Yesterday’s Blizzard and the Funeral Home

Because of a lot of things going on, decided I’d ride in with my youngest to school yesterday, since it’s in the same town as the funeral home and viewing being the same day as his only – though all day – day of school, to save taking 2 vehicles, but glad I did for other reasons, such as stepping out the door to leave and it is coming down snow – showers of snow!

But since we live on a mountain, if you will, and often have it here when the valley folks don’t, what we expected yesterday. But not this time – the farther, lower we got, the worse it got! When we got ready to get off the interstate sure glad we weren’t going the other way – traffic was backed up, literally, the news said so, all the way to the next town – there’d been a bad wreck – but we made it to school.

But I knew I was going to be getting there too early to go on the funeral home so I’d somewhat planned to go visit a friend in yet another, albeit closer town, to wait till time to go but with all those showers of snow still coming down I just really didn’t want to risk it, especially in son’s car, if it is front wheel drive, just didn’t want to try to drive in it just for that, so…thought I’d go ahead and head in the direction of the funeral home to be able to be there in case I couldn’t get there later but didn’t get far in that direction before the roads were covered and icy – which friend had said they weren’t her way nor in front of the school, but going the way I did was closer to the water – the river and the bridges, so…decided I’d just turn around, go back, and wait it out till time and almost didn’t make that, but did – at least nice and warm in the car, almost like the snow was insulating everything or….just realized his car’s a lot lower to the ground, maybe that was the difference in it and how cold it was the day before in my – though not lifted but still – higher jeep, hm…

so, instead of relaxing with a good book, what do we do in this day and age, of course, while sitting there texting and talking to everybody about the weather (and other things) I suddenly realize it’s gotten quite, look up and realize it has stopped – wonderful! – till the car won’t start; now, granted, I had had the radio on earlier but thought I’d turned it off or had it just gone off because I’d run the battery down – can’t get to the cables because, unlike my jeep, car has an actual trunk, no key place, just the button on the inside that I at least couldn’t seem to open – because requires the battery? – anyway called the campus police and they came with their little junk box – he was surprised, too, at there not being a key place to the trunk, most other cars have them – anyway, didn’t take much – and jumped me off so I was on my way, then…

because of the weather, roads…? just took the first road, which wasn’t actually the right one, but would have thought the cross roads would come all the way through but…no, until, thankfully, the one right before the one I needed and the one by the cemetery, so took my turn, went through, hit the right street and sure enough one block over – all the times I’d been to that town had never been to that section, used to have a bad reputation, especially coming in the way I did but I’m looking around as I’m going up the street and everything looks so nice and neat, not fancy but nice, so…asked about it when got to where I was going, she said all those kinds of people have moved to the other side of town, which I can believe and makes sense now, with what youngest son’s (should I be concerned for him now?) been telling me about some of the people that come in to the store he works in – hm…wow

anyway, new and somewhat different custom, for me, anyhow, of having a “public” viewing, not really a visitation, which they call a “family” visitation but different from what I’ve always heard one called, which has normally been a private, for family only one, but no, to them that’s when the family is there to visit with; this is actually a private time for the “public”, if you will, somewhat with the family not there for you to feel you “have” to visit with; this is a time for you and the deceased alone, which was kinda neat, in a way, especially in this situation, since I don’t really know his family, except for his wife and after learning more of that situation, might have been awkward after all, but took a while to get all that, so was waiting to begin with for the family to show up and when didn’t thought I would go try to see about getting something for them/her – I’d just read the night before about another somewhat new tradition of giving a candle for someone to take home to light in their memory so thought I’d go see if I could find one – maybe I should have just gone to the dollar store, since the florists were all full of Valentines although I did find one at the first one but it was attached to a base with a cherub – no, not really – so went on the other one – all kinds of candles but just in jars, no – but – and wish I had a pix, maybe one will show up – only one they had there – a wood heart on stem to put in arrangement with perfect verse on, and not too bad a price, so picked it up along with a card (which, note, need to fix another one) and took back, was going to put in the arrangement; they (the funeral home people, still no family, when I began to learn more about all this) thought it would be nice to put with the book, so did. That’s when I learned this is really considered a day of rest for the family before the funeral; they’d been there the day before; interesting…she had gotten the program and was typing it up, with somewhat of his eulogy, facts about his life anyway, thought would be on their website and maybe will be later – anyway now school’s been let out for  – what snow? by this point – but have been seeing some but nothing like earlier but made for somebody connected, apparently, but a schoolteacher, coming in, and still not sure about this news – twice, about the bridges I had to cross to get there being iced over but I’d just come across the first time told that and weren’t – but thought this might be new news with temp maybe dropping as day going on, so decided, especially with no need any longer to wait for family, might oughta head back to be able to get son while could, so said my good-byes and nice to meet yas and wasn’t this whole thing just interesting and headed out and still no ice – thankfully

campus looked like a far different place, where all white earlier, had pretty much all melted off

went to the library – another Voyage of Discovery possibly on the way

got him, headed home and, sure enough, the closer and higher, the whiter and whiter, even more came just as got home or at least as hub came home early because of it, so…

that was yesterday, possibly more to come, not necessarily snow today but might be more of that later….but….


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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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