Bout with Meningitis

Not sure how I feel about this – got home today to this headline – Baby fight meningitis: Family needs assistance

turns out our local herbalist – really…she’s supposed to be giving a workshop soon – ‘s daughter called her a few weeks ago re her new baby – she’s 5 weeks old now – telling her she had a fever and diarrhea (tmi?) ; now, trying to remember exactly what dil told me when she called me about my little – 3 wk. old – granddaughter – think more along the lines of just very sick, maybe said fever, trying to remember if had thermometer and, yes, should have had with a little baby like that but just don’t remember but still you know when a baby’s feverish, just the idea is how high and how bad….well, now maybe it’s because mom – her mom – is an herbalist that she doesn’t tend to get excited, maybe because daughter could take her on in herself if she needed to – maybe because, in my case, we’d already lost one, but I would not have – and didn’t – brush it off so casually – but she told her it probably wasn’t anything to worry about but maybe God gives babies moms for a reason because mom couldn’t shake the worry so called a nurse –  hm, sense something here? herbalist brushes it off so time to call the other, medical, side – cousin but she said the same thing – probably nothing to worry about; after all, she was a healthy, happy baby and mom was an excellent mother – good thing. Well, they did wait till the next day when her temp escalated so she then took her to the ER, saving her life; at least she made it that far – maybe things had been happening we’d missed and our day was that day is why they said we wouldn’t have had another one; maybe it takes that for anybody to take it seriously. Anyway, they did go into crisis mode, like they did with us, saying babies that age don’t normally have such high temps. So they, as with us, did a lumbar puncture to test for meningitis, only, unlike us, who didn’t come back with a diagnosis of it, they did, although, also, like with us, they did go ahead and start on an antibiotic cocktail while waiting for the results to come in. Not sure if they told us at the time; don’t think they did, think we only learned this later; but they told them – not sure if before or after got the results in – that the children who do survive often have hearing, vision, or cognitive impairment, hard for all of them to hear, somewhat glad we weren’t told any of that or even thought it at the time; that didn’t come until the next go round, anyway…

guess because that diagnosis did come but they were transferred to our local – in that sense – Children’s Hospital in the big town – so glad that, too, didn’t come in our case until the next go round – we were kept in the actual, in our town, local hospital. Again, maybe because we didn’t get that diagnosis, but we only had to do the 10 day stay while they – and, yes, they, which is where I’m going with this – have been there over a month and expecting another 2 weeks.  And both parents have rarely left her side – I’m sure Children’s is thrilled with them – and I do mean that literally, no snark, except….but that is what they want.

The diagnosis turned out to be salmonella meningitis – a rare kind, they said, having a high mortality rate –  not sure even knew there were different kinds. They have no idea how she got it; not like she’d be eating.

They are testing for hearing loss, something I believe we did go through at some point, which apparently is shown by high levels of protein, meaning damage and inflammation, which knew that applied to kidneys but seemingly not just that but of course you can’t know cognitive/mental affects till they’re older.

But my real point is neither parent is working and bills are piling up. Now I’ve also found out from this that apparently baby’s mom’s dad is a local commercial photographer who, as I’ve understood, has done quite well; know he also owned a local, independent bookshop for a while as well – though had no idea he and herbalist had evidently – (well, maybe) – been married at some point and assuming not quite as long ago as would have thought, assuming daughter with baby isn’t too terribly old, with thinking he, at least, has/had been married to his current? wife for quite a while – was thinking maybe herbalist not but thinking now did find out she is but thinking maybe hasn’t been for so long because don’t think she has been for the whole time I’ve known her, only learned of husband recently. Anyway point is both mom’s and dad’s families have set up collection points in several stores around town to help the parents and also one of those gofundme accounts and published herbalist/grandma’s phone number – with all of this being in the paper.

Maybe that’s what we should have done? instead, not only with our, granted, only 10 day PICU stay with that one but later with our Children’s stay, hub/dad continued to work to pay their bills but guess I’m getting what they think should have been done, like this?

just wondering what anybody who sees this might think – which is the way to handle a situation like this –


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8 Responses to Bout with Meningitis

  1. Tessa says:

    I wouldn’t know unless it happened to me. I think they should have continued working and not made their financial situation worse, but it’s not my baby so don’t know how I would feel.

  2. Thank you, Tessa, will try to get over to you soon, but, first, you’ve at least proved I can get comments; somebody msged me telling me they hadn’t been able to, so….now, I can understand, nobody could really know, but guess my point was – my son did continue to work for that very reason and the doctors at the hospital got really upset with him, saying he should have been there with their baby – he just wondered if the doc was gonna pay his bills – guess this just shows maybe he thought he should have begged like they’re doing – having said that, did find out, I think, the hospital themselves or at least resources they know of are supposed to be there to help, but even though the doc was saying that don’t think he knew that or at least didn’t say anything about it

    • Tessa says:

      It is a personal decision and maybe he couldn’t stand to be there doing nothing. Some people need to be doing something to take their mind off of the bad stuff.

  3. that was exactly it; he can’t stand to be doing nothing but that didn’t matter to them

    • Tessa says:

      It’s a shame. They should honor however he feels he has to be to get through the living hell he is in right now. Don’t make life harder on him.

  4. Oh, wouldn’t that have been nice; of course, it’s all over now and not in necessarily the best way in that situation, though we do have a birthday coming up for the PICU one

  5. Thank you; it’s Saturday – 10-10-10!

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