What a Week

not that this is the one I had the root canal or that this is the one that we finally got the septic done

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So to the courthouse – public records here we come

And sure enough – no fraud involved, unless try to say there is

but adulting is such an issue

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And back to financing

why have to come in? said to fill out fraud forms – hm….interesting, but ok, but then said should be able to take to someone on the phone but no…not by any of the usual routes but when all this started there were none around here, had to go 2 hrs. so, amazing, when called them, got the number with no problem, called them, but based on what had been told about the fraud form, got sent to that department but of course back to square one, have to go in to fill out the form, so…..

however, in passing on that info, was presented – actual judgement – maybe should have assumed have to have that in place for garnishment to go forward but somehow hadn’t thought about it having gone that far – not sure anybody had – think all just thought had gone to collections, but no….but at least that means there’s public record

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And back to the septic tank


no special deals

feel misrepresentation

they called, finally, as had been told they would do, got the info to run credit, not sure if score, which is low, but….because of them…..wouldn’t even discuss, said get letter in the mail, even with them knowing the situation, no give

no, of course this was the particular branch – and town –  that septic company works with

however, when this all started they had gone to another financial institution, which is where this showed up in the first place, so I had stopped by another branch of this one in another town and somewhat got this opened up but of course only so far, that he was going to need to go in, but by the time – because she actually called out and got the definite numbers or would have been even longer, if even that day – got through all this – they said he’d worked all weekend, so didn’t have them ready and them had had to go to another of their branches but had gotten through earlier than anticipated and did get to get it done, just took a while – so….was late, he was upset, but he did call and learned somewhat but would still need to come in but now going to be another week before can

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went with dil take granddaughter – and her friend – to Chik-Fil-A to see the Easter Bunny and the Cow, do crafts – they didn’t get to do, but got their materials for them to do themselves later at home – then to the Easter Egg hunt – they didn’t get to do either but got to play some games, got some popcorn – that they said was too sweet, something to drink, oh well –

however, at Chik-Fil-A, being presented as (and are) a Christian company, while out for the living Lord’s Supper, was able to get by the store that actually has the scripturecandy Easter chocolates with the Jesus Lives! packaging that granddaughter been wanting this year ever since last year – only? in the bags, had a couple, so got both, so wondered if CFA would like them to pass out some – yes! they were thrilled, wanted to know where I got them, of course you can order bulk direct from company – but they loved having some to pass out

Now, was somewhat disappointed, same brand of store’s distributor in other towns – remember trip going by health dept? –  stores didn’t have – said had samples, would bring over, had thought would be going back, but not yet, so made trip to get, then back to – probably should have done when there but looking for these, you know how that is – get the inspirational word egg stickers had found at other store in other town, while there started passing out – little girl looked at chocolate bunny – too much! – old – only not really so much more than me – man having birthday, but had caregiver, didn’t know how old he’d be, caregiver told me – anyway, in doing so, looked at them, realized they weren’t the Easter ones! they were Christmas; yes they had Scripture but not the ones, but that’s really so much the issue – all scripture’s inspired – but didn’t even have the pretty packaging like the Easter ones do! so disappointed, why so glad to find them at the tried and true place where I got them last year.

But somewhat more so at the “EASTER” egg hunt they were passing these out – because some “nice” man had donated them – but NOT the EASTER ones – the Christmas ones – at, even though it was at a school – what turned out to be sponsored by a church – did nobody from a church – which, weren’t they having this as a outreach? – notice or care?!

no, I dare say he wasn’t being “nice” anymore than the distributor was to me when I realized what he’d sent – they both had these leftover – why? – and were just glad to find a place to dump them –

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Now for the more of Passover

though not sure really because the Lord’s Supper is part of – what? do I call it Easter? – regardless of when Passover? which is it even still to be celebrated? well, it’s not really by Christians, only by Jews but suppose is interesting that the two are coinciding this year since they did in the original

anyway, went to a living Last Supper on that Thursday – I think the thing I most came away with was Judas Iscariot’s take on the “Is it I?” theme – since, of course, he knew it was him – he said he was going to just play along – loved his sneer at everybody else asking – why? because he knew; did he expect them to – had no concept of how that tore at their hearts in true wonder if they would – even though, of course we all know they forsook him but that’s not actual betrayal, turning him over to the authorities –

he said somebody “had” to do something – how many, many times have we heard that?

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Now for Financing

except hadn’t heard a word, so being Friday – son off on Mondays –  finally called – supposed to have him call me over the weekend

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