Crossing Bridges

They made it here; very strange, apparently they charge $200 if you don’t return the bikes to the exact spot you get them from, which do not understand, does everybody always go back? and apparently they take cards, which they used to charge him, not sure how managed that; know has overdraft protection but thought had already been used but somehow covered the bike charge, putting him in the negative, but then the really strange part is then how was he able to fill up his gas tank with that same card when he hadn’t brought it back up to even, hm….something very strange is going on – what bridge are we crossing? beginning to wonder myself

dil did get her meds, finally either had/took time to get pharmacy to haggle with the out of state, now will they help? are we crossing that bridge? but now why is she getting emails regarding bank account in her name – but never had one? hm…but certainly not one at same bank as son and not has opened one recently and certainly not while in hospital, but was it – the one date she for sure was but what was the one the week before, before then….just what is going on, she did report it but again, only on the phone, and what is going on with them? what’s going on with these text responses about this jet ski – why bother if you’re not interested

and why does location tracker have you going somewhere never been – thought would love – be a beautiful bridge to cross – where the wildflower hikes often are in the spring – but was where took youngest son to, not this one – can we go again? oh, for those days –

yes, we’ve crossed a bridge all right, but was it one we wanted to cross?

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Son is out, not sure what he did last night, just missed visiting hours with his wife, but they have the loaner bikes up there like they do here, how got to the yard where car is, had to get tag receipt, thankfully had one to take to police station to get hold release, phone died so’s had no way to contact anybody, us or the hospital so they had no idea, but also seemingly nobody knew anything about appointments, haven’t heard anything, wouldn’t surprise me if gonna end up just letting all that go, like address as well with him being involved, guess will see what happens

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Charges Dismissed

I remember when my dad called 911 when my mom collapsed; she was one of those with residual damage from her Bells Palsy so she looked like she’d had a stroke though nothing was ever confirmed by imaging but when they got to the ER he didn’t remember any of that so they thought she’d had one but more to the point somehow something about the way she was acting somehow led them to think he’d done something to her; I guess in this day and age something they have to consider; was so glad he was at least able to get them to call her brothers to come and take up for him that he would never hurt her; unfortunately, son didn’t get quite the same opportunity when he called for an ambulance for dil; they thought he’d done something to her or rather more like given her something since she wasn’t physically damaged but more psychotic so asked permission to search his car, which since didn’t think had anything that would be a problem, gave it to them, but….different states look at different things differently, so…what he had gotten from younger brother who’d just come from…where….he’d been working all winter – yes, you got it – Colorado, where we all know about…..and then something he’d just picked up at the gas station just the other side of the state line, so… we go, now I supposed had been me in another state with other laws in that situation, but he was at least willing to take the first court date on his own, which I guess it possibly is not that risky, just the beginning, can always deal on the next round, but….either lenient judge or had opportunity to make good case…or God’s mercy and goodness but those 2 charges were dismissed

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Now if anybody knows about Caringbridge then you would expect a hospital to have a computer connected to the internet but I supposed there’s a least a certain department where they don’t want that to be, at least not for the patients, but I would think the staff would, and maybe they do or maybe, just maybe they just take care of what you think you have to be connected to get; anyway, they said they would provide a temporary ID to suffice to replace the one that who knows what happened to it but it’s gotten lost somewhere along the way and is needed to go where we may not even have to go now; oh, my, the things that have happened, in wait mode

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Back and Forth

No, not only did she not go to the big city – guy she supposed to go to, father of last baby – didn’t send the ticket, so…she winds up in the boonies of Arkansas, courtesy of the one always in the wings, demanding to know where her sister is; yes, the one she wouldn’t stay with when she was here, so….why? but made the mistake of telling said sister she was calling, wanting to know, thought she didn’t want to have anything to do with her, after everything’s that happened, so why then did she call all her family to get her phone number to call her, if she didn’t want to go with her, which is all she was wanting and why? and would she have left if she had? cause she’s right back where she started from, while, meanwhile, dil, in case you haven’t figured it out by now, was discharged from the hospital she was in – rather interesting, but….it didn’t last, she and hub on a trip when it happened again and he had to call the ambulance and have her taken to the hospital again, except this time because of some other things he wasn’t able to let us know what happened this time so did call and find her with them wanting to discharge her but wanting someone to go pick her up but after everything that had happened – oh, I didn’t mention hub winding up in the hospital in the middle of this – he didn’t want that done, so…in trying to find somewhere for her to go, they in the middle of a big only once every 3 yr. meeting but supposed to get back with them, but nobody can wait anymore, so this time and place put a CON on her and shipped her away to their own place that they’d never even mentioned so almost immediately started wanting to leave like she’d done before here except not here this time so wanting us/me to come get her but again, with everything that had happened – no – but also place with meeting, since sent to where they did, can’t/won’t take her now, and place recommended can’t/won’t since she wound up out of state and place could go to same thing except can’t/won’t, so….at least thought they would take care of things, but no….not sure if because she said she wouldn’t now go anyway? – thought she didn’t have a choice, but they decided to give her one, except they weren’t really behind it, they did it because instead of them taking the responsibility for what they were doing, they did it because they thought I would, really through them when said I wouldn’t so then understood they going to just put her on a bus? but then, oh, no, just to the bus station but then she be on her own? they going to just leave her? do they no longer care where she going? apparently not except they do want an address, which then changes everything because she then tells them somewhere else which pretty sure started down this road before, needs valid photo ID, which of course of all times, she doesn’t have, so…have to call place to see what need – birth certificate? – do have that? hm…then have to have social security card or can do online

