Not sure how I feel about this – got home today to this headline – Baby fight meningitis: Family needs assistance

turns out our local herbalist – really…she’s supposed to be giving a workshop soon – ‘s daughter called her a few weeks ago re her new baby – she’s 5 weeks old now – telling her she had a fever and diarrhea (tmi?) ; now, trying to remember exactly what dil told me when she called me about my little – 3 wk. old – granddaughter – think more along the lines of just very sick, maybe said fever, trying to remember if had thermometer and, yes, should have had with a little baby like that but just don’t remember but still you know when a baby’s feverish, just the idea is how high and how bad….well, now maybe it’s because mom – her mom – is an herbalist that she doesn’t tend to get excited, maybe because daughter could take her on in herself if she needed to – maybe because, in my case, we’d already lost one, but I would not have – and didn’t – brush it off so casually – but she told her it probably wasn’t anything to worry about but maybe God gives babies moms for a reason because mom couldn’t shake the worry so called a nurse –  hm, sense something here? herbalist brushes it off so time to call the other, medical, side – cousin but she said the same thing – probably nothing to worry about; after all, she was a healthy, happy baby and mom was an excellent mother – good thing. Well, they did wait till the next day when her temp escalated so she then took her to the ER, saving her life; at least she made it that far – maybe things had been happening we’d missed and our day was that day is why they said we wouldn’t have had another one; maybe it takes that for anybody to take it seriously. Anyway, they did go into crisis mode, like they did with us, saying babies that age don’t normally have such high temps. So they, as with us, did a lumbar puncture to test for meningitis, only, unlike us, who didn’t come back with a diagnosis of it, they did, although, also, like with us, they did go ahead and start on an antibiotic cocktail while waiting for the results to come in. Not sure if they told us at the time; don’t think they did, think we only learned this later; but they told them – not sure if before or after got the results in – that the children who do survive often have hearing, vision, or cognitive impairment, hard for all of them to hear, somewhat glad we weren’t told any of that or even thought it at the time; that didn’t come until the next go round, anyway…

guess because that diagnosis did come but they were transferred to our local – in that sense – Children’s Hospital in the big town – so glad that, too, didn’t come in our case until the next go round – we were kept in the actual, in our town, local hospital. Again, maybe because we didn’t get that diagnosis, but we only had to do the 10 day stay while they – and, yes, they, which is where I’m going with this – have been there over a month and expecting another 2 weeks.  And both parents have rarely left her side – I’m sure Children’s is thrilled with them – and I do mean that literally, no snark, except….but that is what they want.

The diagnosis turned out to be salmonella meningitis – a rare kind, they said, having a high mortality rate –  not sure even knew there were different kinds. They have no idea how she got it; not like she’d be eating.

They are testing for hearing loss, something I believe we did go through at some point, which apparently is shown by high levels of protein, meaning damage and inflammation, which knew that applied to kidneys but seemingly not just that but of course you can’t know cognitive/mental affects till they’re older.

But my real point is neither parent is working and bills are piling up. Now I’ve also found out from this that apparently baby’s mom’s dad is a local commercial photographer who, as I’ve understood, has done quite well; know he also owned a local, independent bookshop for a while as well – though had no idea he and herbalist had evidently – (well, maybe) – been married at some point and assuming not quite as long ago as would have thought, assuming daughter with baby isn’t too terribly old, with thinking he, at least, has/had been married to his current? wife for quite a while – was thinking maybe herbalist not but thinking now did find out she is but thinking maybe hasn’t been for so long because don’t think she has been for the whole time I’ve known her, only learned of husband recently. Anyway point is both mom’s and dad’s families have set up collection points in several stores around town to help the parents and also one of those gofundme accounts and published herbalist/grandma’s phone number – with all of this being in the paper.

