Peering around the bend of time

It’s been quite a year but when did it even start? Valentine’s Day seems to be as good a place as any, since that’s when they say it started, the beginning of what’s led to today – although not necessarily where I’m starting, but in just a few minutes a very dear friend of mine will be on a road, to an extent, that I was on 6 yrs. ago with a somewhat granddaughter – amazing, will see what happens – she’s actually the son of a daughter of a very dear friend of hers, who was a single mom who passed away from cancer, who asked her to take her daughter, assuming all the legalities were taken care of – whose now son is getting ready to have open heart surgery, just as my granddaughter did, only not quite the same kind, his is more straightforward; however, he did go into cardiac arrest, just as my granddaughter, only before his surgery, not after as she did, with CPR being done for almost as long – but with a better outcome, though not sure really can still explain exactly how they said it but when all was said and done they said she was too weak to undergo more surgery, but maybe it was the kind because it wasn’t heart, although they said something else had happened, but then they didn’t want her to have what she did, as I said hers was not so straightforward as his and they were actually considering let him come home, he was already not as sick as she was so not sure what brought this on, but now they’re getting ready to do it this morning – I’d love to be there – but in the meantime – my dil’s sister just had her baby, some mild, slight complications but nonetheless she’s in nicu, so she had to have a car seat test, which I forgot to mention to the carseat people we’d had such an ordeal working it out in the first place, though now only for it all to be for nothing and have to be redone, with hopefully them having done their job last night since they will be leaving early today, but wasn’t told when, I don’t believe, because weren’t entirely sure would be done last night, since weren’t sure when she would be coming home

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not quite in the context I found it but still…

the other day granddaughter wanted us to get online and find her whole name printed out like we’d done with just her first name, so we did, but in the process found her namesake, a 18th century author whose books were mentioned in a Jane Austen book, found supposedly one at our local university library but when went to see about it found it’s behind a firewall that costs $75 to break through, so….but, interesting got the facsimiles of the title pages of the two they have access to, but also found intriguing didn’t have her actual first name on them; apparently back in that day females couldn’t really publish under their own names, at least their firsts that would identify them as such; come a long way?

turns out happened to have a copy of the Jane Austen book they were mentioned in, then Hillsdale started an online course on just that book, that started taking or thought I had – thought it started with an interview/discussion with the president – of the college – regarding Jane – but turns out I’d actually missed his lecture – probably should have gotten that done before doing this post but this is just more about all the connecting that seems to happen when you start down a trail –

so then when at the local big box bookstore for their penny a page sale while debating whether I was going to actually stand in line, checked out their bargain table and there she was again, the actual book – all versions are different but didn’t get then, so, once again, but the ironies – been meeting there every month but let me miss one and what happens they decide to quit – meeting there, that is, not meeting at all – still don’t know why –

get through tomorrow – see what happens next day – so much – more connections –

and may see about picking it up – go from there

but just this connection fascinating – eager to see where it goes

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Silent Happenings

Why does the house feel so silent this morning? waiting to hear from dil re taking granddaughter to Build a Bear – before they run out again – not having to try to find out about the paint clinic next week because looks like going to be cancelled – birthday over – got the work word, not till Monday – she’s not wanting to spend the night anymore, after getting her room ready, not sure what’s going on, oh, did forget supervisor to be back today, so…things seem to maybe be settling down, just feels quiet, maybe it’s on here, anyway, had a chance to come back this way, ran across a challenge someone did, regarding quirks, something used to be considered fun, but has gotten scary, but she made a comment, how to say – enlarging? everything trivializes the serious, just because you have a quirk doesn’t make you seriously mentally ill, but been doing some serious decluttering, or rather maybe I should just say shuffling, moving my stuff from front room/guest room, which couldn’t have been used, at least not without it, which hated earlier, to,yes, another room, but for another time, for granddaughter to use that room; moved the stuff to youngest son’s room, who just flew out to out West Sunday morning, bringing his stuff back first but it not going back in his room, but starting in the garage but right in the way, which surprised me him being allowed to, of hub reworking front porch steps, so he took everything upstairs – yes, we have an upstairs to our garage – just wondering where and I would have helped him, guess really should have realized he doing it, hm….because that’s where his ham radio stuff was, at least, although he’s fixed a place downstairs, just wondering if he filled up my side – really wondering how he managed to get there, but….anyway, since son’s room empty that’s where all my stuff went, but then we wound up in there anyway, oh, hm…one thing she hasn’t mentioned putting in her room is her new rocking chair – did not realize they come in different sizes – feel like Goldilocks – or how much of a difference design can make in making the same size feel so different, as in the legs/rockers being to the side or underneath so you’re not having to deal with them…so took the old one back – see how long lasts this time – for the 3 yr. old – why couldn’t it have stayed there for him to begin with? is that an irk or a quirk

