Another Voyage of Discovery – is that what shofar blowing does?

Can you tell that’s the book by Francine Rivers I’m reading so now I’m what, almost a week late for her birthday but I wished her a happy one, but it was especially somewhat fitting to “discover” she shared it with Florence Nightingale; and now why is that, because it fit right in with the revelation, if you will, of Julian of Norwich, who I’d never heard of, not even really sure now how; she just somehow came up on here somewhere and apparently right when I was talking to the leader of the book club I’m in (and that’s interesting in itself because I only talk to her when having trouble with my email, which had been giving me fits) – a Christian book club and we’d read a book somewhat like this before so thought, even though I was somewhat leery, they might be interested and they were, even though I couldn’t be there the day we picked out our next 6 mos., at least, seems like maybe more this last time, set of books to read so we can have plenty of time to get them, thought doesn’t always help me, was somewhat surprised about this one, since she got this back in the 1300s, would have thought been easily accessible online – for free – like others we’ve read have been, but no..apparently these have taken 2nd wind and been at least re – no, they wouldn’t have had copyright back in the day – copyrighted but then possible apparent mix-up and everybody else got the only, but relatively new biography, such as it is, since very little is actually known about her, even her name is taken from the name of the convent? where she eventually – or at least according to this “biography” but just where did this info come from; even one of the book club people feels she just made a lot of this up but seemingly she at least did take it from the customs of the time – went to live when she was around 50 – being in mine I can almost understand but I found a cute – love the cover, probably need to try to post it here – little book of excerpts of her revelation – which, btw, is the first book written by a woman in the English language – found that intriguing – lot of speculation re her even being able to do that re education of women at that time but think a lot of that depends on who’s doing the writing – no, they may not have been allowed to go to the same schools and have the same public education as men but they had their ways – plus being educated in that time meant Latin, not English, so just glad she wasn’t then and wrote in the language the ordinary people speak, since that’s who it was for, both, I feel, in receiving, since I feel it was to then be given to the ordinary – doesn’t even the Bible’s own words say that’s who it’s for….anyway, like this new takealong history lesson book just learned about – so is this little devotional for next to nothing, which is what really wanted, even though she wrote much more, but took while to find it so didn’t have it with me, while thinking everybody else had gotten the big one, but no….so feel probably changed the whole tenor of the discussion; however, found it interesting that we actually had it right about the time she received it; meant to ask about that, was it planned or just serendipity, if you will, but got lost in the other, but I at least feel it was planned, just maybe not by them especially since I just, in spite of all the research I’d already done, had not run across that tidbit until that morning but what found even more serendipitous that not only finding out about Florence Nightingale’s birthday being almost at the same time but finding out the 2nd wind of this revelation isn’t so new, new enough, yes, but not so new but what it was available to Miss Nightingale and known and apparently so highly thought of she took it with her when she went to the Crimean War – for herself? for the patients? other nurses? for whoever, but I like to feel it was a help to those who found themselves in what, back in that time, would have been considered practically the other side of the world and certainly she was groundbreaking especially for a woman of her station in life – you just didn’t do that – was she influenced by her to begin with? did she have a part to play in her going? and, further, nursing was nothing like now – no pristine hospital did she go to? no, what was her first order of business – somewhat reminds me of our Lord – no, she first – and, she, oh, she may have had help, but she didn’t just order it done – no, she – got down and scrubbed the floor -as well as everything else – but the floor – of what passed for a hospital – remind you of anyone? then to bring this full circle –

I’d been intending to make this post for this past week to make it closer to the dates but just couldn’t bring myself to, until, tonight, with my reading of Ms. Birthday Rivers’ Shofar book –
Mr. little Lord comes in and after the grand cantata – with refreshments, no less – and deaconesses – now what are they supposed to do – well, at least they’re cleaning the kitchen – but what does that mean? know what it meant when my dad had me do it on the one night a week my mom got to go somewhere and left me with him and he made it my job; it wasn’t done until it was all done – know what that means? yes, the floor, too – so now why wasn’t it that way with the deaconesses – no, why was it the pastor’s wife, who’d just spent months orchestrating this cantata and was totally exhausted – expected to clean the floor? I don’t know but it at least was just about the last straw and I can understand that but that’s what got me here to post, fwiw


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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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