8 yrs. ago and now

again on hub’s birthday – of all the times for Mom to have had her eye doc appt. down here, right in the middle of having lost our “born sleeping” granddaughter, having brought her from the hospital to the funeral home; had thought mom and dad staying at hospital till Monday but can understand not wanting to be away that long, so got in on Saturday, big snow next day, church cancelled – was anybody going anyway? went get outfit for funeral, then headed out to bring mom down for appt. while they made arrangements and hear guy who was doing the slab for garage when left showed up to check it out. Really upset when got to doc with him saying couldn’t do anything after all after had gone to all the trouble to get her chart from old doc and he hadn’t even looked at it so when finally did, then did tests that what new type surgery saw could do – good, after all went through.

Hub took off early – while last year he actually got to take off whole day – went by florist to get flowers –

guy coming in to stay here while going to job fair showed up – can hardly believe we left him with youngest son, who didn’t want to go – but otoh worked out well –

while his girlfriend played photographer’s assistant – that we were able to find, willing to do pix with mom, since weren’t able to work it out at hospital  – at funeral home, willing to do – so glad –

headed out taking mom back be there for tomorrow –

went to photographer’s house when got there – across street from mom and dad’s preacher – told him but didn’t really play a part – this was more mom and dad’s thing, with more mom’s family’s involvement – got the pix to have ready for tomorrow

once again, income tax refund time but got caught with National Guard uniform stuff – hate it but at least taken care of

what a birthday that year….

then yesterday 8 yrs. later – another baby crisis situation – no, haven’t lost this one yet, but thousand wonders, has happened like this before – glad not every black man with a white woman is like some –

but made the trip again – and, yes, somewhat again, in this situation, but at least then wasn’t hub’s birthday, like this one worked out to be – to get sister and the almost 2 yr. old to bring them down here, hopefully out of harm’s way, if we can just keep them that way and if we can keep from jumping from frying pan to fire with the one on the way that she’d already – because of what’s been happening? – gone into early labor with and put on weekly shots to keep from happening – can we get that continued down here now? have to see…

but poor hub – of course she didn’t realize; she actually said she would have put it off but then what might have happened – better safe than sorry? – especially after some things told today – hm…anyway…

but so glad for what coworkers did – got him a cake and made a big deal for him, so helped him have a good birthday after all

About donnainthesouth

I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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