okay, got an email that somebody like a post on here but since moving all these old posts over can’t make heads or tails of anything, can’t find it but decided it’s time to try to clean this all up by making a new one, so in running down through my old ones and running across my contracts one re trying to file one related and not being able to and also getting a msg today about it let’s see what I can do…

anyway, the paperwork trying to file was in relation to a friend who’s trying to sell her condo, long story, not getting into all of it here though it may seem like it but believe,not even half  but she had somebody who was interested but had a house he needed to sell but was also going to try to get a loan/mortgage for her condo even without it; well, he did get it but then his dad passed away, which her hub doing the same thing is how all this got started, but anyway,  not sure if before or after, because if after, not sure why he apparently didn’t take it, but apparently dad didn’t do something right, just like her hub – lessons here, anybody? – because supposedly anyway he’s now having to help his mom, just like, in a way, her sons helped her, though her husband had a business that they worked in but either neither or only one actually had a license and then he actually quit the business, I think, but yet continued for a while to allow(?) her/it to go ahead and operate under his license until she could get her other son licensed, which entailed her having to pay for him to be tutored for the license exam, so seemingly instead of getting help she was having to give it, so anyway, not sure if this is why or already had a financial counselor, not sure if she does or not, maybe she needed one – because does seem like her licensed son did pull his license from her before she was able to get the one for the other one; he did have a hard time, so seems like she had to hire one for a while – so maybe she did have one to help her with all of that business stuff till she got her other son licensed and even then she ended up eventually selling the business, maybe at the advice of one; anyway this guy’s got one, but to go back, she didn’t get cash for the business when she sold it, something about the guy who bought didn’t have it but had been wanting it very badly for a while so think she sold it to him under contract and also she and licensed – maybe, by then, though not really sure – son went to work for him for a while, maybe contract for certain length of time, maybe for length of contract of sale of business; anyway worked for him for so long then quit and got a job somewhere else but not making nearly so much, at least sort of; the other job was more a commission sales type thing but involved a lot of traveling more all over and she’d had an eye incident which was making that hard and the new job was in retail but seems like maybe the guy had come up with some money by then for her company or maybe that’s when she was finally able to sell her house she also had, her what had been her brand new log – they called it cabin, but it was way more than a cabin,  which was the problem; was her hub’s dream that turned into a nightmare home he’d always wanted but couldn’t really afford, at least not with all the other toys, like a boat, that he also wanted; the plan had been for them to sell their other house, so here we are full circle, only that was right when all the debacle and crash was, so they weren’t able to do so, so here they were, or maybe the sale of the log house was what enabled her to be able to quit the job; she was able to pay off the log house with money left over, with which is what she used to buy the condo; know she’d been renting out her old house that she couldn’t sell, which maybe is why good thing she was able to sell the log house; think part of why renting, they weren’t able to buy but then they could so moved out and left her with it, except think both sons, at different times, ended up living in it, the unlicensed married one made the payments but also think may have been why moved out and back into, I think, his grandmother, who had also died’s house – so many deaths involved in all this, so then other, licensed, but unmarried, son moved in, who didn’t make payments, so good thing she was able to get enough out of log house to enable her to buy condo outright for cash so she could make the payments on other house but then decided, if hadn’t already –  son switch might not have happened until she was moved in condo –  if she was going to have to be making payments on it she might as well be living in it, which is what she’d always wanted to do anyway; supposedly it was never her idea to build and move into the log house; she’d loved her old house, but it was torn up now – by licensed, unmarried son living in it, who still wasn’t working – oh, yea, she didn’t have the company any more – for her; he’d tried having his own business and wasn’t working out too well, maybe economy wasn’t quite ready yet – because not too sure how long married, by now, pretty sure, anyway, licensed son stayed working for the company after she quit but do know he did eventually start his own business as well and seems to be doing quite well with it – maybe because married with a wife who – oh, yea – she’d already taken over the dispatching of the old business  that friend used to do before it was ever sold – so basically does all for son/her husband that friend used to do for hers when it was them doing it – so probably helps, something other son didn’t/doesn’t have yet – anyway, don’t have that all quite straight but he moved out and her daughter-in-law’s father came and