Give ‘Em What They Want

Unless, one, you’re the boss….huh, you say, if there’s anybody who should do it should be them, right?….well, not unless you want the IRS looking over your shoulder…..

now anybody else wants to give you something tell them, hey, go for it – IRS doesn’t care, but…you’re supposed to be “working” for your boss – he’s not supposed to be just, ahem, giving you something – for nothing – no, cause then the IRS thinks somebody’s trying to get out of giving them their “fair”? share – well, we won’t talk about that, but since they get to decide what that is, guess we’d be good to play along, right? but funny thing is, in theory at least if anybody else gives you anything they’re supposed to pay the taxes – you’re off the hook but…

if it’s your “boss” who gives you, oh, let’s say even, a bonus, it’s you whose on the hook with them – go figure – especially when their reasoning in the other situation is that hey, if they have the money to be giving it to you, they have it to pay the taxes as well – right?

well, then, wouldn’t the same thing apply to your boss if he’s giving it to you? but for some reason, no, they expect you to pay it out of what you’ve been given – so next time something like this happens to you – remember this! because your boss won’t always tell you but  – believe me – I know – the IRS will.

oh, and on another note – think we’ve been given what we want – next time you get a hankering to find one of those nice little independent bookstores where you can get just go wander around for a while, maybe even get a nice cup of coffee, curl up in a big comfy chair with a nice – real – book, not one of those electronic things you can’t even turn the pages on – and you can’t find one, remember that the next time you pull out your tablet and download an e-book you’ve bought from Amazon – that that coffee and those books and those chairs cost money, money they needed from you when you were complaining about how much those nice books cost that you could get sooooo much cheaper online – just saying – did you get what you wanted – or just what you said you wanted – think about it

About donnainthesouth

I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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