who was doing a job up our way but after I did above post? because was that day son had contacted another company, bigger, that he felt free to ask about financing, apparently they’d said no but then since they were the same company I’d already had come out they called me and explained to them he – their own guy – had said needed more done than just tank pumped out, but also we’d uncovered the tank since then for them to see what kind but also the other as well so they brought the big boss and came on out; oh, and also between all this had been told there’d been at least one, if not 2, other tanks on the property but hard to find and didn’t even though they did look; when got there said did have financing through the very bank that had popped up when they to get it before, so thought maybe good thing, that they might then work with them because of the situation.

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