This Digital Age we live in

Not than son should be getting stopped in the first place – that’s annoying, but that’s another issue, but when he did –

first of all, his house and car insurance are with a basically online company, so not sure if they just don’t send out cards or if they’re like on their website and they expect you to print them off, which, these people that don’t have printers, although he came over and printed out his house insurance info the other day to send to somebody else,

or if they just expect that digitally will be accepted everywhere but the cop sure didn’t like it being just on phone; however, the judge didn’t have a problem with it so the no proof of insurance charge the cop slapped him with he dropped – thankfully;

maybe fits with the new system the DMV has of being able to renew your license online now,

which glad, since not sure how long you have after your birthday, which, hm…now that I think about, when was this stop? since birthday was end of May and here it’s now almost end of July, sure it is about time to be getting it done; I didn’t think you had this long; was it actually already expired? and at the stop? hm…anyway, whether or no, he at least was finally talking about getting it renewed, so now why wasn’t it already done on his day off –

oh, yea, probably because of other bills, like the car and house insurance, which had gotten behind; now why? when he was making good money – oh, was it because of the car payments on the car he couldn’t get registered – all that down the drain, though was nice to have while they had it but working out now anyway – another long story – anyway –

getting all that caught up now that car’s gone, along with payments, so guess time –

but how – though think can still go to the courthouse – oh, maybe that’s what brought it up – hm…was it an issue when went to court over the stop, even though judge did take the digital insurance proof – seems had this problem once before – at least think he does keep it in his wallet now – unlike just throwing it everywhere and – bhh – poor dil’s pulled him out of a crack before – and this was before they got married when he was staying at my mom’s – she goes over there and finds it having – now how in the world? – gotten between the bed and the wall on the floor –

but probably didn’t want to ask off to go again, since didn’t get it done while there –

so download your app – and give  your life history and geography away – and renew it online – yay!

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12 U S Marshalls – Open Up!

Can you imagine being woken up to that at 3 AM? especially if you’ve fallen asleep on the couch? And – if they’re shining lights in every window of your house? – now, you’ve moved our couch into your sunroom at the back of your house – so of course it’s surrounded by windows; at least you have blinds on all of them – and your master bedroom, where your husband is, is at the front of the house – and it’s woken your 4 yr. old up – so to keep from taking a chance on being seen by them, you crawl your way to your bedroom to wake up your husband to tell him what’s going on – because, being the sound sleeper he is and tired from work – and a bad day it’s been, since getting there from having been off the day before, he’s found his floor jack missing, so he hasn’t heard a thing and isn’t too happy, but gets up and of course by now they’re getting upset, but now you can open the door and find out what’s going on, which is….not what you thought – you thought this was all about the abandoned cat, which would be quite something if it were, right? but no….

this was actually about an escapee from the local work release – sometimes I wonder why they still have it; how many of those have they had around here – but why there? well, they’ve had a housemate for a while now that turns out to know this guy and he had just called him about 3 hrs. before, wanting him to come get him and bring him to the house; turns out he has been before – little does he know that would not have been a good idea in many ways, not the least of which is that dil wouldn’t hide him; she’d tell them in a heart beat he was there if he were, which good thing his car wouldn’t run, the car he just traded his other one that did for, and that son and dil just sold theirs that they’d been letting him drive before he got the other one, or he might have been there so don’t know what might have happened then – anyway, what I understand he’d then called some girl to bring him, who had text him for the address, is how they found out where they lived, but for some reason she didn’t or something, not quite sure what that was all about, but anyway by now poor little granddaughter’s wanting to know why all these cops were at her house and they searched it thoroughly, went up in the attic, under the house, every room, including his and finding everything, but thankfully only interested in finding him, went to the shed, which, again, guess good thing they’d just cleaned it out; had actually just been over there picking up our mower and noticing how cleaned out it looked – or they might have tripped and broken their neck if they’d actually gone ahead and looked that hard, which they should have because would have been a lot easier to hide, then, but not now, which they could see after they turned the light on – yes, it’s even powered – and didn’t turn it off, oh well – but the part don’t really understand, maybe they thought he was still going to be coming but they – or at least part of them, maybe not the whole dozen – still stayed another hour and a half – poor son, having to get up and go back to work and after everything that had already happened –

just glad didn’t happen until after the kids she’d just started babysitting that day had already left and she’d gotten the house cleaned up from that –

but then also in the midst of all that, of all things, was the day she’d found out about the abandoned cat – not one she abandoned, no, one she actually gave to the last person she babysat for, who, the last thing, that led to her no longer doing that, was what she felt was abandoning  her baby, after finding him inside with the door closed while her husband was supposed to be watching him while she was at work but was outside working on his car – her husband she’d gotten to come back to her, after making the one she was living with when that met,

