It’s just not fair that I don’t have to go outside in the snow and cold to wash a load of clothes; I don’t have to take the rest of the firewood we bought for the son’s birthday party campfire and use it to start a fire to heat the water to wash the clothes; that’s just not fair to him that he still gets to keep that wood for another bonfire to have his friends over. It’s just not fair that I don’t have to haul those clothes outside and then have to hang them on the line (though I do love it but when it’s warm and yes, even hot, but sure is nice not to have to use it now). It’s just not fair that I don’t have to go get them off when they get dry – and cold – and stiff – and bring them in – to warm and thaw only to then have to wet them again and/or roll them up and put them in the freezer (good thing, since I don’t have one; oh, that’s not fair, either, that I don’t have to stock up that much food – again, might be nice, but nice that I don’t have to) to do – oh, what was it mom did that for? – then get them out and have to iron them and put hubby’s pants on the pants stretcher – now, I do still iron but it’s not fair that I don’t have to – it’s just not fair!

And it’s just not fair that I have to wait for the website to load when we’re looking for the size chart to see what size pants same said son would wear in that brand! No! I should have to take him out dragging him all over the country to try them on! It’s just not fair!

And it’s really not fair that I should have to wait for that website to load on my phone that I can have with me while I’m out running all over the country! No! I should have to do that at home on my computer!

No, wait, that’s not fair, either! A computer?! at my house?! no, those would be the size of my house! ordinary people like me have them? it’s not fair?! and on a phone?! phone? who has a phone?! that’s not fair, either?! only rich people have phones and computers?! why? cause they take electricity and only rich people have electricity! it’s just not fair!

Not fair – to who? – my great-great grandmother, my great-grandmother, my grandmother, and even my mom when she was growing up – am I any better than they were? who am I to have all of this? it’s not fair to complain; I don’t have any problems, especially when my son found my new cell phone I’ve just got to have (even though I have waited patiently till upgrade, even waiting long after dh took mine) FREE!!!! since I have waited so patiently so long till it’s already been updated, even though it just came out this year; it’s perfect (I hope) for me; who am I to need the latest – don’t I already have more than those who’ve gone before?

And if I had none of those things, I have my health – in respect to a dear person I know who doesn’t.

I have so much.

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thank you for that

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