Back and Forth

No, not only did she not go to the big city – guy she supposed to go to, father of last baby – didn’t send the ticket, so…she winds up in the boonies of Arkansas, courtesy of the one always in the wings, demanding to know where her sister is; yes, the one she wouldn’t stay with when she was here, so….why? but made the mistake of telling said sister she was calling, wanting to know, thought she didn’t want to have anything to do with her, after everything’s that happened, so why then did she call all her family to get her phone number to call her, if she didn’t want to go with her, which is all she was wanting and why? and would she have left if she had? cause she’s right back where she started from, while, meanwhile, dil, in case you haven’t figured it out by now, was discharged from the hospital she was in – rather interesting, but….it didn’t last, she and hub on a trip when it happened again and he had to call the ambulance and have her taken to the hospital again, except this time because of some other things he wasn’t able to let us know what happened this time so did call and find her with them wanting to discharge her but wanting someone to go pick her up but after everything that had happened – oh, I didn’t mention hub winding up in the hospital in the middle of this – he didn’t want that done, so…in trying to find somewhere for her to go, they in the middle of a big only once every 3 yr. meeting but supposed to get back with them, but nobody can wait anymore, so this time and place put a CON on her and shipped her away to their own place that they’d never even mentioned so almost immediately started wanting to leave like she’d done before here except not here this time so wanting us/me to come get her but again, with everything that had happened – no – but also place with meeting, since sent to where they did, can’t/won’t take her now, and place recommended can’t/won’t since she wound up out of state and place could go to same thing except can’t/won’t, so….at least thought they would take care of things, but no….not sure if because she said she wouldn’t now go anyway? – thought she didn’t have a choice, but they decided to give her one, except they weren’t really behind it, they did it because instead of them taking the responsibility for what they were doing, they did it because they thought I would, really through them when said I wouldn’t so then understood they going to just put her on a bus? but then, oh, no, just to the bus station but then she be on her own? they going to just leave her? do they no longer care where she going? apparently not except they do want an address, which then changes everything because she then tells them somewhere else which pretty sure started down this road before, needs valid photo ID, which of course of all times, she doesn’t have, so…have to call place to see what need – birth certificate? – do have that? hm…then have to have social security card or can do online


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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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