Maybe that’s what we should have done? instead, not only with our, granted, only 10 day PICU stay with that one but later with our Children’s stay, hub/dad continued to work to pay their bills but guess I’m getting what they think should have been done, like this?

just wondering what anybody who sees this might think – which is the way to handle a situation like this –


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Just a Little Rambling

I thought I’d been a little tired but was surprised to wake up this morning and find hub still here – yea, I know, seems like shouldn’t be that way but that’s a long story – but anyway he’d decided to take the day off – yea, I know, just like that – thought it was a little strange too, still not really sure what was behind it but anyway – said he was gonna mow the yard – yea, I know, that was strange too but then even stranger was the fact that he still was taking off even though it was raining and he couldn’t do it – now, granted the maintenance light came on in the jeep – well, it’s not really a jeep anymore; it’s another brand of SUV but granddaughter’s just got used to saying jeep – guess it’s like Band-Aid and Kleenex now around here – anyway – meaning the oil needs changing so he decided he’d just go ahead and do that so went out and got the oil – ok, so first thing – somewhat wish I’d gotten some other things done while he out doing that but the friend that I helped get her place cleaned up a while ago – I talked about that, didn’t I? (I’ll try to find it; still new at some of this) –  called this morning before he left about the situation she’s dealing with that that was all about, was still on the phone with her when he gets back, gets that done while I do get some things done around here that are behind because of other things done over the weekend – oh, I am rambling, aren’t I? oh, since got off the phone since she finally got to the doc – oh, yea, from getting hurt back when we were doing that cleanup that she didn’t even tell me about at the time…anyway, guess since vehicle maintenance got on the schedule he realized his tires needed rotating so this time he asked me to go with him and….since he needed iron and they’d been out Friday – it’s a special order but something they at least had normally – well, not normally, but anyway – been stocking but their reason for doing so had stopped just about the time we found out and had started getting it but guess they didn’t realize so they’d let it run out so had had to order had called and said it was in…we went that direction rather than the one where he bought the tires, which put us at the one where we know the young man who works there – son of a friend of ours, member of the local volunteer fire dept. started just about the time, hub retired from twenty years there, he trying to go professional, taking all the classes, getting all the certifications he can; he came and talked to us – very nice, enjoyed it – also found latest, I think, John Grisham book there – so you can probably expect something about that soon –

then to Chik-Fil-A and learned about their new Kids Klub – sign said should be able to get the password there but they merely directed me to the website – hate that, had something like that at another place and I took the sign down – just had had a convo with hub about that this morning – since he didn’t go to work – so I was good and didn’t do that this time but really think they shouldn’t say things like that if that’s not the way it is, but anyway, since this reminded of that I left and went to their website and signed her up but not until many links later -not on their site, just others talking about it did I find where it said not for 4-6 wks. and I was so hoping she would have it for her birthday in — 20 days!

and on that note, since I took so long doing that I’m heading to bed! good night all!

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Give ‘Em What They Want

Unless, one, you’re the boss….huh, you say, if there’s anybody who should do it should be them, right?….well, not unless you want the IRS looking over your shoulder…..

now anybody else wants to give you something tell them, hey, go for it – IRS doesn’t care, but…you’re supposed to be “working” for your boss – he’s not supposed to be just, ahem, giving you something – for nothing – no, cause then the IRS thinks somebody’s trying to get out of giving them their “fair”? share – well, we won’t talk about that, but since they get to decide what that is, guess we’d be good to play along, right? but funny thing is, in theory at least if anybody else gives you anything they’re supposed to pay the taxes – you’re off the hook but…

if it’s your “boss” who gives you, oh, let’s say even, a bonus, it’s you whose on the hook with them – go figure – especially when their reasoning in the other situation is that hey, if they have the money to be giving it to you, they have it to pay the taxes as well – right?

well, then, wouldn’t the same thing apply to your boss if he’s giving it to you? but for some reason, no, they expect you to pay it out of what you’ve been given – so next time something like this happens to you – remember this! because your boss won’t always tell you but  – believe me – I know – the IRS will.

oh, and on another note – think we’ve been given what we want – next time you get a hankering to find one of those nice little independent bookstores where you can get just go wander around for a while, maybe even get a nice cup of coffee, curl up in a big comfy chair with a nice – real – book, not one of those electronic things you can’t even turn the pages on – and you can’t find one, remember that the next time you pull out your tablet and download an e-book you’ve bought from Amazon – that that coffee and those books and those chairs cost money, money they needed from you when you were complaining about how much those nice books cost that you could get sooooo much cheaper online – just saying – did you get what you wanted – or just what you said you wanted – think about it

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Voyage of Discovery – Saving CeeCee Honeycutt

My last post told the story of our encounter at the ER with our granddaughter’s scare with meningitis.