totally fixed up the house so she could move back in, leaving her condo empty and now for sale but guess economy really isn’t quite back up to snuff because having hard time selling it but can rent it so believe that’s what did for while because still has payments on her now new/old house and money’s now tied up in the condo with this job that doesn’t really pay enough for her to make them but then now’s she’s gotten what seemingly is at least a better paying job, still not sure would call it good, even though is as a mail carrier but didn’t even know until recently they’re not all cushy civil service jobs; such a thing as contract ones that depend on other factors – kinda reminds of the way I understand the old Roman tax collectors were – you bid on the route and somehow maybe you get paid based on the number of people on it and you can subcontract it out, which is what I understand she is now, that she doesn’t really “have” the route; she’s just a driver on it being paid by the route “owner” so not really sure exactly what the reasoning for all this, except that from what I understand, though didn’t know at the time, no reason for me, too, is that the retail job – it was at a place owned by people we know who are somewhat known for their generosity – was just somewhat “given” to her to help her out, so when she had a chance at something else she needed to take it because they really I think were reaching a point – maybe economy again – that they needed to be relieved of the expense – oh, I’ve realized the situation – in the middle of all this – she also had that boat – remember the other toy her husband had – she’d been still having to make payments on, at least for a while, although she was able to eventually let it go back to the bank, although actually she may have still had to make payments on it until – remember the economy? – they were able to sell it; she’d tried herself, maybe she had to let the bank have it, since she wasn’t able to sell it – but even then they weren’t able to sell it for what was owed – remember him and his toys? – so think she still had to make payments while they tried to negotiate a settlement, which they finally were able to do, so when she finally was able to not have to be making payments on the boat then maybe she finally was not having to be dependent on having a renter in her condo, so she could have them move and have it able to be ready to show and sell, although still has taken a while, but….so now how many deaths already? 3? her husband, her parents, his dad – with her not really getting help from her sons – he’s “having” to financially help his mom – say that because what would she do if she were in friend’s position and didn’t have son in a position to help her? so anyway his financial counselor advised him not to take on anymore debt – which, she hasn’t done, she’s just been trying to get out from under the debt her – and, some would say she played her part but that gets deep; he was the one who bought the big stuff but I know what they say about the little foxes too – husband got her/him/them into – not sure they’d had their house paid off but do believe they refi-ed it for the log house so pretty sure if hadn’t done that would be paid off by now – anyway, his financial counselor advised him not to until his house sold – so…how many of that now – let’s see – her log house she needed and/or wanted to sell first – oh, yea, that’s what she did with the sale of her business on contract – made the payments on the log house – at least the business was pretty well free and clear since they started it from scratch not bought it – had the old house for sale, I believe, at one point but decided she really didn’t want to sell it – bought the condo with the sale proceeds of the log house since old house wasn’t in shape by then to either sell or be lived in – so then after got it fixed – needed/wanted to sell the condo since moved back into old house – so here we are – 0nly now with interested buyer of condo needs to sell his house but, and I wonder if financial counselor knows about this – and also where somewhat wonder if she had one anywhere in all of the stuff that she’s done – he really wants this condo – I wonder why so bad – didn’t want her to sell it out from under him – though didn’t look like much chance of that anyway – so going to let their son live in it – is he needing a place to live? just wonder what’s going on with that – supposedly he is married, so maybe be like when her married son lived in her house, won’t be too bad and if “buyer” – and they do have a sales contract written up – is actually going to buy it when house sells guess won’t matter anyway, but…just wonder how good these “sales” contracts actually are, based on meeting had with lawyer recently regarding mine, said need to be recorded at courthouse and maybe if hers actually is, since maybe hers would be considered an actual mortgage maybe so, if actually says anything about his house to be sold that proceeds have to first –  unless, of course, he has a mortgage on his, which would seem like he must by having wanted to sell it first but maybe not, since his loan for hers did go through – go to buy her house before he can do anything else; otherwise what would prohibit him from not following through, though, yes, she could sue for breach of contract but not the same as actually getting it and since her condo doesn’t have a mortgage? the main financial burden she talks about in relation to it is a fairly – but not like a mortgage but still maybe with her financial situation – hefty maintenance fee, so…

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