whose the one who became their housemate, leave,

who’s friends with her cousin, the son of the aunt they were renting from, except they weren’t paying their rent, but then that’s all family issue stuff, who lived next door, who told him they’d left the cat, so she goes over there and finds it almost starved, so gets word to her somehow – how? because thought she’d changed her number – anyway, that if she doesn’t get it she’s going to turn her in – so think she wouldn’t turn in a work release escapee? don’t think so –

so she says she gave it to said cousin, who of course, one, says no, but then, even if, being just next door, of course, it’s going to go back –

anyway says she’s going to get her for harassment and cousin says she’s going to get her for trespassing if she goes back over there – anyway

cousin goes back and can’t find it (maybe like the lost turtle but that’s another story) –

and they finally caught the guy – he never even came up this way

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My poor hub and library news

Seems like it’s just one thing after another; he seems to have hurt his hip now, can hardly walk but he must have really wanted to go to the

Farmer’s Market

today, since he got up and we got out there early, almost as soon as it opened;

was somewhat hoping we actually wouldn’t go quite that early and be there for the expos they were supposed to have but the cooking person evidently skipped out, since it cancelled but I would still have liked to have attended the gardening one, but think maybe hub was afraid that might mean work; think he’d rather just let somebody else do the work and we’ll just go buy the stuff –

we did a homegrown watermelon, like he’d asked about, thankfully, since somebody pulled up with some while we were there; they didn’t have any when we got there – did get another cantelope, but now I’m beginning to wonder if what I’d always thought were aren’t, since what I actually thought were, but were smaller he called muskmelon; now seems like I remember that term that my parents used when I was growing up but that’s been a long time and I think I just always thought it was just an old-fashioned word but maybe they are 2 different things, hm….

also got a nice cloth bag they designed – on computer, of course; when will I ever learn? – and printed on an inkjet printer – hm, maybe we should have kept ours?

then since we were in the neighborhood – cannot believe as long as I’ve lived here, I’d never been there – finally, after how many years – stopped by to see the sweetest lady, who used to run the children’s dept. at the library when my children were growing up and we practically lived there; she was retirement age then; this was her “retirement” job; she loved it and the kids and it showed but she finally had to really “retire”, but she was there pretty much the whole time my kids were growing up so by the time she did they pretty much were and we weren’t really going that much anymore so had lost touch and had hated that so bad so was so glad got to see her and then somewhat just as glad that,

as we went – yes, we did – “thrifting” – but didn’t get much at all – saw the head librarian, guess even they have to have a day off every now and then; she was out back to school shopping – 1/2 off today – and was able to tell her; she hadn’t seen or heard from her either for not sure how long; does seem a shame how that happens, think about my dad, once you get out of circulation you seem to be, well, maybe not, forgotten about, but certainly not checked on or tried to be included – wonder if I could go see her more often and maybe even take her up for a visit or so….guess will see

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Should I Really be Reading?

I ran across a biography of Mark Twain/Samuel Clemens at one point then I ran across a David Baldacci book The Christmas Train telling about a book he wrote that I hadn’t heard of that sent me then to finally read his biography then I ran across a biography of his wife then they started a new classical book club at the library where they’re going to read his Adventures of Huckleberry Finn – just as the new Mockingbird book comes out – and on the heels of reading an obscure work by Herman Melville – leading to finding out about another one of his – The Confidence Man – set in the same setting – well, somewhat – as Huck Finn, at least after they got on the steam boat, like his Life on the Mississippi, so I suppose if I’m going to go – which, since I suppose I should keep my doc appt. since I already changed it once, I changed to accommodate it, in that sense, maybe I really should get to reading, huh

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Sometimes, we just don’t think. Kintsukuroi


I actually have a dish that I’ve thought about this for and would like to possibly do it, if this stuff is really real – I really thought I’d gotten rid of it somewhere along the way but apparently I just haven’t been able to bring myself, too, for I found it, yet again, the other day – it matches several I have and if were just like any of them, I probably would but it isn’t so I’d really like to have it, so I took it out and started matching the pieces – and it actually didn’t hurt anymore to remember what happened; I’d just like to have it back together, yes, “better for having been broken”, reminding me how far we’ve all come – hub and I were at a place we’d never been before or since when we found it, picked it up and had paid for it and were leaving but we had a 4 yr. old with us who was – what did they used to call them – “quite a rounder”; guess now you’d say he probably had ADHD, like he’s saying about his little one now but doesn’t seem to want to – or maybe doesn’t – remember how he used to be – anyway not sure, but surely, we had it in a bag, but maybe not – anyway he came running up I’m thinking to see it and – hm,hm, I didn’t have it in my hand but hub had it – knocked it out of his hand shattering it all over the floor – honestly I’m somewhat surprised it still came home, that he didn’t just chunk it in the trash can right then and there, but probably I insisted on bringing it home and was probably planning to repair it right then – would have been done like that in my family, but he was raised differently – if something got broken it just got thrown away so I just hid it away – what’s really interesting he just brought that up publicly not long ago, I think, in the context of you can’t ever put something back together, at least not like it was before – but better? not sure he’s ever thought about it – kinda scary, in a way because isn’t that what God does with us if we let him? sorry to be so long – probably oughta just put this on my own – hm…that got me to looking for it, not where I found it, what made me think I had gotten rid of it and then there it showed up in a totally unexpected place – hm…