A conversation I had with someone else told of people losing their children to various and sundry diseases and conditions in the days before antibiotics and I’m as bad as anybody about  believing in the overuse of them, but that is why – because if you overuse them then they’re of no good to you when you really need them – when you really have a situation that you would die without them – I’m very grateful for the 10 days my granddaughter was on them – they saved her life.

Having said that, been reading this book – and, lo and behold, CeeCee goes to her great-aunt’s “help”s house – this is the 2nd book I’ve read lately where that’s happened – when, unlike in the new Go Set A Watchman book ( where it seems it never did), as a child, this time with the ‘help’, going with her all the way back to her bedroom (which in the other book she also went that far back as well) and sees a photograph on the table next to the bed of a young girl, asking who it is. Turns out it was her daughter, which a very similar thing happened in the other book; being in the “help’s” house, there were also photographs there as well of her family. Think that was one of the situations with the GSAW book, Scout never seemed to realize their “help” had her own family, seemed to be a common perspective; they would talk about their help as “their” family, never seeming to have a clue that they already had one of their own. Anyway, in this case this daughter had passed away when she was 13 – from spinal meningitis. The doctors did everything they knew but pretty sure this would have been before antibiotics. Things like that do make you appreciate having them now, but also let’s not lose our respect for them by overusing them by taking for granted that we don’t have to worry about these diseases now – that could so easily have been our situation and I don’t even want to think about it.

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This Nana Has a PICU Story as well

I’m sure I’ve told our PICU story somewhere on here – may try to dig it up – but for now just want to share at least somewhat of ours – thankfully it wasn’t anything so horrific, at least in the sense of it being something that some did – my heart goes out to them – but because of a similar situation in the just previous case at our hospital we had to go through the accusations, not just wrongly, though I could have handled that, would even have expected it if it had been the case, would have wanted them to have done what they did, but to accuse the parents of fracturing her skull when it turned out it wasn’t even fractured, now I can somewhat understand their wanting to move quickly, especially after what they’d just been through but that is exactly the type thing that , in many situation, leads to exactly the wrong response and causes problems so, now, let’s stop and think a little before we go rushing in where angels would fear to tread. They’d taken an image – X-ray, ultrasound, MRI, well, probably not, CT scan, something, not sure what – and “thought”, though at the time were confident – they’d seen a head fracture. So, again, somewhat like these parents, instead of the first person we saw being a doctor reassuring us everything was going to be ok, we, too, saw a social worker, never, it seems, a good sign, and in our case not just because of her condition but because – well, actually she came to me first looking for a character – or maybe should say a noncharacter – witness to confirm their suspicions, that I would tell them that, yes, I certainly wouldn’t put it past them to do that to their child and seemed quite upset when I wouldn’t go along with the game plan – really makes you wonder sometimes – so then they had no choice but to talk to the parents and get their story, which also didn’t fit their plan, so…then – and only then – did they take another image or round of them – and then, and again, only then, did they come – guess need to be grateful they at least did – and apologize for it all, saying she didn’t even have a fracture after all; it was “only” a shadow! oh, my – what they put us through, but we had bigger things to worry about because that didn’t mean she was safe – remember, in our case, that wasn’t even why we were there –

actually the social worker wasn’t the very first person to greet us – the very first person, before we ever got to PICU, while still down in the ER – was the chaplain – again, a not good sign – and, even though was glad they had one, didn’t seem to before, what you normally expected, at least, for us, at that point, maybe because of what we’d been through before, was what we’d been through before and for not only to be the first person but for the timing of that to be right when they walked in the door – uh, not good – but too, like them, he/they, the nurse as well – took us to a private room away from the peering eyes of everyone else in the ER waiting room and told us she had quit breathing but…at least, in this case, they were breathing for her, although learned something that day; they don’t have ventilators in the ER, they do it by hand – oh the scary feeling, what if they get tired? although, yes, I know they spell each other, but still, when you realize that literally they really do hold your dear one’s life in their hands – and they would be admitting her to…the PICU. This happened while they were doing a spinal tap for meningitis, which, thankfully she turned out not to have. So what had happened? what did she have? Group B strep – a bacterial infection – that normally is picked up from the mother during a regular delivery, except not supposed to be picked up because mom should be tested and be given antibiotics, except shouldn’t even have happened in this case because this was a C-section.

