Another Voyage of Discovery

Am going to try to make this a weekly feature

On another place someone mentioned someone in relation to Roger Williams, who was a big early proponent of the “infamous” separation of church and state – as in the state should not be in the business of telling the church what to do – but really more so in his day almost all – well, guess “all” the “mainline” churches were part and parcel “of” the state – there was no “church of your choice”; not legally, anyway – but of course this was also the time of the “illegal?” churches, if you will – the dissenters, etc., of which Roger Williams was one, but of course the Pilgrims and Puritans were as well – at least in ye olde country but funny thing happened on the way to the new – when the disenfranchised come into power…….

but…there was one man who stood up for him and didn’t think he should be run out for his “democratic” beliefs, a man by the name of Stephen Batchiler  – who didn’t stay one but they didn’t change the name; matter of fact he ended up getting married 4 times – his first wife died with the birth of their last – of several, yes – child – though one of whom you might remember – his daughter Debra Wing, the one who most staunchly stood with him – having come over with him after her husband passed away – he married a couple more times through all his ordeals but the discovery that was the most remarkable was his last one –

there’s some discrepancy as to whether he married her because he had gotten senile or whether it was to help her lay claim to her deceased husband’s property, which, apparently, maybe because of the laws of the time, she was having a hard time getting as an unmarried woman (?); anyway, maybe there was a little more to the story, since she was caught in adultery with the guy across the river – wouldn’t have anything to do with their age difference, would it? I mean this guy’s really old by now – like 80s and she’s still young enough to have children, – although not sure she had any by her husband, either one, for that matter – but she did have at least 2, one of whom later tried to lay claim to some of his property and she tried to claim he’d married again without properly divorcing her, which – and here we go – the “church”, which was still also the “state”, although not his church – oh, it just gets all so complicated – anyway, did not want to grant them – well, him – a divorce, even though on grounds of adultery – wanted to just fine them and have them reappear in court and continue to live together as man and wife, which maybe possibly would have been ok with him, if she’d be faithful,  but takes two to agree and looks like she just wasn’t going to go along, so….

one of the things that was eventually done was she was consigned to – hold on – wear a Scarlet “A” – is this sounding familiar?

yes, indeed, will the real Hester Prynne stand up? and, no, that wasn’t her real name but…

she was the one Hawthorne modeled his story on –

now who even knew it was based on an actual real true event

for all those who keep saying fiction has no bearing to reality –

now you know the rest of this story

oh, btw, Batchiler and daughter went back to England – he’d had enough of this wild country – Cromwell had gained power over there so he could have his freedom of religion there then – and had prosperous grandchildren that would take care of him –

wonder what they thought about granpa coming back for that reason after giving away everything he had here to his kids – well, think it was actually a son-in-law married to a daughter who’d died – and grandkids here –

oh well

hope you enjoyed yet another Voyage of Discovery


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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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