Just a Little Rambling

I thought I’d been a little tired but was surprised to wake up this morning and find hub still here – yea, I know, seems like shouldn’t be that way but that’s a long story – but anyway he’d decided to take the day off – yea, I know, just like that – thought it was a little strange too, still not really sure what was behind it but anyway – said he was gonna mow the yard – yea, I know, that was strange too but then even stranger was the fact that he still was taking off even though it was raining and he couldn’t do it – now, granted the maintenance light came on in the jeep – well, it’s not really a jeep anymore; it’s another brand of SUV but granddaughter’s just got used to saying jeep – guess it’s like Band-Aid and Kleenex now around here – anyway – meaning the oil needs changing so he decided he’d just go ahead and do that so went out and got the oil – ok, so first thing – somewhat wish I’d gotten some other things done while he out doing that but the friend that I helped get her place cleaned up a while ago – I talked about that, didn’t I? (I’ll try to find it; still new at some of this) –  called this morning before he left about the situation she’s dealing with that that was all about, was still on the phone with her when he gets back, gets that done while I do get some things done around here that are behind because of other things done over the weekend – oh, I am rambling, aren’t I? oh, since got off the phone since she finally got to the doc – oh, yea, from getting hurt back when we were doing that cleanup that she didn’t even tell me about at the time…anyway, guess since vehicle maintenance got on the schedule he realized his tires needed rotating so this time he asked me to go with him and….since he needed iron and they’d been out Friday – it’s a special order but something they at least had normally – well, not normally, but anyway – been stocking but their reason for doing so had stopped just about the time we found out and had started getting it but guess they didn’t realize so they’d let it run out so had had to order had called and said it was in…we went that direction rather than the one where he bought the tires, which put us at the one where we know the young man who works there – son of a friend of ours, member of the local volunteer fire dept. started just about the time, hub retired from twenty years there, he trying to go professional, taking all the classes, getting all the certifications he can; he came and talked to us – very nice, enjoyed it – also found latest, I think, John Grisham book there – so you can probably expect something about that soon –

then to Chik-Fil-A and learned about their new Kids Klub – sign said should be able to get the password there but they merely directed me to the website – hate that, had something like that at another place and I took the sign down – just had had a convo with hub about that this morning – since he didn’t go to work – so I was good and didn’t do that this time but really think they shouldn’t say things like that if that’s not the way it is, but anyway, since this reminded of that I left and went to their website and signed her up but not until many links later -not on their site, just others talking about it did I find where it said not for 4-6 wks. and I was so hoping she would have it for her birthday in — 20 days!

and on that note, since I took so long doing that I’m heading to bed! good night all!


About donnainthesouth

I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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