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The Dreaded Phone Call

or is she one of the snowflakes down here? at least according to possibly my Kansas friend she is but, Toto, we’re not in Kansas – oh….

anyway, been wondering about all the deal with last year – oh, you don’t remember about the septic tank fiasco last year – well, it’s here somewhere

and the fire? last year’s, mind you, not this years

well, it apparently caused more issues – well, maybe not the fire; if that had been left alone, then maybe everything would be ok, but calling the fire department to put it out, even though it wasn’t what was thought to be on fire when they were called – maybe if they’d called them first? but…if you’re “merely” the executor of the estate of the house you’ve decided needs burning does that give you the authority to do so, when there are other heirs and especially if those heirs are state-dependent, so therefore, the state’s looking for their inheritance – now who decides which would give the most? the house as is or burned, but either way, certainly not if it ends up being only half – because of new rules? can bury but not burn, so, okay, thought be no biggie, would just get done, but….apparently not, so…here it still sits, a year later, causing a depreciation in property values to the assessed tune of $6000 – not that it would have to cost that much to have it done, but still….since it’s being assessed they’re apparently wanting somebody to pony up, although nothing’s actually been said….but, seemingly buying another house and moving has stirred all this up, since utility deposits had been made on the previous one, so with the transfer the confirmation apparently was sent to that house and found by the still owners, since the sale hadn’t been able to go through, which apparently led to checking out the rest of the property – property that son thought belonged to him, so -wouldn’t you use it? – but, oh no – Snowflake?’s threatening – now, instead of hiring this bulldozer to bury this house she was having burned – to bulldoze this shed on – whose? – property, hopefully at least after putting him the No Trespassing signs – oh my – so waiting on the courthouse – now why having to wait when ours would have just taken care of it right then – to drill down their stuff and see what they come up with, hopefully before she decides to actually do this – so guess we’ll see

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Except a Seed

fall to the ground; isn’t that what it says?….but it doesn’t tell you how much it can hurt – never would I have expected the news I got this week – many times – and it seems it’s happened quite a bit lately – you’re rather expecting it, sometimes more than others, but mostly at least not surprised, but not this one – imagine your hub coming in from work with the strangest expression on this face, while you’ve just been going about your what you thought was just an ordinary day, actually more than usual, getting things back in gear, replenishing supplies, etc., and he says “you haven’t heard? you don’t know?” “no, apparently not; what am I supposed to have heard?” wondering then why you haven’t if it’s supposed to have been so important for me to have – then finding out that – well, maybe not like your best friend or maybe 2nd best such that your best one would have let you know – but at least somebody you’d come to care about deeply, maybe because you couldn’t help but reciprocate the love they showed to you, the personal things they did for you just because…that meant so much….finding out – no, no, no! – they died in a horrible, tragic house fire early this morning – (well, no, not “this” morning – but “that” one) so early, more or less last night – but more than that – maybe? – nobody let me know – like earlier – like last year an old – as in, yes, quite a while ago, before I moved here 30 yrs. ago – good friend also passed away and nobody let me know – just “happened” to find out by someone else mentioning it in passing – have I become invisible? but there’s more to this story but all I can do right now
her service was this afternoon – my heart’s just breaking

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Her Name’s Not Lisa

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A New Voyage of Discovery

My granddaughter, who I normally would not name, but somewhat vital to this post, so better catch it, Eliza – and, yes, this one time I’m going to put her last name as well – Parsons was here and once before we’d found her name – just her first – online in a printable font pattern, printed it out for her and have had it on the fridge so this time she wanted her first and last name, so hub this time googled it – and would you believe she has – or is – a namesake – turns out there was a somewhat famous – for her time, anyway, hasn’t lasted – author with her name. And turns out a couple – maybe, of her more well known? books are mentioned by Jane Austen in her book Northanger Abbey, maybe not necessarily in the best light – or – there’s somewhat some controversy as to whether she was being satirical in calling them “horror” books – believe they are considered gothic, at least, though not all of her books were, by any means. Those two are

The Castle of Wolfenbach and

The Mysterious Warning

I find it interesting that she married a turpentine distiller but especially at this time with the story of  his business taking a decline as an indirect result of “our” “American” War for Independence – from the perspective, of course, of both them and Jane Austen being British, correlating, in my mind, with it having just come out, I believe, the book The Lacemaker by Laura Frantz, who has studied our American Revolution – yes, she’s an American – in Britain from their perspective. He spent the rest of his money – at least he had some – trying to revive it.

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