I’m an Orphan Too

After reading and commenting on the blog How I wrote my novel’s post Getting to know my father, it made me want to post somewhat on losing my dad, though actually I may have found the info really after losing mom first but didn’t really get to go through the papers until after losing dad, what with taking care of him during that time, plus also it was the oddest thing; he had a cousin that they were close that is seemed like everything dad did he followed right along; dad fell, he fell, dad wound up in the hospital, so did he, so after finishing up taking care of dad’s business after he passed, I went to this cousin’s brother’s house; the cousin himself lived out of state; only to find out that, yes, he was back in the hospital, with the exception of instead of being allowed to stay home until then his granddaughter, unlike dad’s grandson, had put him in a nursing home and then, again, another exception, she had gotten guardianship of him, which, again, we didn’t quite go that far, even though the hospital wanted us to, thus not allowing him to move close to his brother and sister, where he said he wanted to go, once he wasn’t allowed to stay in his home any longer because, unlike with dad, his granddaughter, who’d been living with him, moved out – long story – which is when he should have moved but he didn’t so he waited too late, so anyway wound up in the hospital like dad and sure enough just about 2 mos. after dad passed, so did he – and he was our family historian/genealogist that I’d helped him some with but he just never would get it all together, like he’d been supposedly supposed to do and get a book published, been telling him, and sure enough, but anyway, did find some things in dad’s papers, hopefully will get the rest –

but dad was a WWII vet, serving in the Signal Corps in the South Pacific, was the last one in his family to go to the war, only one who waited to be drafted, which,  according to one  source, shouldn’t have been since he was the last son, but guess they got to where they needed everybody they could, so left his dad home alone, who ended up, sure enough, getting hurt, and having to sell the farm and move to town, with dad being the only one basically who went back home afterwards, except not really a home to go to; his brothers had all already gotten married somewhere along the way or at least they’d gone ahead and made their move to the big city, which dad had hoped not to do – but did end up doing after all but not for another year or so – after he met and married mom – so no love letters to a wife, like so many find, since he hadn’t met her yet, but none to his parents either like on the blog; these are all just oral stories, stories, though of

being in the hospital in Australia, after getting hurt, then almost crashing in the plane on the way back to his unit in a storm but fortunately being able to land on an island, where they had the welcome laid out for them and served them a big dinner, then on…really made an impression on him, gave God the credit for bringing him through safely

after what I think he’d somewhat gotten into sowing wild oats mode over there with buddies he met that came to see us later, though not sure he ever returned the visit; certainly not while I was at home; the things you don’t think about then; wonder why we didn’t; we just always went to see his brothers, who stayed in the big cities they’d gone to, while even though mom and dad did, he was the only one who didn’t stay but moved “back home” so instead of growing up a city girl, I was just a “small town hick” I suppose, so on that note think I’ll close


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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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