Land Bank

In the midst of this new election, as usual, much talk is made of the founding of our country so just to give a little unknown perspective, it didn’t start with the Boston Tea Party; that was an end of a beginning, as well as a beginning, going back to Samuel Adams’s dad, who, with others, in order to circumvent, if you will, Britain’s hold on lending, started a land bank, to loan money, allowing the borrowers to use their land as collateral, mostly farmers, which should probably be expected, as they would tend to be the people with land, now wouldn’t they, but also mechanics or as I would call it now – the skilled tradespeople thought not quite sure how they fit in since how many of them hand land but then maybe for their shops? 800 of them and they controlled the House of Representatives; however, slight problem, just 794 too many, for it was actually illegal to form any type of unincorporated business of more than 6 people (so why didn’t they just incorporate? hm; don’t know that answer) so they were forced down;  now, granted, that might be a little dangerous anyway – actually thinking 2008 anybody? but then as in that time as well, it is a way to raise cash and capital when both are in short supply – think the question to be asked – and maybe should know more before I post – is why it was in the first place but to answer the question as to how they got the money out of the land to loan I find intriguing and also somewhat, can I say, like we in reality are doing now – they just made up their own currency, or at least paper money; sound familiar? and we all know what that does, right? so the powers that be began to get scared so we know what happens then – haven’t we seen it in our own time – thus begins the big contraction so then of course what happens? people start complaining about lack of money –  another question I have – I mean, the lenders  probably were granted their land by the king to begin with, but what about the borrowers/farmers, typically –  which didn’t make the throne very happy, – can’t have just any and everybody making up their own currency, now can we? hm, so of course they had to shut them down, now, didn’t they,  which they did, not allowing that currency to be used, thereby making those landowners – or at least those with any other assets that could be used  then personally responsible for the value of said paper money, as in the loans would now go back to having to be made in silver and gold, thereby causing the Crown to come after those who had any, like the Adams, although they didn’t have enough, so they were forced into bankruptcy for their debt then to the British government and at risk of having their land foreclosed on to cover it. However, doesn’t this sound familiar?

Now the issue then, as now, was – what rights did they have? at least under their charter – which had been revoked, however –  do find it interesting in light of the Freedom Caucus in Congress now that apparently the word caucus is a corruption of the word “caulkers” since the caucus of the day was made up of ship’s mechanics – caulkers, if you will – as well as others – basically the same as those of the Land Bank.

Not really sure how Samuel, which it was him, at least by that time, with his parents, or at least his father, being gone by then, managed to stave it off, except by his gift of gab, but somehow he did, but not but such that he had to work his way through school, as a waiter on campus- which I find interesting – kinda gives a little different perspective possibly than if he’d had his way paid. He did resent it, however, or maybe not so much the actual working, but the reason why, the British Crown being behind it – kinda fueled the fire, so to speak, if you will. He never forgot it, plotting, maybe, his revenge. Good thing he had that gift of gab but I’m sure many of the those his dad’s bank lended to felt the same way for he was able to drum up support for the cause. So one thing leading to another led up to the tea issue – now having said that, it wasn’t quite the anarchist move it’s been made out to be, although I actually find it all rather intriguing – the tea company didn’t really have a problem; they were going to have the cheapest tea, making the consumers happy – kinda like the Wal-Mart of their day? the people who had the problem were those who’d been selling the tea that had been cheaper before – why does sound so familiar? this even reminds me of a convo just had last night with young man up the road – a mechanic, even, as is my son – same thing happening in that field –   those ships would have gladly left, had they been allowed to by Britain, who was who wouldn’t let them leave; it’s who was determined that tea was going to be unloaded within the 20 days required by law but Samuel and his ilk were equally determined it wasn’t going to be; however, they were trying to work within the existing laws, so on that last day or – night – ok, the tea had to be unloaded – therefore, it was. However, a little bit of confusion; when the tea ship’s owner appealed to the governor it appears that he asked for permission to unload the tea, rather than permission to leave with it – but the governor refused – that I don’t really understand;  if he wouldn’t allow him to unload seems he would have allowed him to leave

