Long Awaited – but not – Voyage of Discovery – hm…

The Perfect – well, not Storm but still, Convergence – or is there more to it than thought about it –

the leader of our book club does listen to Christian Classics on our local radio station and you can look up the schedule online and we did do a book once before off a story they were playing, so…did I just miss this and she just didn’t say anything…not even when I emailed her about it?…anyway,

we chose months ago this month to do the story – in particular, the autobiography of Fanny Crosby – and, this just happens to be when they are playing her story on the CC program on the radio –

but I decided I would do some googling – found some books she’d published of poems she’d written before she starting writing her famous hymns – that also included some short stories – been republished by one of those companies, no reviews, took a while to find out that much about them, can’t even find them on Gutenberg, but found a list on Goodreads and some info, I believe, by the Institute for the Blind she was affiliated with for so long, so was going to some deeper digging, but then tonight, in doing so, ran across a old – 1947, year my parents got married – b&w film, check it out (might try to post link later, if can) dig the old cars, the old convertible – taking the kid, no seat belts, still seems like he just left it in the middle of the road and they just got out and took a walk; never did figure that one out – starring – get this – of course in many ways just one of those vehicle films –

George Beverly Shea – if you’ve only seen him as an old man – hm…need to check and see how old he was – hasn’t really been gone all that long, don’t think – check it out – see him as a young one –

just thought that was kinda cool – singing Fanny’s songs….


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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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3 Responses to Long Awaited – but not – Voyage of Discovery – hm…

  1. also found the actual book we read for book club – her autobiography – online, from the Institute for the Blind she was affiliated with, along with another video of her life, and an actual biography, not historiography, of her life in the context of the times in which she lived

  2. oh, one more thing; this was Appalachian Week at our local RSVP – not that this is connected – but when went to one of the classes, where had to register, missed it and wound up at a vendor booth for the dulcimer classes and one of the instructors had compiled a book of Fanny’s songs! that I was able to get

  3. one more thing – the original date of this post is dad’s birthday – though he’s been gone almost 3 yrs. – made it to 95, though he didn’t know it – miss him much still –
    but then, now today, a good friend who reached out to me then, his dad passed away last night – they were about the same age, think he was 98

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