Fill the Parting With Remembered Joy

that’s from the poem on the card of my dad’s funeral and that’s what he would want and what I’m endeavoring to do

He was not one to live in the past; he made his peace with it and moved on – like I never realized until his last hospitalization while talking to my aunt, what actually happened to where he grew up; I just knew it was gone and it was okay – but what happened – and I guess if I wanted to play and blame game and victim I could because supposedly my dad should never have been drafted for WWII, since he was the last son at home helping his dad on the farm so with him drafted, they would have all four sons in the war, so who would take care of them with all their sons gone, which is exactly what happened? Papa was trying to plow? something, anyway, himself, that dad had been doing and as I understand it the horses got away with him and dragged him into the pond and he almost drowned but thankfully not but in the not he hurt his back and decided he really couldn’t farm any more so sold the farm and moved to town. Now they may not have mattered to any of his brothers because they didn’t move back home anyway but dad did so I just suspect he’d just thought he would come back home to the farm and life just go on but instead he had no farm to come back home to but just a house in town instead but I never heard a word about it from him at all. So then he had to get out and try to find a job and, again, not sure if this was the reason, but his brothers, who’d all joined, had all gotten good skills in the war to get good jobs in the big city but my dad, who was drafted, now don’t really understand this, was given the job with the Signal Corps as a lineman; now I believe, though all my family are short people – not quite “short” people – but pretty short anyhow but I believe he was the shortest – none of them the type people to be climbing pole and running wire so one day apparently it had just been enough; he climbed down and said he wasn’t doing it anymore, even taking a demotion over it but what I don’t really understand is why he wasn’t put on the radio or something where he could have learned a good skill instead of just having to be made just a combat infantryman, but maybe something about being drafted rather than joining but be that as it may he didn’t get a skilled job when he got out but when he heard they were looking for laborers at the big plants in the big city – and didn’t hurt his big sister and her husband were already up there – he headed out as fast as he could – so fast that something else I also didn’t learn until later that he didn’t take my mom with him – to stay with sis until he could get them a place – but he got the job at the plant. But he still never intended to stay like his brothers – he always planned to come back “home” so he didn’t want to get tied up with buying a place up there so he was just going to get an apartment but he didn’t want to spend a bunch of money even on one of those since the idea was to save to go back “home”, so the story is one day there was an apt. vacancy sign in the window close to sister’s house – which, btw, was not close to the plant but out there they’d raised the prices of everything so there were people he knew also close to where he was staying so they could ride to work together and so save expenses – and he ran – yes, ran – as hard as he could – from what I understand you’d better or there were so many workers there you wouldn’t get it otherwise – but he did and sent for mom, which is a whole other story. Then later, to save even more money they became the maintenance supervisors of the apartment complex where they could get their apartment even cheaper and maybe even free. It was a hard life in some ways back then for them but it allowed them to achieve their goal of being able to move back home.

And that’s what he’d want to be remembered for and I do – I admire the way he made a good life in spite of it all and with a good attitude – and that’s what I want to carry forward

About donnainthesouth

I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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