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Grading on the Curve – literally

oh, my, here we go again – again, some of this not sure if back in the archives here somewhere but here goes –

last fall while we were out of town another job transition on part of son – long story – but also somehow/where in the midst of that, while eating out – at an outdoors place – they met the order taker and ended up becoming friends with him and his – then – girlfriend – which became a long story – not the least of which had to do with said job, which was only part-time – she was expecting at the time but after she had the baby she got a job and decided he wasn’t working enough then so got him to quit and stay home and watch the children, which didn’t seem to work out too well; he wanted to be working and dil wanted to watch the kids anyway so she took that over but somehow in the meantime something had happened to a vehicle situation so he had no way to go back to work, which she didn’t seem to understand, so since he was living with her rather than the other way around, one day she decided she’d had enough – especially since she’d talked her “husband”; yes, she was still married although they’d obviously been split up – into coming back – so, in light of him then considering himself homeless – she kicked him out but he just moved in with son an dil – well, turns out he’s a big motorcycle rider but had wrecked his shortly before all this had transpired, totaling it and it being bought but he was able to find it and buy it back but then turned around and traded it for a car somewhat like son’s – not quite sure if had anything to do with us – well, hub – backing into son’s at our place when he parked right in our turnaround spot – after, -hm, fortunately? for him – getting his own insurance after  rearending someone  – while still on ours but not being supposed to be since he’s married and living in his own house – but our insurance, since we’ve been such loyal customers for so long, did go ahead and pay but said they wouldn’t anymore and wouldn’t continue to keep him on our insurance now that they knew – if they didn’t before – so anyway if he’d still been on ours don’t think there would/could have been an insurance claim since would have all been under the same but since he wasn’t he could file a claim with his against ours and now ours is having to pay again – sure they’re just real happy – anyway he wound up with a bunch of money that he knows how to use/manipulate to get things done to his car he’s been wanting to do anyway since he can do it himself, so this guy saw all that and wanted to do the same thing, at least for a while, since it wasn’t long, though, after doing all that, turned around and traded that car for a bigger motorcycle, even after title pawning it, with that person paying it off and giving him the bike as well for that car; it’s somewhat of a rare one, though can’t think now, since not really the point – a 1000cc one this time – and will go up to at least 130mph; ask me how I know that? now, having said all that let’s back up a bit –

not sure if have put the story of the other car on here but at the job that son had around the time he met this guy he bought another car – a 4 dr. Volvo, better for hauling family  – from what was supposed to be his boss’s mom making payments to him for it but he was supposed to get all the title paperwork worked out but seemingly never could till we started investigating with the title papers we had, which turned out to not be complete, didn’t have their name on them so decided to try to sell, which, thankfully, were able to find someone to buy who was going to part it out – although had thought they were originally buying it for their daughter but this was possibly their backup plan knowing the situation if they couldn’t get it worked out either – hope it did for their sake but am just glad son got out from under paying for a car he couldn’t get registered since boss – now, former – either couldn’t or wouldn’t since no longer worked for him – turned out apparently was not his mom’s car, was supposedly then sold under a dealer’s license he was supposed to have, which wasn’t registered, maybe was in transition because have moved whole shop now and has opened a real car lot, both under different names – anyway, after couple jobs and some other strange circumstances found another dealer doing business for with another car just got with some other insurance situation money from a strange break-in – yet another one, happened at the other place as well; seems tends to happen by disgruntled former employees who’ve been let go – thankfully not mine; no, he’s the one whose tools get stolen – part of the disgruntleness, people trying to work without having the tools they need, jealous of him because he does, not exactly sure what their situation is – do they not realize you need to have tools to work – can they really not afford them – how do they think he does? anyway….he does buy off the tool trucks that come around – does cost but at least do not have to have the money up front that way so…can be used to buy, again, another, better for family, not manual shift, car….but having said all that, after trying to be responsible and taking care of his family, he’s still young, same age as this guy who’s single – since, btw, the baby girlfriend was expecting was not his, belonged to said husband – and therefore able to buy motorcycles instead, so he’d at least like to get on one and ride every once in a while, so…

