The Manger is Empty – (of course) – Another Voyage of Discovery – of a different sort

A different sort of Christmas story – have had this book sitting around for way too long – so long, as a matter of fact, not sure I realized it was even a book, at least in the sense of one you open and – duh – read – not sure if I’d read about it so much I thought I knew it – or was it just something about the title that just made me think I knew what it was about –

well, whatever it was – it’s time to share – or at least put down – my thoughts –

because, well, isn’t it true, that the manger is empty?

in spite of the fact that every year we set out a nativity scene with one in it –

wouldn’t it be strange if our own babies never grew up and left their cribs?

(well, except for some people who it seems don’t really want that, the babylovers only among us, who seem to only want babies, but for the rest of us and isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be)

maybe it’s because it seemed to be emphasized this particular season – maybe it’s because my granddaughter started school this year – that when the announcement was made to the shepherds – it was that a “Saviour” was born – granted, he’d be found as a babe, but it wasn’t said that a “baby” was born, but a “Saviour”; our children, our babies, if you will, aren’t to be babies forever; they’re born for a purpose; naturally, not, in that sense, a Savior, but on the other hand, if the savior is supposed to live in us and them, well…

but what had to happen to Jesus to truly be our Saviour – right, we all know

okay, the story turns out to the this child’s first encounter with that – and at Christmas – first the event of the morning, then the Christmas pageant that evening, in which she plays the – well, almost – starring role – so she’d doing the typical part, sitting in this wonderful adoration at this – what, “no crying he makes”? not sure I believe that, but anyway – wonderful babe – when – oh, to borrow from another passage – what to our wondering eyes do we see – she marches over to the manger and lovingly picks up this precious child, holding him to her bosom – oh, wait, no she doesn’t – she snatches that “thing”, holy or not, up and marches down the steps, offstage and practically throws him out of the way, then just primly and calmly comes back and takes her place – applauds to all the rest of the cast who just continue on with their roles as if nothing out of the ordinary has just taken place – now continuing to admire? adore? the now “empty” manger

at about the age that many children learn reality – a particular reality regarding Christmas that I’m sure we’ll all know what we’re talking about – she learned that the manger is empty – why? because coffins/caskets are empty – oh, they both hold shells, if you will, but not the reality of the thing – we don’t have to worry about snow and getting cold, not them, anyway, maybe us – what is the reality – why did Jesus come? so we could go, right?

“the power of a wise love wisely expressed: to transfigure the heart, suddenly, forever”

Merry Christmas

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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