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Still Circling

Dil got her sister down here, after hub went and got them, sans Pilot, towed into yard, then the story really makes an arc, if not a complete circle, dil comes in, goes right back out and disappears, sister comes in, goes out and finds that out, then dil reappears with story of having been dragged out into the woods, appears to be bleeding from a head wound so call an ambulance, who calls the cops, who, this time, tell her she’s either going to the hospital or jail, so she agrees to go to the hospital, but of course they can’t make her stay, so she just leaves when she gets there and walks to the gas station calling for son/hub to come get here but then by the time he gets there she’s gone, no idea where, although earlier phone gave an indication, but without something concrete, just came on home. Meanwhile sister’s gone to bed, has been a rather stressful night, hub wishes he could have but work is calling. She finally gets up and he and she head out to the hospital, but something happens to car – oh, and this another facet, you probably don’t know about the Honda he’d bought – why was he in it, because as soon as got Mustang down here it wouldn’t start – maybe stopped to get gas and it wouldn’t start, now why didn’t I just wait till granddaughter got off bus to see about them….but didn’t, so got down there and he didn’t want to wait on her because was being told dil was incoherent; had he already known that hub had already called the friend who’d gotten her before to do it again since couldn’t reach me because I on phone about all this and didn’t find out till got back or maybe would have let, might have all been better, but how was I to know that while at the hospital would get a call that hub had called 911 and gone by ambulance to the other hospital, but why bother to go because should have remembered from years ago and/or known they weren’t going to let me see him for long while – and granddaughter already hungry, wanting to go to cafeteria get something to eat and actually was on the way when got the call, so that is what ended up doing – only with all the debit card issues, but so very thankful to the cashier for letting me go ahead and get her something but while waiting to get it and not really knowing what was going on getting call from sister at other hospital that understood needed to get back over there, only to get there and find out that, once again, didn’t take her long to “hook” – literally? – back up with original guy she’d gotten with before and had left sister – thought she was supposed to be down here to be with her, hm…pretty much last we saw of her except for, strangely, right when hub was here, after finally getting out of hospital – with his sister, who just happened to have eye doc appt in town, getting him, and thinking they coming by other hospital to get granddaughter, but no….and I finally getting back after son bringing vehicle back after, yes, oh my, bringing granddaughter home while I stayed with dil – hm…now why was that done that way? think lost myself, then he parked in other parking lot, liked to have never found it, but finally, so home and he at hospital and she shows up with who somewhat surprised she be with – oh, did her guy drop her, did she pick her up from her sleuthing? – to get her bag – had it been here the whole time? did she take it to the hospital then off with her then dropped it back when she was dropped? anyway, got way to bus station but then didn’t wait till Monday, left that day, got caught in the layover that they didn’t know about so thought she stranded, maybe only got enough to get that far, why sold phone? phone? hm, little surprised – oh, remember about her kids, had to get back before charged with neglect, yet in spite of papers, maybe not really understand, told really had been taken away, so guess leaves her free, since, seemingly nowhere else to go, to get back up with original plan as supposed to have been with father of last child – without her? – in the big city, according to what we understand, haven’t actually heard anything

