Hearts of Gold


I cannot believe it has been almost 4 yrs. since the day I felt like I actually could catch a breath – and even then I somewhat wonder how since I had a new granddaughter – well, I guess not so new then since she was almost a yr. old; maybe that explains it but then there’s been so much that’s happened since then, what with the decline and literal fall and passing of my dad basically those next 2 yrs., but it’s now been almost 2 yrs., maybe it’s taken this long, though I’d like to think not – anyway still remember that day, in particular because for about the past 7 yrs. prior during that week I’d been watching a friend’s children – first, her, what, maybe, her first/her oldest ones – during our summer Vacation Bible School program – then as they all proceeded to participate, she had some more that I watched but that was the first year they all went and my job was over so as I was taking a breath and glancing over the previous Friday’s paper that Monday morning I found a book club that seemed to inspire me to attend, just hard to believe I’ve been going basically ever since. I started because of that first book that I’d already read that was about a people and place I’d always been intrigued with because of one of the first books I ever read but especially because it was one of the few in my home growing up so I decided it must be something special and gave me a burden for them, but not just them, but for oppressed people anywhere which is leading me to

it has just seemed that this late spring/summer we’ve been reading a spate of that type book – starting with, and seeming so appropo and in tune with the happenings around at this point, a book about “the other Rosa” – Rosa Young, (yes, another black one) who, rather than being political, though she was somewhat before that time, started many schools for black children of the time who otherwise would not get an education at all – in spite of separate vs equal – then to somewhat segue into where I’m going (or maybe I’ll link at the top and it will be where I’ve been or am) a book about a Muslim who saw Islam for what it is and renounced it – then the next was about Mother Teresa, which I found intriguing in that I found her story in a book I found in a place I happened to be where we were somewhat trying to rescue some children ourselves which also had a story I’d heard previously regarding a young man who’d heard about the child laborers who weren’t just because that’s one issue but these were those who were actually slaves – chained to machines in factories making so much of our consumer goods – and set about to rescue them, something I wanted to find out more about at the time but that was still somewhat pre-Internet so wasn’t so easy but which leads to tonight – on the way into town in my hub’s vehicle during drive-by time, which means local talk radio station on but with network program was the interview with this man who’s actually going in and rescuing these – slaves, if you will – from the, yes, Muslims, who’ve taken them – if you only knew how I felt about the timing of hearing about this and the timing he feels is so necessary….but I suppose that’s a story for another day because I’m not sure what to do or how to think or feel about that right now, but this is something I can do, whether it will accomplish anything or not, at least I can try


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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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One Response to Hearts of Gold

  1. wordsandmore says:

    You’ve given me a lot to think about, Donna. Sounds like you have material for at least one series of posts about time passing and another about world events.

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