Pain, pain, go away

And apparently it did, and apparently it did, or at least that did, or at least for the time we’re going to ignore it and try to have a good birthday for son – hard to believe it’s been 27 yrs. – that’s how old hub was when met him and how old I was when we got married – wow – anyway turns out she did text late yesterday morning – but I hadn’t turned my phone back up so didn’t hear it – found out later when got a call that I did hear that buzzing – friend’s mom in hospital woke up, supposed to get to go home today – so maybe she can get to feeling better from her fibro – maybe good thing she not trying to keep her at home – anyway she 2 days behind hub with surgery and he was doing the same thing but went away so thought maybe hers might as well in another day or two and that’s what she was as far as that although she still talking about hurting but thinking her nerve after being asked with her MRI when she broke her back, like friend’s  mom when they did her imaging, looked like she had an old hip break that had already tried to heal back wrong that dil doesn’t know anything about – she actually talked about going to see a chiro – think it could be good for her – mom used to go to them all the time – took me after I slipped on the ice in my new go-go boots when a kid – remember those?

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Drain Tube Out

and she made it; didn’t really say much about it but then we weren’t in there but she was expecting her to stitch it up or glue it up – something, not just put a patch over it – but assuming like with friend – needs to heal from inside out so needs to be left but like hub, as it begins to heal, from the inside out, tends to scab from outside in and looks infected, at least as far right at the site, looks yucky, like the green infection stuff but at least with hub not red streaks and the scab came off and everything was fine – now his surgery is 2 days ahead of dil’s so maybe the same thing will happen with her but like said hers is having the red streaks and she felt feverish and was running a low-grade temp when she took it – with her thermometer she keeps in her purse – seems to be prepared for anything medically. Maybe didn’t/doesn’t need to wait another couple days see if the same thing happens with her as with him. Says she still feels like its knotty. She did end up calling the office and she was on call, told her to come in tomorrow morning if she still feels that way or she could go to the ER tonight but I wondered if she would call them if she did, thinking since she didn’t say that she decided to just see if she could make till then so….guess see what tomorrow brings now.

Just not sure if all this is related to her having diabetes – know it can cause all kinds of issues –  the joys of a chronic illness and all the complications it can cause.

She feels, though, she may have an abscess…

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Possible Blood Clot

Poor hub, just can’t seem to get a break; good thing woke up early Saturday morning because she called early – actually apparently turned out, tried to get in touch with us even earlier, just having issues with cell dying, turning down, trying to keep up with everything but she made it till late enough to call but really thinking might have a blood clot in her leg – and with all that happened with her mom with one, can understand being concerned, so hub got up and we took her to the ER so I could go back with her this time and he could watch the little one since son/hub needed to go back in to work today, although when surgeon did admit her, maybe since they didn’t find a blood clot with the ultrasound they did take, for observation to get an idea of what might be going on, son upset – what? maybe because he just doesn’t take all this seriously enough at the time till something does happen – and just can’t work so ends up coming back and not working after all but then must have been busy this morning or never gave a thought to take the parts back before he came and why they can’t work with different stores of a chain but anyway he ended up having to turn around and go back after she got in a room to take them back –  oh my – hub left, came home to get a nap while I stayed then everybody back but then hub ended up not staying after all but she made it okay except her drain tube – did I talk about that? oh, that’s a whole other issue – that, yes, she did not have this laparoscopically since she had to have this drain tube placed to drain fluid off but that’s a whole other story – anyway it came out or at least off or at least just the bottle came off and had to be replaced but splayed all over everywhere – oh my – but surgeon’s man came in and since didn’t find anything or at least nothing observable without further tests went ahead and just sent her home but with pain meds to get her through till today and no bringing little one back – hub’s back hurting

all because of the diabetes?

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Surgery Day!

and son was able to take off to take her so they out there now waiting…..why do they have you be there so early? but why do they have such a hard time with little one – anyway he calls to see if we can just keep her overnight, which I find somewhat rather strange that hub didn’t care – although he’d already talked about me – what – getting her from their house this morning – oh, that’s right – he said if she came last night, bhh, she wouldn’t have to get up so early this morning, which he’s right, she’s still in bed, but he forgets at her house she probably just wouldn’t have gone to bed last night – but, then, well, not sure, mom did go to bed early – or said she was – but she’s said that before and then not been able to sleep so has either gotten back up or ended up not going and so little one hasn’t either, so…but hub forgets about their upside down schedule, just thinks in terms of his, and then also forgets then that it’s probably been that way the day and night before, that she’s probably been up all night the night before and so slept most of the day so even here she’s probably not going to go to bed, although she’d already been here and I’d helped wear her out outside like she doesn’t get to do at home, which is another whole issue that we’ll see about, but she did go to sleep, at least earlier than she has been, at least by midnight, so…

so they out there by themselves waiting, all got out of him, not sure what that’s saying since haven’t heard from her; she’d said something about them getting a private room, where I’d thought they could handle her, but had never heard of anything like that so may have been some confusion there; that may only be if they admit her after…

but…if he hadn’t wanted to bring her over here last night, then maybe he wouldn’t have gotten pulled over – great – yet something else….oh well, deal with later….for now,