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Circling that Bend

I’ve left out a big gap – told about dil’s sister having her baby, being in nicu, all well and good, came through that fine, came home, then she signed her and her next older brother over to dil, left and went back to state where from, leaving a very happy dil, until…the day she snuck back in without having said a word, dil – or maybe son – saw her sneaking under/by the window; they couldn’t believe it could really be her, had gotten somebody to bring her back down to get the kids, crushed dil

then, irony or ironies, or maybe not, something had kept somewhat being said about this all along, the 1st 2 kids dad’s aunt, where she’d gone to stay, petitioned for custody of them, so rather than fight it she just signed them over to her, less responsibility that way, so by then she was able to “take care” of sister/dil when she went up there, in the only way she knows how, although supposedly dil didn’t like it and didn’t want to be a part of it so left and went to her aunt’s where supposedly she was when son went and got her and brought her back down here – oh, you missed that whole story? well, not now – as well as – or did I throw that in the last post about the losing of the car to begin with that he just got that they both went up to get, taking hub’s vehicle, anyway just now getting the news that she got her sister back and bringing her back down here – hm….

and crashed the vehicle

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Title Bonds

Oh, the things you get into – how long has it been since I’ve been here? somewhat follow on to what would have been last post except did take a bend with that one but to pick back up – that one was dated Oct 16, with the birth of a son of a daughter of a dear friend, but…right before then on October 12, dil’s sister had her last one, then left her and her next older brother with dil, taking her oldest one and going back home out of state, which thrilled dil to have the two babies to take care of, until…the day she showed up to get them, really threw dil for a loop, ultimately leading to her going up there as well to be with them, leaving son – her husband – and daughter behind with then ultimately son/husband going up there to her – now hearing lots of motive, etc., but again, ultimately leading to him bringing her back, to today, him asking her why, hadn’t heard that she had, hm..especially since wouldn’t talk to him – he actually went more than once – when he first went, which led to him leaving that state to go to a friend’s to bring him back down here with him – for what? again, hm…good question but no answer because never got that far – not sure if anybody/everybody? realizes, expects that northern states are often more serious than the southern ones, but don’t drive up there in a car with no tag/license plate – you’ll probably not only get stopped – that can happen down here as well, but you probably won’t get by with just being cited – but you’ll probably get your car impounded, especially if you can’t produce registration. Now he did have a bill of sale but it hadn’t been notarized, another biggie more up north, so….make sure about that, too, so off it went. But to muddy the waters even more the car wasn’t even registered to who the bill of sale was from – can you tell the VIN wasn’t run? – meaning it wasn’t even legal to sell but you can be sure they ran it then and found who it was at least supposed to – and wouldn’t it have had to have been to come up – be registerd to, with address and phone number, thankfully both local, so son was able to find her, no biggie; don’t know who or what she is but she just bought her another car – oh, wait, you say, wouldn’t that have been the plan if she sold it – oh, but that’s where you don’t understand, she didn’t sell it; it was at a shop to be fixed – yes, the shop son worked at but had not been told to work on this vehicle but had in theory had it sold to him – so it had never been fixed, not sure if she just didn’t press the issue, since apparently she could just go buy another one, so didn’t have a problem turning it over to son only one problem, she apparently didn’t have the title, even though it came up in the system as being registered to her, now why couldn’t she just apply for replacement title? hm….and why didn’t she have one – she says she’d title pawned it years ago and never paid it off, now why didn’t the title pawn company ever come get the car, who knows? or maybe it’s like a situation we have with some land, maybe they’re just waiting till it’s run and pops up in the system and maybe it’s like what was said, since it was run but think possibly only out of state that it didn’t then but what about when we get to the courthouse today – if we get there, hm.. – and it’s run here but then what don’t understand is how was able to be title pawned here when it wasn’t registered here and…since it wasn’t and it’s not here can it be without being inspected, guess will find all that out.
Turned out wasn’t title pawned here, even though the company does have offices here and it did show up in their data base but decided I’d better not get myself any deeper into that then but maybe explains why/how they never came and got it, or at least where she actually did it, since she apparently left the state with it and since she never registered it here they never knew where it was, wonder what it said when it popped up in their system when I called locally, probably just still has the original, to here, out of state address; wish now knew when called because never made it to the courthouse or maybe really deliberately didn’t go because either learned or got the idea needed the original, official, notarized title bond that he was approved for, which is really the point here because in calling the wrong DMV office, or really is it? anyway, the one in my county, while they lived right across the county line, anyway mine said wouldn’t be able to get approved with having the title pawn on it but my county’s more strict about a lot of things than his but had already been run through the state to begin with, which is who approves, at least to apply for a bond, maybe she meant couldn’t find insurance company to approve one, but that’s like a lot of things, some will, some won’t, or maybe she meant, although in some ways hope not, that still couldn’t get the application for title, at least not without it being paid off, but even then might be if it were local, but then with them having local offices not sure how that will work but then wouldn’t that be what the title bond should cover?
and maybe so, because came in with it, tag and everything
now to see if actually get it out of impound yard
Now I realize I really just talked all around the actual title bond without really getting into how you actually get one