So again, what with all the – slightly veiled, in these instances – accusations of mom not doing what she should have been – which was what? how do you prevent this? – and putting this precious child’s life at risk – you unfit mother, you! which is exactly how we felt she was being treated.

Anyhoo, 10 day round of IV antibiotics in the PICU and she should be good to go – except nobody said anything to us at the time of what we’ve since learned – that not always that good – actually the latest stats I read said an overwhelming majority of those who contract this have permanent, if not severe, effects from it – maybe only if not treated in time, though how not not sure would be because, at least in our case –

if not for dil’s persistence that something was wrong, maybe so, but wouldn’t anyone do what she did – I mean, even in their case, it does appear the nanny did let somebody know something was wrong –

ours too went lifeless; dil (mom) calls me quite upset but she lives 1/2 hr. away at that point but certainly got there as quickly as possible – glad I don’t live in LA – she did call the doctor – but, no, she didn’t actually call an ambulance, maybe we should have – and maybe shouldn’t go quite to the lifeless stage at that point – because doc was supposed to call back – now, of all things, this was the day she was scheduled for a root canal – long story but knew if we didn’t get that done that day wouldn’t be able to later and would have another, though, granted, maybe not quite so bad, though they’re pretty bad, situation/emergency on our hands – thankful for cell phones, this is what they’re for though guess we could have told them where we’d be – so went on – until they called and for some reason said to get her there immediately, so I left with her leaving mom in the dentist chair – now also so grateful – though I feel somewhat Go Set a Watchmanish – for the – yes, just not sure would have been the same, in spite of the lady who worked at the dentist’s office who sat and held her – black “nurse”?, really not sure, at the doc’s office, who also took her from me and immediately then realized how lifeless she was and forget all protocol, got the doctor immediately, who then also realized the situation and so glad the office was right across the street from the ER, called them and told them she was sending us right over – just hate the triage stuff, though; thought we’d avoid it completely but at least she didn’t put us through the whole rigamarole and she pretty much got straight in, though they wouldn’t let me go at first, while they did all the testing –

but they did say had we waited overnight – oh, you, thinking she’d be better in the morning – she wouldn’t have seen it – so, at least, according to them, we “would” have had round #2 – uh, no, not good

Now I realize this didn’t turn out to be so much the PICU story as the lead up to it – like his linked-to story – and maybe if I get good enough I can do all that – and I may do another post about our actual – or, rather, my – which was somewhat my point but I don’t want to belittle dil but that would be more my story since I am the one who mostly stayed – stay in the PICU for those 10 days when she was 3 wks. old. Spent my birthday there.

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But, Nana, I don’t know the way back

Things have been going pretty well lately; all quiet on the homefront, giving me time to get caught on some “me” things that aren’t all necessarily just for me, but for others, like my friend who’s mom just died, another one who’s dealing with a custody situation regarding her niece, a neighbor who just passed away – in other words what my life consists of – outside of my daughter-in-law, who’s had, in addition to other things, in the last year, both a hysterectomy and her gall bladder removed but she’d still – or begun again – to have pain like she had almost 4 yrs. ago when she was hospitalized with pancreatitis but she seemingly had begun to be able to deal with it  until she called Monday night –  while hub and I were trying to deal with something that in some ways should never have been – and asked us to take her to the emergency room, which we did, thinking possibly that they would find she had it again and would admit her, but no, they didn’t but then she called the next night and asked me to come get granddaughter so she could try to rest, which I didn’t mind doing but looking forward then to a nice quiet day the next day with her but, no, mom calls first thing that morning wanting us – even though her uncle, our youngest was here, so could have left her, like  been saying wanting to do to not take her but not being able to so hadn’t gone but this time wanted her to go – to take her to the ER at the other bigger hospital so we got dressed and went.

