More of the Saga

Father living on crackers and stewed prunes – maybe they’re at least doing their job.

Katy met this dear doc the year she and her mom stayed at her aunt – her mom’s sister – ‘s house while she and hub went on a prescribed European trip – wouldn’t that be if docs would do that now? fascinating person, that aunt and Katy loved to visit with her; they stayed with their children while they went on this trip, actually not really sure she’d go to visit with aunt as much as see the children; came home to tell about it all at the dinner table – oops! no laugh, no response. mustn’t run on if father’s presence – he dreads levity – look it up – you get the idea. Oh, the vials of wrath! a foot square box – no harm – be glad to have hint how to appear very best before father and sister – oh my

interesting – seem to be hearing this a lot now – very best is real self

remember she’s not even 20 and sister is 40 but “mother” liked to have her “run on” – oh dear

now let’s go back; remember he never asked if she’d like him bringing father and sister there

but now maybe the real issue comes out – that she’d intended for her mom, who seemingly (I need to check this out a little more) doesn’t have any more children, so is by herself now, to live with them, but then she hadn’t asked him about that, either, so

he just took it for granted that she would welcome his father and sister but have to hand it to him; he did ask at that point if he should send them away ………’s her chance


long story – “Speaking beautifully is little to the purpose unless one lives beautifully”

How is it possible that Christian man and woman going through all this? hm…but

“try to bear with trouble father and sister make” hm….

but then she says she doesn’t mind – and then he’s called away  – all for nought

even letter from mom, who apparently, not sure where came from, had hoped to live her life out with them, begged her to be considerate and kind to father and sister, even though so indignant, but….

is this the issue – sister’s closeted with Katy’s husband, granted, it’s her brother, but still….in his office, never giving her any idea of what’s going on….hm….then, apparently she’s also been sticking her nose in the kitchen – no cook can serve 2 mistresses, especially when one’s a scrimp – remember I believe she’d asked Katy how she was along those lines, but now get this; she goes to her husband and his answer?…..

give it up and let sister do it; she’ll be happier and you won’t have to worry your pretty little head about it, hm….but rather than pour out her wrath again – since it didn’t do any good the last time she goes and tells the cook it will be that way – hm…

but she didn’t have to stay….so she didn’t, so guess sister got what she wanted, or maybe more, or maybe not, maybe they didn’t have a cook anyway, but beyond that, it began to seem as if he just began to want to escape his little lovely wife, but turns out something way more serious, but, first, ah, this older sister has, of course, always been looked up to and yet another area she decided to take over his accounts because, of course, why should his pretty little wife’s head be troubled about money matters? hm….oh, only a thousand reasons, right? but, fine, but to not even tell her what was going on

“ought not a wife share in all her husband’s cares?” – she asked – his answer? “no” – wow, but at least, at last, at long last, he proceeds to tell her what’s going on

turns out – well, not sure what exactly happened – but formerly prosperous businessman father winds up – well, see, doesn’t seem to mean as much now  –  well, or maybe it’s just the wording – losing everything except the home – now what everything was I don’t know either – and the home is mortgaged, now is still just a mortgage taken out to buy the home? believe was rather unusual back in that day – or, so, was a “mortgage” – a HELOC, no, don’t quite think would have had those back then, even under another name, but a Home Equity loan, refinanced the house? also, remember, when were the homestead laws put in place to protect the wife? or maybe other way around maybe they were in place even more so, that you didn’t even have to sign; anyway, never told his mom, but she – at least reason given, sufficient? – was in “delicate”  health so they never let her know a trouble could spare her – so, guess throw him a bone, he grew up like that, so why having/had to sell the home – now, don’t know what all this was about or why others were having to suffer from what happened to him or he did himself, somewhat seems like, since it seems to have thrown him into a nervous breakdown, as at least we might call it now or at least not long ago. But….either big difference in required or…..her hub, dear doc, dad’s son, has assumed his debts, and she still didn’t need to be troubled – oh, that’s right, anymore than his mom was by what had gone on with his dad – even though they were going to have to live economically until paid off, all while also supporting his dad and sister – well, explains where she was coming from to cook, who, no doubt was already not liking them being there anyway, being 2 more mouths to feed, but…

hm…was going to say Katy wasn’t brought up that way, but something’s not quite adding up here, but anyway she at least had gotten the idea he should have let her know right from the beginning and, of course, now he’s all sorry for not having done so, but she must have patience with her “stupid, blundering old husband” – hm….are you getting it yet?

but at least he does say they’ll start together once more, fair and square – we’ll see

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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