More than one way to skin a cat

This dear friend whose mom just passed away is just especially special; she came almost 300 miles in the middle of the night when my mom did the same thing in almost the exact same way at almost the exact same time – 5:30 on a Sunday night – to help get mom’s house ready for the company – was going to say inevitable but seems not so much so anymore but she got her wish; she’d always wanted to get back to a neighborhood where when people passed away they took up money for flowers and brought in food, which she fully participated in and was reciprocated in turn, so, yes, the neighbors and the food began to flow – and it appeared that mom had just started cleaning “out” her kitchen – oh my – but what a blessing she was – so…

when first thing this morning I got word that all the picture scanning that was supposed to have been done last night wasn’t – the high speed scanner wouldn’t work – we didn’t scan for mom’s but she helped me get them together as well – I headed over and so glad because she was out running around getting the flowers – but found the ones they’d picked out, got those while she was gone, then she came in after ordering the flowers but from far enough away they wouldn’t deliver so was going to have to go back but picked out more meanwhile – so spent the afternoon scanning pictures – which was my first time ever to actually be left on my own to be responsible for the whole process – have done a little here and there but usually somebody around to bail me out if I had trouble or at least didn’t really matter but this was something that had to be done so….then even edited – resized, cropped and saved to .jpeg – one slow careful scan at a time – from the scanner, not the computer –

but was scary at first when I did what seems I would always do and “X” one too many times and get completely out of the program – then what – oh try Scan in Windows, nope – Scan and Fax program of the scanner – nope – hm, maybe try Pictures – oh, whew, there they are/it is – now take it slow – and was pretty much almost through when fastboy shows up – zip, zip, zip –

there he goes, putting them all in a folder – well and good – except, no, not the uncropped ones as well – we didn’t have two different sets of pictures, just one set – jut cropped and uncropped – so get those out – then there were a few not done – zip, zip, here we go, except, bud, you didn’t crop those – so get those done –

meanwhile the clock’s ticking – thinking we wanted songs – but no, not this time, just get them to the funeral home, let them do it with their program – good thing we called though because can’t be put on DVD, has to be a thumb drive – oh, great, can we find one – yay! oh, wait, it’s full – and what it’s full from is a long story but has a lot to do with why I’m doing this – she’s my friend – she always says she’s going to go into business doing this – and maybe she – we? – should – get it emptied – go again – will take an hour to do once we get it there, which we’re out in the boonies –

but, you know, just thought of this – why couldn’t we just email them to them, hm…

and forgot about the early family hour – no way to get it done in time by that point and certainly not after taking the time to

online order enlargements of pix – would have been simpler to just do that with the thumbdrive – be ready by the time the DVD is…

anyway, headed out – dropped off the thumbdrive – went to check on the pix order –

oh, takes couple hours to get to the store!…..

oh, really – oh, well, hm…okay, find this out after all the round of looking for it not having a confirmation number or knowing what name it’s ordered under or knowing how to get in touch with the one having done it – what with friend, who turns out had had to get involved at the last minute while trying to leave because asked for debit/credit info, telling me that – and then not being able to find it

back to the funeral home – good thing it’s just next door

just in time, had just got it done, but not in time before everybody else left – so do I get it, make that trip back, then come back, wait to see about pix order coming in – no, thankfully, guess considered part of their job, even with it all the way it is but she took it

back to check on pix order – still no and being told this time – no, shouldn’t take that long unless there’s a problem but at least this time they at least gave me the online order phone number – now why they couldn’t call – no record – now what

so when all else fails ask for a manager, right?

and there’s a reason why get to be managers, ya know? now why did nobody else – me included – think to ask if I didn’t happen to have a thumb drive – not that I normally would but of course in this situation – did I not just happen to have it – oh duh – why are we dealing with trying to find this missing online order when….

duh – just pull it out and pop it in and there we go!

sorry, cat, but you just got skinned after all – meow!


About donnainthesouth

I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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