A New Voyage of Discovery

In a first ever, I actually received a package via snail mail from an online-only friend, a lovely memorial booklet she did of her father, who passed away, “a distinguished Army veteran of WWII who fought in the European theater”, “who was featured in Love and War by Robert and Jane Easton”, a book I’d never heard of, so of course I had to find out more about it. Turns out it was a book written by a young couple who, having one child and another on the way, he decides to join up for the fight – yes, also WWII –  and head off to war while leaving her behind, yes, to have their upcoming child here by herself – I don’t believe he even got to be here; things were so different then and then write about it both of their experiences, his on the front and hers here, not only at home but also as a v0lunteer for the Red Cross. So while there he meets up with Mr. Strange, my online friend’s father and talks about him in the book, which I won’t say much more about because what fascinated me was finding out who she was.

Turns out her dad had actually done the same thing in the prior war when she was a child, so expect this wasn’t that big a deal for her, but what was surprising to me was finding out just exactly who her dad was. His name was Frederick Faust, which, if you’re like me, doesn’t really mean a whole lot, unless you think about what kind of name that sounds like and who we were fighting – realizing, of course, it’s German – so he decided he probably should change it for his and his family’s safety and security, so what really surprised me was the name he chose – ready?….

Max Brand?! “the” Max Brand! – the prolific author of things beloved Western – no way – well, turns out, yes, way – and further more the thing is that’s not all –

you know what else this prolific Western author also churned out – hold on to your seats because, again, just not way – well, again, yes, way –

no, not Dr. Kildare!

yes, the same Max Brand who wrote all those Westerns also created our heart-throb character, young Dr. Kildare – oh my, just be still, my beating heart –

will wonders never cease?

but, then, to top it all, these such multi-talented people – can they just not be satisfied or maybe I just can’t have a clue what it must be like to be able to just churn out such talent like water but this isn’t even what they really like – it’s just “making a buck” for them to enable them to support their true love and passion –

poetry, as in

Village Street and other poems  and

Dionysus in Hades

which, though much more literary they may be – got check them out – I’m not linking –

have just never gotten the acclaim his westerns and Dr. Kildare have

and now you know pretty much the rest of the story

ending with him going back to Europe at the end of his life as an embedded reporter and getting killed in Italy – end of story

have a good day

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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