Missing my Mom

tacking a different tack, reading a pdf of a blog – didn’t even know you  could do that, would like to learn how, puts all these blog posts, instead of being in reverse chronological order, back into correct order – anyway, this one’s the story of a wife about my age and her journey with her hub who’s old enough to be her dad – don’t ask, don’t really know, but got to right at the point where I lost my mom, so just brought all these memories back, not necessarily of what she did that was the same, but really in a way of some things going through myself now, but started with something similar; for years dad had a small collection of collectible coins that seemed as if we – though now not sure if really “we” or more just they at least thought couldn’t find – but, yet, after “they”; was it not till after both? I think – passed and I brought the little “lock” though didn’t really – metal box home that there they were just like always – was so glad because had been told they’d been lost, now think they just couldn’t see or process seeing them, suppose didn’t really want to go prowling – though, now, that think about it think realize didn’t know where the box was in their new house; realize even as I’d just been typing above I was remembering it as where it was in house grew up in, duh; anyway, just glad weren’t really lost, so much was – anyway in blog reading he wanted to put them in safe deposit box – I really wonder in many ways why mom and dad had one, had they ever had anything really in it, is that where the missing jewelry was and they’d gotten it out – anyway, when dad and I went to look in it after mom died – looking for what? jewelry, not even really sure – nothing in it but paperwork, of which they had copies, maybe even originals at home – anyway, when they got there he wanted to take his wife off his bank account, which, of course he could do, especially since it was his income, something that concerns me because hub changed his account again back to original financial institution that for reasons won’t go into here, wouldn’t go with him, so now he already has account not on; keep talking about at least getting POD put on but never get that done either, but not so much concerned about that as about before, but seems just now realized that if that were to happen he probably wouldn’t be working anyway, so….anyway, maybe because of issues there he decided to just close out the account, which he did, which hub might decide at that point to do as well, not worried about that now since still uses it, but him doing that meant she couldn’t pay bills or buy groceries, etc., which she was doing, point of my concern at some point, but at least not now or yet, so got the final check, do remember doing that with dad’s account, to pay final expenses of his caregiver, who’d been getting paid with a VA check of his, which, of course, got stopped when he passed away, and finally was willing to sign it so she could pay their that month’s expenses, but led to her getting guardianship of him, which have some concerns along those lines after some things that were seen and brought up after having TIA, was supposed to be seen by neurologist, but he – the neuro – didn’t have time to see him while he in hospital, supposed to see him after but never has

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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