A Little Closer to Home

School started back for youngest, meaning getting all his books together – pre-buy for gas coming up which is always a chunk to spend – but we still have to eat – or do we? hub’s often not eating as much as used to; son often eats out, so…

but then there’s those other days, when they want something and want it fixed now! so….

let’s see, we’ve had chicken and we’ve had pork – white meat these days both, so…

must be about time son’ll be wanting some good ole American red beef – so now let’s see we’ve also had roast so must be getting about time for some ground beef/chuck – haven’t quite ever gone to round yet so…but what are we going to do with it? hamburgers – oh, wait, here’s a recipe for – cheeseburger pizza – but, wait…

taking my quilting frame to the store – since they’ve put an Ace Hardware in with the grocery store – to have them help this clutzy cluck learn how to put this thing together and/or take it up and put it down – it’s an adjustable one – so we got it done but what I didn’t think about was it was going to be right on my head trying to get the thing home then, so…

was I thinking about buying groceries – why no…until I got home….

then remembered that store, that’s normally too far away for me to get a sale paper, but that I’ve been going over that way once a week for that Word class, has a FB page with their ads, so check it out – why? make me feel bad for what I didn’t get while I was there? and yep, sure enough, ground chuck – $2.48/lb! – anybody priced it lately? but would it be worth it to make a special trip back over that way, especially since now I’m low on gas and would  have to get some to go back – arrgh!

well, we have one of those cute little cheapie groceries right down the road that dil actually got a sale paper – well, maybe not from that one since they’ve also built another one- from; let’s see, do they have any on sale – no….well, let’s see what we’ve got on hand – still have some more chicken, pork chops, more roast; guess really we’re doing ok, just those taste buds getting tired or maybe not…will see…so…this is Monday

and I do have stuff on hand, soooo we’ll get through;

let’s see, they want me to come in for a test on Thursday but not till 2 that afternoon, just when normally son’s coming in from school and I want to be here so I call them and cancel – again, just like last month – sure wish I’d gotten that ground beef, though; fix that cheeseburger pizza, be just the thing for him to have – except – after all that, when he leaves – oh, btw, mom, won’t be home till 11 – have to work after school – what?! how do I miss this stuff? well, hm…at least won’t want anything this afternoon but will when he comes in tonight – still wish, but….okay, they don’t want me putting it off again another month so finally gonna have me go somewhere else tomorrow morning but not till almost noon; no, told them like to get up, get it done, get back – well, call them yourself, then, ok I will – be here 7:15 – and still have to get gas – but…

okay, will stop by that store – get those cute little – well, was calling them pizza things but guess they’re really not – pick up one for son and check out their ground beef; you know, sometimes, some places they don’t have it regular for what it’s on sale for at others – but, gulp! not here – $5/lb. for ground beef – must be getting like the old folks – remember when you could buy roast for less than that – uh, no….more chicken since it’s on sale? at almost $4/lb. for it – well, okay – we’ll make it with that delicious soup we found over there with that instant tea that we can just mix up; sounds so good for when get home –

but since didn’t get ground beef there decided to stop by the little local cheap grocery and just see and sure enough they have one of those chub specials – 5 lb. for $12.99 – yep, $2.59/lb. so not bad – get the pizza crust – for cheeseburger pizza – then home, then – can’t find the tea

where is it? did I let that girl that was so insistent on taking my groceries out distract me with going and getting that chicken – so call back; yes, they have it, but by then have had to go check on hub’s aunt and found her out in the garden chopping down the corn stalks then when get home son’s gone after all! where? oh, to get that help at the coffee shop with his math homework that’s going to take a while and hub’s not coming home and aunt had gotten her paper and – guess what? know that soap making class been wanting to take for forever – well, it’s tonight – but it’s $40 – oh do I or don’t I – go to all this trouble – not buy $5 ground beef to go spend it on the class, can I justify it or just not care, but mean really not buy $5 ground beef, but will stop by – after – now why not before? what was going on – oh, yea, that whole car repair thing not getting into here and finally eat my nonpizza thing, since didn’t get to eat this morning before that test –  sure wish I had that tea – and made the chicken dish talked about earlier – yes, actually made it yesterday for him to have when get in while I gone…to class and then get the tea

except – what? you sold it?- because there was more on the shelf, except no, there’s not – ok – went ahead and got the frozen veggies on sale

then reminded son doesn’t like those pizza things after all – all bread, no meat on them –

but doesn’t really matter tonight anyway; ate in town, so…

tomorrow’s another day….yea, like today, when he gets up and goes to work, hub gets the mower and mows and they all come in at about the same time, except I don’t know when that was going to be so good thing cooked yesterday but had thought I’d have him that pizza fixed except, what?

ya’ll are telling me ya’ll don’t like ground beef on pizza – and since when was this! I can’t keep up with what they’re eating anymore – and now you tell me you don’t like frozen veggies either – saying they have to be fresh? no?

the canned ones I bought the other day on sale to stock up for the winter are what you prefer? well, at least I have some so…

green beans and corn it is, then!

but now meatballs for tomorrow – we’ll use that ground beef after all but gotta get going now and get them ready – so…

good night all!

About donnainthesouth

I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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7 Responses to A Little Closer to Home

  1. Tessa says:

    You make my head spin LOL!

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