What a Car Breakdown Leads to

Last Tuesday the day finally came, been looking forward to it for couple months – the Edible Landscaping workshop at the library – though somewhat concerned about going – my vehicle had been giving me trouble, the day before son had called, wanting me to be there to get my granddaughter off the bus because it was his day off and they’d gone to town and realized they weren’t going to be back in time, but when went to leave it wouldn’t start; thankfully have a good friend who lives right down the road, so called to see if she could and she was where she could so did, so glad, whew…..

Then, sure enough, when went to leave for the workshop it wouldn’t start again, but other, youngest, son was here and jumped me off, told me to get the battery checked but wasn’t sure where so just went on but then, sure enough, after it was over, it wouldn’t start; however, one of the gentlemen who also attended had a jump box that would also test the battery and it checked out fine, so that wasn’t the problem, so…called the mechanic son and while waiting on him to get off work and come help mama out, went to check out the used books for sale, so much fluff, but found a gem

Leave Your Tears in Moscow by Barbara Armonas

Now we’d just read a couple books – before the Fanny Crosby one – in book club – (can you tell this is a Christian one?) Tortured for Christ and then The Preacher’s Wife – both about the Wurmbrands – now we hear a lot about the Nazi persecution of the Jews, but not so much about that persecution continued after the Nazi’s were overthrown by the Communists in those countries where they were allowed to come in but this book, without a clue – at least to me – by the title, is about a couple, or at least the wife, who somewhat got caught in both

They were both Lithuanians, although she was an actual native of the country while he was American born of his parents who’d immigrated but he’d gone to see the land of his ancestry, met her, got married, originally moved/came back to America, had couple kids, took them to see their grandparents, her parents, who were still there, and decided to stay – in 1935 – see where this is going? …Sure enough, when Hitler annexed the little country the – American – husband decided it was time to come back, did to get things ready but America was getting concerned for by then it was 1939 – storm clouds were gathering – he went back immediately to sell the farm and definitely move back, with his family, permanently – it’s now July of 1939 – 7 weeks later war breaks out, but him being an American citizen he was able to be evacuated, though not for a year, and she was supposed to be able to follow in a couple of months, but, alas, was not to be…so the story of her life, with her young son they were advised to leave with her, under the Nazi regime begins, although where she was it wasn’t settled; there was a period of time when they were caught between the Nazis of Germany and the  Communists of Russia, not that either one was really any better – as has been said, under dictatorships, it really doesn’t matter if they’re considered right or left, all the same to the people under them, so while some people were trying to decide which way to go – literally – she decided to just stay. And, sure enough, the war ending didn’t really make any difference; they just went from being under the Nazis to being under the Communists as they were allowed to be turned over to Russia, which is my point, nothing was said about how things were then. Sure enough, in 1948, when we in the west thought everything was over and fine, she and her son were deported to Siberia in Russia, not to be released until 1956 – 12 long years.


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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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