yesterday, he was off work – was actually going to take his wife and little girl for daughter’s routine check up from having just had her birthday – guy had just started up, letting bike warm up, going to ride in behind them – now, why I don’t know – supposedly son came in to tell wife and – again, why was he in there, don’t know – him he was going to ride just a bit before they left – now why he didn’t just do what he’d always done and just ride around the side road they live on instead of taking it out on the highway – maybe because this is the new one that can handle it – but there he went – now they live right on top at the edge of the mountain we live on so there you go – down the hill – and at the bottom is a curve – do you see it – did he see it – did he make it – no, he doesn’t ride, he didn’t know how you have to lean, so there he goes, straight – there’s the ditch – and there he is skidding/grading off the bike on the face shield of that helmet – oh, just so grateful he had one on – possibly breaking his arm, right at the elbow – possibly just dislocating it – they did put it back in place –

oh, and all this right in front of the local BBQ place and right at lunchtime – so glad there was a nurse there who came out/called the ambulance – although no insurance, almost wish hadn’t done that or that somebody had thought and they just taken him in themselves so….although I’m sure with the pain and shape he was in it was a much more comfortable ride with medical help – IV, etc. – with the ambulance.

Just so thankful no snapped neck – that he wasn’t killed – or not sure but what might have been worse – well, guess not really – but just met somebody first of the week whose son was in a wreck and is a quadrapalegic and they’re having to take care of them and it’s very hard, so…

but off work – will just have to see now how everything there plays out – at least thankful his boss is working with him and not just letting him go

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Was it all for nothing?

I cannot believe what I did today – for a week I’ve been somewhat planning a trip to an expo today – except for when I forgot it and made an appointment that was somewhat pressed into making, knowing I probably wasn’t going to be keeping it because I needed to get some more info that I knew I probably wouldn’t get in time; anyway then because of some other things that transpired wasn’t sure how it was all going to work out but it did, so here I go, gas up the vehicle even and head down the road, found the town, called, found the library it was going to be held at, found a good parking space, into the lobby, directed to the right department that was sponsoring it, got there and – last week?! what?! so glad I took the – yes, the real – oh, guess it’s not really “live”, is it? the dead tree edition of the – paper with me, realized the date – oh, wait, last weeks so when it said Tuesday -oh, guess, it really did mean last Tuesday – so now how did I get all that mixed up? oh, yea, I didn’t read this the day it came out – now why? because that Sunday was the day of the other conference that – here we go – would this qualify as a Voyage ? – Journey ? of discovery – somewhat relates – let’s see

it was on eldercare – but since, in my case at least, my parents are already both gone – though I did go in reference to hub’s aunt and uncle, although by now their daughter’s actually supposedly getting more involved, although today’s her birthday so even though was supposed to be the day, seems to have not been – anyway, looking for direction for our own lives, so somewhat dovetailed into this Financial Expo, though that’s not the only financial aspect of our lives, was going to include that as well, but…

being at the other one meant somehow missed either reading the article about the expo or it just didn’t quite register – maybe because of everything else going on last week, not the least of which was hub starting to want me to come in and meet him at the gym on Tuesday – although then this week it seemed to have gotten switched, since we then went in on Monday – so by the time I read it got it in my head it was this Tuesday –

normally I would have double checked to verify but because of everything else going on, like the trailer being hooked up to the jeep so that pickup had to be done first thing so could be unhitched, then got there and another confusion over ads – we’ve got to do better –

maybe it was the weekend birthday of the little one – between the big mouse place and the hero day at the chicken place – think all our brains were a little fuzzy then

forgot son had to work as well as school, no wonder he wasn’t home – but glad came on back in anyway and had a little time to maybe get my head cleared but do hate it rather since this expo only an annual event so…

will have to plow forward – this year, anyway, without it – see how things go

just cannot believe I did that – just glad the trip went well

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Our Stillborn Story

I hate to do two downer medical posts in a row but before I’ve had a real chance to do one of my others this came across my newsfeed on FB so guess thought be good time to just somewhat morph these two together – I know I’ve told some of this somewhere but not sure can find – was before tags and such so gonna just try again then if I can pull it out of archives and connect to it may take it down and just refer to the original but anyway first the link to this story