see how this surgery goes

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Results of the Hyda-Scan

which she did have done – when they got them – appointment with surgeon tomorrow – at least since there was a cancellation – though by what they saw believe they would have gotten her in ASAP anyway, even if the scheduler did say they didn’t have an opening until – when – September? don’t think so – tomorrow being yesterday now – with hub having surgery but thankfully with new job son’s day off so he could take her – and when she – surgeon is a female – saw the results she was livid, asked how long she’d been going through this – 2 months – and she just now getting in to see her?! – oh, she was upset – gall bladder very infected and has been for at least that long – needs to definitely come out ASAP – although – hm, must typically only have to do surgeries in the mornings because – or does she not do them on Wednesdays – we have 2 hospitals under the same covering in the area and she typically does surgeries on Mondays and Tuesdays at our local one – Thursdays and Fridays at the other one so was scheduling her for Monday, which was going to work out better for me since hub’s expecting to be back at work by then but with the doc’s office having not given her the same type/strength pain meds she’d been getting from the ER and maybe before – they’re not a pain clinic – she was still in quite a bit of pain so asked if she could then get the previous kind to tide her over the weekend till surgery but apparently some type of surgeon policy can’t prescribe pain meds till after surgery but did check with local hospital to see if some way could go ahead and have surgery before the weekend so can have it in the morning and hub thinks he may be all right by then for me to take her – somewhat question will be do I stay – do I bring granddaughter back – be quite a bit of back and forth, so not sure, stayed out there with her probably/possibly that long with testing but maybe not counting recovery and all with possibility of being admitted, which of course she was with last surgery but she was supposed to be anyway, with it being the hysterectomy and not laparoscopically, which we didn’t think this would be either but seems to be at this point but maybe because of her diabetes? not sure, but her recovery was much longer than typical so not sure how long may be but hub definitely said didn’t think would feel like babysitting and would hate to leave her out there by self so just have to see; anyway sent her for labs, again, even though has just had all these done – and sugar came back at 750, after being just(?) 250, considered high, why sent in the first place, Monday, at the doc’s office but not sure how the insulin’s been but got it back down to that so see how things go

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What’s a Normal Blood Sugar?

well, after how long of only eating one meal a day – and a supposed weekend of hardly eating at all – can’t stand the sight of food, so subsisting on Gatorade – wow, blood sugar down to 250! at the ER today – well,  yesterday, now, since after midnight –  normal? well, must have at least been under the hospital radar since no talk of that – guess because at least not 500, which is what I remembered it being; she said up to only 350 – or is because she having the gall bladder tests done tomorrow (or rather now later on today) – or at least an ultrasound – if it doesn’t show stones – or function? or does it do that – or is it the hydascan? that shows that – either way if the ultrasound doesn’t show what it’s supposed to then it’s on to the hydascan, then if it doesn’t, then we’re off to the GI and guess let him deal with the sugar as well, at least to begin with – or is because the whole hospital thing’s gotten caught with them saying they don’t admit – anyway see what tomorrow brings

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Saturday night – recap

Let’s see, have I mentioned all the crazy stuff with son’s job – well, for now, let’s just say he’s back where he was this time last year, where he started right in the middle of the move, when they were going to get the house then but because of this very type thing they just rented instead until not long ago; should have known about the time they signed the papers the same thing would happen again; anyway they have a whole new crew at the place and the guy who basically caused all the issues – an ex-cop, fwiw – is gone – and apparently the main guy didn’t really have that much of a problem – I just wish they’d stand up more for the situation but guess that’s what they hire managers for; not really sure how you can have a manager for more than one place but is somewhat what I’ve gotten the idea so he may get to go back to being manager, like he was, supposedly, at the other place, at least until that owner retired – think maybe they just need to get their new shop built or started, at least – anyway was supposed to have happened here before as well until the ex-cop came on the scene, which I’m not exactly  sure how that happened but anyway just like before and at the other place, gave them business, went down there – yes, both of us this time – and had oil changed in youngest’s car – one thing, they do have good prices, can hardly do it ourselves any cheaper and with hub not been feeling good; scheduled for surgery this week, on Wednesday – did some other things as well – and got jeep cleaned out and up after the melted crayon incident – maybe I should have been the one coloring, which do need to get all of that together for Monday/Tuesday when will be taking dil back to doctor, though not really sure why –

this was the appointment scheduled way back for her diabetes – in the middle of all this other – when he said that if it were out of whack he was putting her in the hospital – where/how? since he’s said since then the local hospital won’t let him…anyway,

since then, yesterday she got a call from the local hospital to schedule her gall bladder test for Tuesday – even as we were on our way out there to the ER – after her eating a big ole cheeseburger at our new little local bistro – after needing to eat because her blood sugar was bottoming out since she hadn’t eaten –

partially having to do with the whole job situation, lost days, etc.; tried to work out something about the house payment but seems to be different since no renting –

was hoping could have with something in her system, could find, but no, has to be their glow-in-the- dark stuff so basically couldn’t get anything done except something to hopefully help her get through the weekend, then….

she goes and has pizza – oh well,at least she hasn’t wanted to go back to another ER

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