Silent Happenings

Why does the house feel so silent this morning? waiting to hear from dil re taking granddaughter to Build a Bear – before they run out again – not having to try to find out about the paint clinic next week because looks like going to be cancelled – birthday over – got the work word, not till Monday – she’s not wanting to spend the night anymore, after getting her room ready, not sure what’s going on, oh, did forget supervisor to be back today, so…things seem to maybe be settling down, just feels quiet, maybe it’s on here, anyway, had a chance to come back this way, ran across a challenge someone did, regarding quirks, something used to be considered fun, but has gotten scary, but she made a comment, how to say – enlarging? everything trivializes the serious, just because you have a quirk doesn’t make you seriously mentally ill, but been doing some serious decluttering, or rather maybe I should just say shuffling, moving my stuff from front room/guest room, which couldn’t have been used, at least not without it, which hated earlier, to,yes, another room, but for another time, for granddaughter to use that room; moved the stuff to youngest son’s room, who just flew out to out West Sunday morning, bringing his stuff back first but it not going back in his room, but starting in the garage but right in the way, which surprised me him being allowed to, of hub reworking front porch steps, so he took everything upstairs – yes, we have an upstairs to our garage – just wondering where and I would have helped him, guess really should have realized he doing it, hm….because that’s where his ham radio stuff was, at least, although he’s fixed a place downstairs, just wondering if he filled up my side – really wondering how he managed to get there, but….anyway, since son’s room empty that’s where all my stuff went, but then we wound up in there anyway, oh, hm…one thing she hasn’t mentioned putting in her room is her new rocking chair – did not realize they come in different sizes – feel like Goldilocks – or how much of a difference design can make in making the same size feel so different, as in the legs/rockers being to the side or underneath so you’re not having to deal with them…so took the old one back – see how long lasts this time – for the 3 yr. old – why couldn’t it have stayed there for him to begin with? is that an irk or a quirk

About donnainthesouth

I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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