Now, though I’m not the mom – think everybody knows that now – I’ve heard mom tell the story enough and was involved enough I think I can safely say dil had the very same feelings – but, first, she had gotten a lot of pain and gone to the ER anyway to then be medflighted from the little small town hospital to the big city one by helicopter because her sugar had spiked from what turned out to be undiagnosed diabetes, right before she would have been tested for it at 28 weeks – she was at 27 – and no, it wasn’t just gestational – when she got to the big city hospital it wasn’t just a spike – her A1C levels were high as well, which means she had been running high for a while, so she was sent with the idea of an emergency C-section delivery, however when she got there they got her sugar levels under control so opted not to proceed with delivery at that early still in her pregnancy and just monitor her sugar levels, not sure they did an ultrasound at that point; now having said all that, this was at night and she was now 4-5 hrs. away from anybody, up there by herself – call us bad but at that point none of us jumped and ran, maybe we should have but she seemed to be ok, handling things well and everything seemed under control, until….

the next day got a call that, just like her, she no longer felt the baby moving and she just knew something was wrong, so she had to practically demand an ultrasound – I can somewhat understand their reluctance, if they had any concerns at all, re doing one with her there just by herself; at that point, probably began to feel should have gone on, especially with the way that day was going on everybody’s other end throwing up obstacles to getting there then, which was part of why we hadn’t gone on, with what had been on the schedule – oh, just little things like having a concrete pad poured for our garage – and it raining that day getting the concrete truck stuck in our gravel driveway blocking the way of getting out – but she did get one and, yes, she did get the horrible news, so thankfully I was able to get headed on up there, winding up being the first one there, even after, while waiting, either I or she passing the news on to a friend, who did tell us, as well, about Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, the wonderful organization that will make those pictures, though I ‘d never heard of it at the time or that concept, but dil definitely wanted it done and this friend endeavored to make all the arrangements; unfortunately, other obstacles interfered there as well – the initial photographer was sick – the next one broke her leg…The hospital did take just some snapshots with a little point and shoot digital camera and printed them but nowhere near the same but more on that later

Having said that, we would have still thought that at that time they would still have taken the baby by C-section but no, learned they induce labor for a natural, in that sense, childbirth, a somewhat horrible experience, in that sense, because, like she said, at that point, you know there will be no good end – she was not even offered an epidural at that point because the induction wasn’t really working – not sure how long they expected but in our case it was another two days before they finally came in and broke her waters finally getting things going and by then she was begging for an epidural and barely got one in time; she’d had just about enough pain by then, enough that she had been given something for it and was delirous from it but what was really bad, with waiting so long, by the time we had our birth, we would not have been able – and weren’t – to have good pictures naturally because deterioration had already started so we don’t have those lovely pix in the hospital though some were taken but you really wouldn’t want to see at least the baby’s. But they did get to spend time with her – yes, a little girl – Karyssa Nicole – about 6 hrs. maybe….

Now, not quite sure how things were handled with her – sounds like the hospital took care of things – like another situation need to see how much I’ve said and where – but at least in this situation being 4 hrs. away from hometown where services would be held they at least said transportation costs would be expensive so I was deputized, if you will, for the job, but more to the point, or maybe because of that, now that I think of it, because if the hospital had been taking care of this, maybe there’s something they would have done but at least in our situation they weren’t doing anything and the funeral home said she needed to be getting there before there was a problem so, again, in our case, leaving mom – and dad – there I headed out with the little one….

I do wonder how the mom in this story handled herself because, regardless of the outcome, she still had been through a birth, anyway….

now, on my way, as I got to town, I realized I would have to pass the local hospital and realizing no good pix had been able to be done and how disappointed dil was, though I’d just stop in and check – yes, with little one in my vehicle but did anyway and yes, there happened to be a local photographer, not affiliated with NILMDTS, whose works of babies born there were adorning the walls, who might consider doing something like this, although he never had, so made contact with him and yes, he would be willing to do so…

Now, presenting it to the funeral home was an interesting experience; they’d definitely never heard of anything like this but, thankfully, they didn’t have anything going on the evening before our service was scheduled so would have an available room, so got everything lined up for when son and dil would get there, not being discharged until after the weekend on Monday – so by this time she’d been gone almost a week.