Now, she’s gotten used to us going out for walks while mom’s been in clinic seeing the doctor but hadn’t done it so much from the ER but she wanted an apple so thought we’d walk down to the little local convenience store and see if they had any, which the guy acted so strange at us even thinking he might, when they – well, not there – have them all the time; don’t know why he couldn’t either, said to go to the grocery store, which, true enough they have put in one not too far and actually guess closer than realized, realize now was farther away the last time went when she must have had her with her, which is what I thought she wanted this time in taking her but guess not….anyway, by the time was there was definitely farther away so he suggested the drug store just down the street – a chain which I thought might have so we trotted on down but no….but now she’d take some applesauce, which we got and got ready to go back; now because of the way we went this time we cut through the hedge and maybe that confused her, don’t think we did going there, so she looks up and says

“Nana, I don’t know how to get back”

“Then I guess it’s a good think you’re with me, then, isn’t it?”

And then told her

that’s the way it is with life and God – we often don’t know our way back or even which way to go in life – but God does – if we’ll just hold His hand like she held mine – he’ll lead us safely through just like I got her safely back to the hospital where her mom was

Psalm 34:22b (my devotion this morning) None of them that trust in him shall be desolate

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Red Cars

my first car

my first car

You know, my dad probably has a picture of every car he ever owned – in an album but not separate so I’ll probably do that one day – but why did I not do the same – I tried to claim it was because it didn’t matter – cars were just transportation, just a way to get from Point A to B; what kind didn’t really matter, that was a guy thing….

then why did that Candy Apple red Pontiac LeMans I had at my very first – yes, it was – or was it? was it registered in my name – and I don’t believe I paid for it – I think that’s still the one that mom and dad paid for; I know it was gotten from some friends of theirs – but now why would they have had a car like that – maybe it had belonged to their daughter – and why did they get it for me; I was no longer living at home, I was even married with a child on the way, hm…granted, life wasn’t easy – know we’d gotten their old car at the time but that was only one so how were we managing with me going to school and working and him working  – know that when we first got married living in a student apartment designed for students and I was walking till got we got kicked when the landlady realized – early, to me, that I was pregnant and she didn’t allow kids – but it was going to be a while, but anyway, we could only find a place far enough away couldn’t still walk so must have been then that they just decided to be nice; I know they were real disappointed at what I’d done so I sure didn’t deserve it but the feel it gave me to not have just transportation – just driving my parents old car, which was one of those big battle-axes – and not just something just for me, but something sporty and snazzy and Red! I began to see – sorta, I still didn’t really care, or didn’t think I did, couldn’t have told you what size motor and all that, though I did know it had more get-up and go than mom and dad’s old tank – what guys thought about cars but at least for starters what I loved, loved, loved about that car was It was Candy Apple Red! not some dull blue or green – not even the pink of that old car we’d had so long ago – but Red!

but, you know, interesting, how well that car fit into a conversation had just today with a friend talking about how cranky her daughter was while pregnant with her 6 wk. old while working, some co-workers were talking and she just knew they were talking about her – well, yes, they were, saying they could see her “belly” coming before her around the corner – what’s that have to do with my car – well, it’s the car I drove when I was pregnant with my first one – the one when I was still trying to go to school trying to take my Abnormal Psych class, y0u know, the one where you’re supposed to go to the prison but if you’re pregnant your professor won’t let you go – and, yes, I know now, he was only looking out for me but I was young and dumb then – so you decide you’re going to go anyway, except you’re not really sure you are so you head out but then you start to change your mind and you decide to make a left hand turn into a driveway to turn around and go back, just as a car tops the hill – do you turn or stop? – now don’t ask me why I decided to go ahead and try to make the turn – was there a car behind me I was afraid was going to hit me? maybe – anyway I got hit all right, by the car topping the hill – at least then it was on the passenger side and I wasn’t hurt but my poor car sure was – teaches you a lesson, doesn’t it – little too much pride in my Candy Apple ride?

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