Red Cars

my first car

my first car

You know, my dad probably has a picture of every car he ever owned – in an album but not separate so I’ll probably do that one day – but why did I not do the same – I tried to claim it was because it didn’t matter – cars were just transportation, just a way to get from Point A to B; what kind didn’t really matter, that was a guy thing….

then why did that Candy Apple red Pontiac LeMans I had at my very first – yes, it was – or was it? was it registered in my name – and I don’t believe I paid for it – I think that’s still the one that mom and dad paid for; I know it was gotten from some friends of theirs – but now why would they have had a car like that – maybe it had belonged to their daughter – and why did they get it for me; I was no longer living at home, I was even married with a child on the way, hm…granted, life wasn’t easy – know we’d gotten their old car at the time but that was only one so how were we managing with me going to school and working and him working  – know that when we first got married living in a student apartment designed for students and I was walking till got we got kicked when the landlady realized – early, to me, that I was pregnant and she didn’t allow kids – but it was going to be a while, but anyway, we could only find a place far enough away couldn’t still walk so must have been then that they just decided to be nice; I know they were real disappointed at what I’d done so I sure didn’t deserve it but the feel it gave me to not have just transportation – just driving my parents old car, which was one of those big battle-axes – and not just something just for me, but something sporty and snazzy and Red! I began to see – sorta, I still didn’t really care, or didn’t think I did, couldn’t have told you what size motor and all that, though I did know it had more get-up and go than mom and dad’s old tank – what guys thought about cars but at least for starters what I loved, loved, loved about that car was It was Candy Apple Red! not some dull blue or green – not even the pink of that old car we’d had so long ago – but Red!

but, you know, interesting, how well that car fit into a conversation had just today with a friend talking about how cranky her daughter was while pregnant with her 6 wk. old while working, some co-workers were talking and she just knew they were talking about her – well, yes, they were, saying they could see her “belly” coming before her around the corner – what’s that have to do with my car – well, it’s the car I drove when I was pregnant with my first one – the one when I was still trying to go to school trying to take my Abnormal Psych class, y0u know, the one where you’re supposed to go to the prison but if you’re pregnant your professor won’t let you go – and, yes, I know now, he was only looking out for me but I was young and dumb then – so you decide you’re going to go anyway, except you’re not really sure you are so you head out but then you start to change your mind and you decide to make a left hand turn into a driveway to turn around and go back, just as a car tops the hill – do you turn or stop? – now don’t ask me why I decided to go ahead and try to make the turn – was there a car behind me I was afraid was going to hit me? maybe – anyway I got hit all right, by the car topping the hill – at least then it was on the passenger side and I wasn’t hurt but my poor car sure was – teaches you a lesson, doesn’t it – little too much pride in my Candy Apple ride?

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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