Won’t post the pix but between the funeral home’s job on her and then possible retouching by the photographer (which is all I’d attributed it to all this time, never even thinking about  that, of course, the fh had done their part) they turned out beautiful, just like she  was just sleeping and was so nice for mom to have not only the pix but that time with her baby as she was to begin with and I think should have been able to see her as at the time

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Bout with Meningitis

Not sure how I feel about this – got home today to this headline – Baby fight meningitis: Family needs assistance

turns out our local herbalist – really…she’s supposed to be giving a workshop soon – ‘s daughter called her a few weeks ago re her new baby – she’s 5 weeks old now – telling her she had a fever and diarrhea (tmi?) ; now, trying to remember exactly what dil told me when she called me about my little – 3 wk. old – granddaughter – think more along the lines of just very sick, maybe said fever, trying to remember if had thermometer and, yes, should have had with a little baby like that but just don’t remember but still you know when a baby’s feverish, just the idea is how high and how bad….well, now maybe it’s because mom – her mom – is an herbalist that she doesn’t tend to get excited, maybe because daughter could take her on in herself if she needed to – maybe because, in my case, we’d already lost one, but I would not have – and didn’t – brush it off so casually – but she told her it probably wasn’t anything to worry about but maybe God gives babies moms for a reason because mom couldn’t shake the worry so called a nurse –  hm, sense something here? herbalist brushes it off so time to call the other, medical, side – cousin but she said the same thing – probably nothing to worry about; after all, she was a healthy, happy baby and mom was an excellent mother – good thing. Well, they did wait till the next day when her temp escalated so she then took her to the ER, saving her life; at least she made it that far – maybe things had been happening we’d missed and our day was that day is why they said we wouldn’t have had another one; maybe it takes that for anybody to take it seriously. Anyway, they did go into crisis mode, like they did with us, saying babies that age don’t normally have such high temps. So they, as with us, did a lumbar puncture to test for meningitis, only, unlike us, who didn’t come back with a diagnosis of it, they did, although, also, like with us, they did go ahead and start on an antibiotic cocktail while waiting for the results to come in. Not sure if they told us at the time; don’t think they did, think we only learned this later; but they told them – not sure if before or after got the results in – that the children who do survive often have hearing, vision, or cognitive impairment, hard for all of them to hear, somewhat glad we weren’t told any of that or even thought it at the time; that didn’t come until the next go round, anyway…

guess because that diagnosis did come but they were transferred to our local – in that sense – Children’s Hospital in the big town – so glad that, too, didn’t come in our case until the next go round – we were kept in the actual, in our town, local hospital. Again, maybe because we didn’t get that diagnosis, but we only had to do the 10 day stay while they – and, yes, they, which is where I’m going with this – have been there over a month and expecting another 2 weeks.  And both parents have rarely left her side – I’m sure Children’s is thrilled with them – and I do mean that literally, no snark, except….but that is what they want.

The diagnosis turned out to be salmonella meningitis – a rare kind, they said, having a high mortality rate –  not sure even knew there were different kinds. They have no idea how she got it; not like she’d be eating.

They are testing for hearing loss, something I believe we did go through at some point, which apparently is shown by high levels of protein, meaning damage and inflammation, which knew that applied to kidneys but seemingly not just that but of course you can’t know cognitive/mental affects till they’re older.

But my real point is neither parent is working and bills are piling up. Now I’ve also found out from this that apparently baby’s mom’s dad is a local commercial photographer who, as I’ve understood, has done quite well; know he also owned a local, independent bookshop for a while as well – though had no idea he and herbalist had evidently – (well, maybe) – been married at some point and assuming not quite as long ago as would have thought, assuming daughter with baby isn’t too terribly old, with thinking he, at least, has/had been married to his current? wife for quite a while – was thinking maybe herbalist not but thinking now did find out she is but thinking maybe hasn’t been for so long because don’t think she has been for the whole time I’ve known her, only learned of husband recently. Anyway point is both mom’s and dad’s families have set up collection points in several stores around town to help the parents and also one of those gofundme accounts and published herbalist/grandma’s phone number – with all of this being in the paper.