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Sometimes, we just don’t think. Kintsukuroi.

This post from dear Wendy over at Ramblings and Musings also known as Wendy Shares A Thought touched my heart and I knew I had to reblog it for you as well.  Many of us have old wounds and scars, but to mend ourselves to be even more beautiful than we once were, to accept and dignify ‘the new normal’ is to kintsukuroi our lives!

Shine On dearest ones!

You are always beautiful to me!


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No Boredom Monday here

Although I’d made the mistake of allowing myself to think it just might be after dil called last night – like after 10 – and said company had just shown up for all night game of Monopoly, reminding me son had the day off today, so thinking they’d then sleep all day and I’d be off the dental hook, if you will – especially after some other news, but anyway, but no….

well, first, I got another call, which circled the bush for quite a while, leading to finding out about some notes that had been put in the records regarding all private car, which could explain some things, but that was after somebody had shown up and then the lunch gang showed up, so glad for them – there, not here, anyway…

google came through and she found the dentist name without my help and it seemed possibly to have all worked out although he did wonder why she was going that far away ; well, the ones close won’t seem to do anything….

hub just had us all concerned though when we weren’t hearing anything from him – till called his boss….

anyway, went and got the granddaughter, brought her back here – and made pancakes (reminder – last of the baking mix) and then homemade popsicles with the flavor your own gelatin which, thankfully, had one last pack of what mom had just told me was her favorite drink mix – mango – to mix in with it – and found the new popsicle molds bought last year – not really the kind I like but probably are better for her – the round kind – unlike the more flat ones that I like better – need to keep my eye open for them – had kept them stored in the way upper cabinet with the separate door but she’s big enough now she got the 3-step ladder out then climbed on the counter and was able to get them down

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Row, row, row, your boat

Seems I’m always finding something fun to do till it comes time to do it. The year before hub and I got married they’d started something they called Founders Day, working out to be the next weekend after we got married the next year, so as soon as we got here his sister and brother-in-law (oh, without getting into all that; yes, I was married before, anyway…) came to get my son to take him but then at some point, of all things, maybe it was that way then just for that purpose, anyway they changed it to the first weekend of June, where before it had been the 3rd. Now let’s see – son – another son, son of this marriage – and daughter in law moved up here end of year before last so they would have been here last year but she’d just had surgery so didn’t go, but this year she had this one a month before so she was ready to go; however, unlike last year and for several years, ever since hub retired from the volunteer fire dept. where he used to work the pancake breakfast he/we haven’t gone but this year they finally got the new station they’d been talking about forever built, after buying the main spot of land that had been used for the Founder’s Day, the spot we always called “The Pines” because of, just about the only shady spot, although they did manage to find some more this year, just not nearly so much, so they were having the dedication for it this so hub wanted to go to the breakfast this year, but too early for dil. Anyway all that to say, that of all years, this was free row day at the lake that I wanted to go to so he was willing to go to the breakfast early enough for me to leave to go to it and then pick her up for lunch and dedication and Founder’s Day, in time for me to finish and get back to take over. He said I needed it

and, oh, how I enjoyed it – I somehow had thought it was going to be canoes but no, it was the 8 man rowing boats, so we all had to be in sync – we trained first on rowing machines in the gym, just like the ones you have at a regular workout gym – and then we got to go out on the lake – it had been so long since I’d been on the water – oh, I loved it so much. It was just so nice.

Then, funny, turned out younger son and his gang –  who, btw, showed up at the pancake breakfast; didn’t know he/they were coming; he’d spent the night at a friend’s the night before – were fishing off the bridge, actually from under it really,  while I was there but they were facing the other way and so were we so we never knew each other was there until we both got back home and were telling what we’d done that day.

Wonderful day – they ended up finding a small county park and going hiking – dil, granddaughter and I walked around Founder’s Day – got some funnel cakes

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