Still Circling

Dil got her sister down here, after hub went and got them, sans Pilot, towed into yard, then the story really makes an arc, if not a complete circle, dil comes in, goes right back out and disappears, sister comes in, goes out and finds that out, then dil reappears with story of having been dragged out into the woods, appears to be bleeding from a head wound so call an ambulance, who calls the cops, who, this time, tell her she’s either going to the hospital or jail, so she agrees to go to the hospital, but of course they can’t make her stay, so she just leaves when she gets there and walks to the gas station calling for son/hub to come get here but then by the time he gets there she’s gone, no idea where, although earlier phone gave an indication, but without something concrete, just came on home. Meanwhile sister’s gone to bed, has been a rather stressful night, hub wishes he could have but work is calling. She finally gets up and he and she head out to the hospital, but something happens to car – oh, and this another facet, you probably don’t know about the Honda he’d bought – why was he in it, because as soon as got Mustang down here it wouldn’t start – maybe stopped to get gas and it wouldn’t start, now why didn’t I just wait till granddaughter got off bus to see about them….but didn’t, so got down there and he didn’t want to wait on her because was being told dil was incoherent; had he already known that hub had already called the friend who’d gotten her before to do it again since couldn’t reach me because I on phone about all this and didn’t find out till got back or maybe would have let, might have all been better, but how was I to know that while at the hospital would get a call that hub had called 911 and gone by ambulance to the other hospital, but why bother to go because should have remembered from years ago and/or known they weren’t going to let me see him for long while – and granddaughter already hungry, wanting to go to cafeteria get something to eat and actually was on the way when got the call, so that is what ended up doing – only with all the debit card issues, but so very thankful to the cashier for letting me go ahead and get her something but while waiting to get it and not really knowing what was going on getting call from sister at other hospital that understood needed to get back over there, only to get there and find out that, once again, didn’t take her long to “hook” – literally? – back up with original guy she’d gotten with before and had left sister – thought she was supposed to be down here to be with her, hm…pretty much last we saw of her except for, strangely, right when hub was here, after finally getting out of hospital – with his sister, who just happened to have eye doc appt in town, getting him, and thinking they coming by other hospital to get granddaughter, but no….and I finally getting back after son bringing vehicle back after, yes, oh my, bringing granddaughter home while I stayed with dil – hm…now why was that done that way? think lost myself, then he parked in other parking lot, liked to have never found it, but finally, so home and he at hospital and she shows up with who somewhat surprised she be with – oh, did her guy drop her, did she pick her up from her sleuthing? – to get her bag – had it been here the whole time? did she take it to the hospital then off with her then dropped it back when she was dropped? anyway, got way to bus station but then didn’t wait till Monday, left that day, got caught in the layover that they didn’t know about so thought she stranded, maybe only got enough to get that far, why sold phone? phone? hm, little surprised – oh, remember about her kids, had to get back before charged with neglect, yet in spite of papers, maybe not really understand, told really had been taken away, so guess leaves her free, since, seemingly nowhere else to go, to get back up with original plan as supposed to have been with father of last child – without her? – in the big city, according to what we understand, haven’t actually heard anything


About donnainthesouth

I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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