Maybe that’s what we should have done? instead, not only with our, granted, only 10 day PICU stay with that one but later with our Children’s stay, hub/dad continued to work to pay their bills but guess I’m getting what they think should have been done, like this?

just wondering what anybody who sees this might think – which is the way to handle a situation like this –


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Just a Little Rambling

I thought I’d been a little tired but was surprised to wake up this morning and find hub still here – yea, I know, seems like shouldn’t be that way but that’s a long story – but anyway he’d decided to take the day off – yea, I know, just like that – thought it was a little strange too, still not really sure what was behind it but anyway – said he was gonna mow the yard – yea, I know, that was strange too but then even stranger was the fact that he still was taking off even though it was raining and he couldn’t do it – now, granted the maintenance light came on in the jeep – well, it’s not really a jeep anymore; it’s another brand of SUV but granddaughter’s just got used to saying jeep – guess it’s like Band-Aid and Kleenex now around here – anyway – meaning the oil needs changing so he decided he’d just go ahead and do that so went out and got the oil – ok, so first thing – somewhat wish I’d gotten some other things done while he out doing that but the friend that I helped get her place cleaned up a while ago – I talked about that, didn’t I? (I’ll try to find it; still new at some of this) –  called this morning before he left about the situation she’s dealing with that that was all about, was still on the phone with her when he gets back, gets that done while I do get some things done around here that are behind because of other things done over the weekend – oh, I am rambling, aren’t I? oh, since got off the phone since she finally got to the doc – oh, yea, from getting hurt back when we were doing that cleanup that she didn’t even tell me about at the time…anyway, guess since vehicle maintenance got on the schedule he realized his tires needed rotating so this time he asked me to go with him and….since he needed iron and they’d been out Friday – it’s a special order but something they at least had normally – well, not normally, but anyway – been stocking but their reason for doing so had stopped just about the time we found out and had started getting it but guess they didn’t realize so they’d let it run out so had had to order had called and said it was in…we went that direction rather than the one where he bought the tires, which put us at the one where we know the young man who works there – son of a friend of ours, member of the local volunteer fire dept. started just about the time, hub retired from twenty years there, he trying to go professional, taking all the classes, getting all the certifications he can; he came and talked to us – very nice, enjoyed it – also found latest, I think, John Grisham book there – so you can probably expect something about that soon –

then to Chik-Fil-A and learned about their new Kids Klub – sign said should be able to get the password there but they merely directed me to the website – hate that, had something like that at another place and I took the sign down – just had had a convo with hub about that this morning – since he didn’t go to work – so I was good and didn’t do that this time but really think they shouldn’t say things like that if that’s not the way it is, but anyway, since this reminded of that I left and went to their website and signed her up but not until many links later -not on their site, just others talking about it did I find where it said not for 4-6 wks. and I was so hoping she would have it for her birthday in — 20 days!

and on that note, since I took so long doing that I’m heading to bed! good night all!

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Give ‘Em What They Want

Unless, one, you’re the boss….huh, you say, if there’s anybody who should do it should be them, right?….well, not unless you want the IRS looking over your shoulder…..

now anybody else wants to give you something tell them, hey, go for it – IRS doesn’t care, but…you’re supposed to be “working” for your boss – he’s not supposed to be just, ahem, giving you something – for nothing – no, cause then the IRS thinks somebody’s trying to get out of giving them their “fair”? share – well, we won’t talk about that, but since they get to decide what that is, guess we’d be good to play along, right? but funny thing is, in theory at least if anybody else gives you anything they’re supposed to pay the taxes – you’re off the hook but…

if it’s your “boss” who gives you, oh, let’s say even, a bonus, it’s you whose on the hook with them – go figure – especially when their reasoning in the other situation is that hey, if they have the money to be giving it to you, they have it to pay the taxes as well – right?

well, then, wouldn’t the same thing apply to your boss if he’s giving it to you? but for some reason, no, they expect you to pay it out of what you’ve been given – so next time something like this happens to you – remember this! because your boss won’t always tell you but  – believe me – I know – the IRS will.

oh, and on another note – think we’ve been given what we want – next time you get a hankering to find one of those nice little independent bookstores where you can get just go wander around for a while, maybe even get a nice cup of coffee, curl up in a big comfy chair with a nice – real – book, not one of those electronic things you can’t even turn the pages on – and you can’t find one, remember that the next time you pull out your tablet and download an e-book you’ve bought from Amazon – that that coffee and those books and those chairs cost money, money they needed from you when you were complaining about how much those nice books cost that you could get sooooo much cheaper online – just saying – did you get what you wanted – or just what you said you wanted – think about it

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