he first of all called the state department of revenue title division, which was an ordeal in itself – well, actually he didn’t first call, he first went online and put in all the information, specifically the VIN talked about earlier for them to run not finding this title pawn evidently or they might not have approved him or it for a surety bond, the calling came later after he hadn’t heard anything online or because of some other online issues which typically have nothing to do with this, but there’s not a direct line to the title department – oh, but there is a chat thing for the department; which, while he was using pc and landline, I did on cell, but they’re only general info, can’t really do much other than give you the directions that are online but not really any follow-up and can’t even really direct to where you can, so….and the wait time when transferred is like forever but we finally played it out, more so him than me got it to where when he finally got somebody was able to explain the situation and actually get the process expedited to get the approval without it being the days long process we kept getting with the canned spiel, especially because at the time, or had been, can’t remember if had actually been told different at that point or not, we’d been told that by this past Friday they were going to crush it, but after that, after making progress getting this done, they told us as long as we kept in touch they’d work with us; at that time we even thought we were going to have to wait until we had the actual official title in hand, which is what they started off saying but then as we began telling them the process we were having to go through they said just to make sure they brought a tag but guess that could be my next worry, that they’ll get up there and will, but they started saying after that as long as we had what we have, some type of proper documentation be good, so, again, hope so. So, again, the approval did come through, which you have to have in order to then get with an insurance/title bonding company to actually get the actual bond, which didn’t know how that would work but he found one online, then had to wait for FexEx to deliver actual paper, notarized official original, couldn’t just print off online to take to DMV, but it came, he did, came back with tag, took off and
got the car!

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Peering around the bend of time

It’s been quite a year but when did it even start? Valentine’s Day seems to be as good a place as any, since that’s when they say it started, the beginning of what’s led to today – although not necessarily where I’m starting, but in just a few minutes a very dear friend of mine will be on a road, to an extent, that I was on 6 yrs. ago with a somewhat granddaughter – amazing, will see what happens – she’s actually the son of a daughter of a very dear friend of hers, who was a single mom who passed away from cancer, who asked her to take her daughter, assuming all the legalities were taken care of – whose now son is getting ready to have open heart surgery, just as my granddaughter did, only not quite the same kind, his is more straightforward; however, he did go into cardiac arrest, just as my granddaughter, only before his surgery, not after as she did, with CPR being done for almost as long – but with a better outcome, though not sure really can still explain exactly how they said it but when all was said and done they said she was too weak to undergo more surgery, but maybe it was the kind because it wasn’t heart, although they said something else had happened, but then they didn’t want her to have what she did, as I said hers was not so straightforward as his and they were actually considering let him come home, he was already not as sick as she was so not sure what brought this on, but now they’re getting ready to do it this morning – I’d love to be there – but in the meantime – my dil’s sister just had her baby, some mild, slight complications but nonetheless she’s in nicu, so she had to have a car seat test, which I forgot to mention to the carseat people we’d had such an ordeal working it out in the first place, though now only for it all to be for nothing and have to be redone, with hopefully them having done their job last night since they will be leaving early today, but wasn’t told when, I don’t believe, because weren’t entirely sure would be done last night, since weren’t sure when she would be coming home

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not quite in the context I found it but still…

the other day granddaughter wanted us to get online and find her whole name printed out like we’d done with just her first name, so we did, but in the process found her namesake, a 18th century author whose books were mentioned in a Jane Austen book, found supposedly one at our local university library but when went to see about it found it’s behind a firewall that costs $75 to break through, so….but, interesting got the facsimiles of the title pages of the two they have access to, but also found intriguing didn’t have her actual first name on them; apparently back in that day females couldn’t really publish under their own names, at least their firsts that would identify them as such; come a long way?

turns out happened to have a copy of the Jane Austen book they were mentioned in, then Hillsdale started an online course on just that book, that started taking or thought I had – thought it started with an interview/discussion with the president – of the college – regarding Jane – but turns out I’d actually missed his lecture – probably should have gotten that done before doing this post but this is just more about all the connecting that seems to happen when you start down a trail –

so then when at the local big box bookstore for their penny a page sale while debating whether I was going to actually stand in line, checked out their bargain table and there she was again, the actual book – all versions are different but didn’t get then, so, once again, but the ironies – been meeting there every month but let me miss one and what happens they decide to quit – meeting there, that is, not meeting at all – still don’t know why –

get through tomorrow – see what happens next day – so much – more connections –

and may see about picking it up – go from there

but just this connection fascinating – eager to see where it goes

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