Was it all for nothing?

I cannot believe what I did today – for a week I’ve been somewhat planning a trip to an expo today – except for when I forgot it and made an appointment that was somewhat pressed into making, knowing I probably wasn’t going to be keeping it because I needed to get some more info that I knew I probably wouldn’t get in time; anyway then because of some other things that transpired wasn’t sure how it was all going to work out but it did, so here I go, gas up the vehicle even and head down the road, found the town, called, found the library it was going to be held at, found a good parking space, into the lobby, directed to the right department that was sponsoring it, got there and – last week?! what?! so glad I took the – yes, the real – oh, guess it’s not really “live”, is it? the dead tree edition of the – paper with me, realized the date – oh, wait, last weeks so when it said Tuesday -oh, guess, it really did mean last Tuesday – so now how did I get all that mixed up? oh, yea, I didn’t read this the day it came out – now why? because that Sunday was the day of the other conference that – here we go – would this qualify as a Voyage ? – Journey ? of discovery – somewhat relates – let’s see

it was on eldercare – but since, in my case at least, my parents are already both gone – though I did go in reference to hub’s aunt and uncle, although by now their daughter’s actually supposedly getting more involved, although today’s her birthday so even though was supposed to be the day, seems to have not been – anyway, looking for direction for our own lives, so somewhat dovetailed into this Financial Expo, though that’s not the only financial aspect of our lives, was going to include that as well, but…

being at the other one meant somehow missed either reading the article about the expo or it just didn’t quite register – maybe because of everything else going on last week, not the least of which was hub starting to want me to come in and meet him at the gym on Tuesday – although then this week it seemed to have gotten switched, since we then went in on Monday – so by the time I read it got it in my head it was this Tuesday –

normally I would have double checked to verify but because of everything else going on, like the trailer being hooked up to the jeep so that pickup had to be done first thing so could be unhitched, then got there and another confusion over ads – we’ve got to do better –

maybe it was the weekend birthday of the little one – between the big mouse place and the hero day at the chicken place – think all our brains were a little fuzzy then

forgot son had to work as well as school, no wonder he wasn’t home – but glad came on back in anyway and had a little time to maybe get my head cleared but do hate it rather since this expo only an annual event so…

will have to plow forward – this year, anyway, without it – see how things go

just cannot believe I did that – just glad the trip went well

About donnainthesouth

I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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