my takeaway from the marriage seminar I attended last weekend – not even thinking at the time about the timing of it being the weekend before Valentine’s – duh, of course! that I braved the elements to attend – but first, another cross through side road this time getting behind the – and yes, I do believe this was a snow plow – not just a debris plow, like they insist down south they only have and use for – also spraying out – salt? too cold? maybe not by this day – behind – then to the main road – taking it slowwww – seminar being held at church my mom grew up in 10 miles outside of town though they’ve expanded of course and just fairly recently changed the name and regrown – it had almost died out – had gotten down to just 4 people – up to 300 now – but going down the road in the snow made me remember the stories of my family going into town by horse – all day trip – but also as I went around the hairy curve – you know, the kind you normally never notice except on a day like this one –  the one that’s fairly new to me – need to gather the family stories together – of my grandfather I never knew coming home from town having gone to get a load of coal and being hit from behind by a – yes, back in the day – group of drunk teen-age boys – on a wagon, no seat belt – being thrown off into a ditch in that curve that he basically never recovered from but…my uncle has given me a new appreciation for that man – a man who could train 2 10-11 (somewhere in there) year old boys to run a farm from his bed – just an example – he asked about the crop – the plants – they tried to tell him – finally, nothing like seeing – he had them dig up a plant – now, boys, dirt and all, told them how far out and around – and bring it to him – I don’t know; this has just impressed me so much and if I’m not mistaken they got the best price at the sale by doing things just the way my apparently quite smart granddaddy told them to do – now what does that have to do with the title – well, nothing directly related to the seminar or my takeaway except as I’ve given this more thought about my mother and grandmother (is this a guy thing)’s reaction vs response to my grandfather’s accident; it seemed to make them somewhat bitter and/or self-pitying that he wasn’t or at least couldn’t do for them like before while the sons seemed to learn; maybe just a learning thing

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Comment by Donna Parsons on February 14, 2014 at 19:21
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as in is/was it a male vs female thing?

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