Grading on the Curve – literally

oh, my, here we go again – again, some of this not sure if back in the archives here somewhere but here goes –

last fall while we were out of town another job transition on part of son – long story – but also somehow/where in the midst of that, while eating out – at an outdoors place – they met the order taker and ended up becoming friends with him and his – then – girlfriend – which became a long story – not the least of which had to do with said job, which was only part-time – she was expecting at the time but after she had the baby she got a job and decided he wasn’t working enough then so got him to quit and stay home and watch the children, which didn’t seem to work out too well; he wanted to be working and dil wanted to watch the kids anyway so she took that over but somehow in the meantime something had happened to a vehicle situation so he had no way to go back to work, which she didn’t seem to understand, so since he was living with her rather than the other way around, one day she decided she’d had enough – especially since she’d talked her “husband”; yes, she was still married although they’d obviously been split up – into coming back – so, in light of him then considering himself homeless – she kicked him out but he just moved in with son an dil – well, turns out he’s a big motorcycle rider but had wrecked his shortly before all this had transpired, totaling it and it being bought but he was able to find it and buy it back but then turned around and traded it for a car somewhat like son’s – not quite sure if had anything to do with us – well, hub – backing into son’s at our place when he parked right in our turnaround spot – after, -hm, fortunately? for him – getting his own insurance after  rearending someone  – while still on ours but not being supposed to be since he’s married and living in his own house – but our insurance, since we’ve been such loyal customers for so long, did go ahead and pay but said they wouldn’t anymore and wouldn’t continue to keep him on our insurance now that they knew – if they didn’t before – so anyway if he’d still been on ours don’t think there would/could have been an insurance claim since would have all been under the same but since he wasn’t he could file a claim with his against ours and now ours is having to pay again – sure they’re just real happy – anyway he wound up with a bunch of money that he knows how to use/manipulate to get things done to his car he’s been wanting to do anyway since he can do it himself, so this guy saw all that and wanted to do the same thing, at least for a while, since it wasn’t long, though, after doing all that, turned around and traded that car for a bigger motorcycle, even after title pawning it, with that person paying it off and giving him the bike as well for that car; it’s somewhat of a rare one, though can’t think now, since not really the point – a 1000cc one this time – and will go up to at least 130mph; ask me how I know that? now, having said all that let’s back up a bit –

not sure if have put the story of the other car on here but at the job that son had around the time he met this guy he bought another car – a 4 dr. Volvo, better for hauling family  – from what was supposed to be his boss’s mom making payments to him for it but he was supposed to get all the title paperwork worked out but seemingly never could till we started investigating with the title papers we had, which turned out to not be complete, didn’t have their name on them so decided to try to sell, which, thankfully, were able to find someone to buy who was going to part it out – although had thought they were originally buying it for their daughter but this was possibly their backup plan knowing the situation if they couldn’t get it worked out either – hope it did for their sake but am just glad son got out from under paying for a car he couldn’t get registered since boss – now, former – either couldn’t or wouldn’t since no longer worked for him – turned out apparently was not his mom’s car, was supposedly then sold under a dealer’s license he was supposed to have, which wasn’t registered, maybe was in transition because have moved whole shop now and has opened a real car lot, both under different names – anyway, after couple jobs and some other strange circumstances found another dealer doing business for with another car just got with some other insurance situation money from a strange break-in – yet another one, happened at the other place as well; seems tends to happen by disgruntled former employees who’ve been let go – thankfully not mine; no, he’s the one whose tools get stolen – part of the disgruntleness, people trying to work without having the tools they need, jealous of him because he does, not exactly sure what their situation is – do they not realize you need to have tools to work – can they really not afford them – how do they think he does? anyway….he does buy off the tool trucks that come around – does cost but at least do not have to have the money up front that way so…can be used to buy, again, another, better for family, not manual shift, car….but having said all that, after trying to be responsible and taking care of his family, he’s still young, same age as this guy who’s single – since, btw, the baby girlfriend was expecting was not his, belonged to said husband – and therefore able to buy motorcycles instead, so he’d at least like to get on one and ride every once in a while, so…

yesterday, he was off work – was actually going to take his wife and little girl for daughter’s routine check up from having just had her birthday – guy had just started up, letting bike warm up, going to ride in behind them – now, why I don’t know – supposedly son came in to tell wife and – again, why was he in there, don’t know – him he was going to ride just a bit before they left – now why he didn’t just do what he’d always done and just ride around the side road they live on instead of taking it out on the highway – maybe because this is the new one that can handle it – but there he went – now they live right on top at the edge of the mountain we live on so there you go – down the hill – and at the bottom is a curve – do you see it – did he see it – did he make it – no, he doesn’t ride, he didn’t know how you have to lean, so there he goes, straight – there’s the ditch – and there he is skidding/grading off the bike on the face shield of that helmet – oh, just so grateful he had one on – possibly breaking his arm, right at the elbow – possibly just dislocating it – they did put it back in place –

oh, and all this right in front of the local BBQ place and right at lunchtime – so glad there was a nurse there who came out/called the ambulance – although no insurance, almost wish hadn’t done that or that somebody had thought and they just taken him in themselves so….although I’m sure with the pain and shape he was in it was a much more comfortable ride with medical help – IV, etc. – with the ambulance.

Just so thankful no snapped neck – that he wasn’t killed – or not sure but what might have been worse – well, guess not really – but just met somebody first of the week whose son was in a wreck and is a quadrapalegic and they’re having to take care of them and it’s very hard, so…

but off work – will just have to see now how everything there plays out – at least thankful his boss is working with him and not just letting him go

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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