Voyage of Discovery – Roger Williams

So much for making this a weekly feature and the timing, right here at this season of the year, may seem somewhat off but then again what is it all about anyway…..

taken me a while because somehow in the method of the madness why of course this book couldn’t just be on a bookshelf so….but in the way of things of looking and sorting for other things it decided to leap out and make itself known, maybe how appropo for a book titled – Lone Journey –

anyhoo the story of Roger Williams, at least starting here, starts with an incident during the reign of “good” King James – yes, “the” King James of the “Authorized” King James Version of the Bible that we all know of – well let’s see just how “good” good King James actually was – even if was a Scot – first, in his uniting of the kingdoms of Scotland and England he brought his Scot court down to England, where a countess promptly fell in love, if you will, with his chief adviser – only one slight problem – she was already married, but no biggie to the king; he just ordered or well, maybe just “persuaded” but he was the king, after all, for her to be granted a divorce – mind  you, her, not her husband, for her adultery, for what bishop or churchman is going to stand against the king – and her husband sent abroad – remember, now, this is still the very King James of Bible accord. Anyway he then proceeded to plan a gorgeous wedding for said countess and chief advisor, who he’s now also made an Earl to give him equal ranking with her. Talk about your tax dollars at work! and executive power and privilege – without even a Parliament! Now let’s not forget that this actually was all highly illegal but what’s that matter to a king, since don’t they rule by divine right from God? But there was one man who said otherwise – Sir Edward Coke – we may learn more about him later –

but that’s not even the worst of it – he also had a Puritan put to death and not just any ole way but, yes, burned alive at the stake, not for not worshiping Christ, for he/they couldn’t deny that, but for not believing in the Church of England, using the Prayer Book nor obeying the Bishop. Now what was so bad about that? because if we do not all worship the same way England and the Church are undone.

Now that may seem so obvious but be informed there are people even now who feel the same way and believe that the freedom of religion we have to worship according to our own conscience that our Constitution gives us is actually at the root of the problems we’re having today in our country.

But for now let’s think about where these burnings took place – let’s imagine our children – if they still do this – out riding their bikes past the local park and smelling this horrible odor and seeing crowds of people leaving the park crying, going home to ask their parents, who apparently weren’t part of the crowd, what it was all about and being told about this.

No wonder young Roger cried out that “good” King James was burning a Christian and was wicked and that he hated him, for which he was severely punished; however, in his solitude as part of his punishment, of all the intriguing things, the one and only thing he was given was the Bible, which he’d already grown to love to read its stories and poetry, but during this time he read the New Testament looking for the king’s right to put the Puritans to death but instead he found the verse regarding the Son of Man confessing before the angels everyone who confesses Him and asked the question therefore should that not mean that as Christ loves everyone who believes on Him should not the King also? oh my, what heresy –

at that is the beginning – we’ll see further





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