But, Nana, I don’t know the way back

Things have been going pretty well lately; all quiet on the homefront, giving me time to get caught on some “me” things that aren’t all necessarily just for me, but for others, like my friend who’s mom just died, another one who’s dealing with a custody situation regarding her niece, a neighbor who just passed away – in other words what my life consists of – outside of my daughter-in-law, who’s had, in addition to other things, in the last year, both a hysterectomy and her gall bladder removed but she’d still – or begun again – to have pain like she had almost 4 yrs. ago when she was hospitalized with pancreatitis but she seemingly had begun to be able to deal with it  until she called Monday night –  while hub and I were trying to deal with something that in some ways should never have been – and asked us to take her to the emergency room, which we did, thinking possibly that they would find she had it again and would admit her, but no, they didn’t but then she called the next night and asked me to come get granddaughter so she could try to rest, which I didn’t mind doing but looking forward then to a nice quiet day the next day with her but, no, mom calls first thing that morning wanting us – even though her uncle, our youngest was here, so could have left her, like  been saying wanting to do to not take her but not being able to so hadn’t gone but this time wanted her to go – to take her to the ER at the other bigger hospital so we got dressed and went.

Now, she’s gotten used to us going out for walks while mom’s been in clinic seeing the doctor but hadn’t done it so much from the ER but she wanted an apple so thought we’d walk down to the little local convenience store and see if they had any, which the guy acted so strange at us even thinking he might, when they – well, not there – have them all the time; don’t know why he couldn’t either, said to go to the grocery store, which, true enough they have put in one not too far and actually guess closer than realized, realize now was farther away the last time went when she must have had her with her, which is what I thought she wanted this time in taking her but guess not….anyway, by the time was there was definitely farther away so he suggested the drug store just down the street – a chain which I thought might have so we trotted on down but no….but now she’d take some applesauce, which we got and got ready to go back; now because of the way we went this time we cut through the hedge and maybe that confused her, don’t think we did going there, so she looks up and says

“Nana, I don’t know how to get back”

“Then I guess it’s a good think you’re with me, then, isn’t it?”

And then told her

that’s the way it is with life and God – we often don’t know our way back or even which way to go in life – but God does – if we’ll just hold His hand like she held mine – he’ll lead us safely through just like I got her safely back to the hospital where her mom was

Psalm 34:22b (my devotion this morning) None of them that trust in him shall be desolate

About donnainthesouth

I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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