Traveling in Time Trash

been helping a friend lately, long story but today her 8 yr. old daughter was helping me clean out her husband’s dog kennel and she kept saying – this is just a dump – yep, sure seems that way to me – sure wish I could time travel – oh, really, to when/where – back to before this place got like this – which I supposed brings up the always asked dilemma, if you could go back in time do you change what happened such that it changes history, all that comes after, because, in this situation that would be the whole point, to prevent this mess from ever having been made –

but it just got me to thinking – maybe because I’d just read about time travel back to the medieval period – maybe because I’d not long finished Ken Follet’s epic Pillars of the Earth and the time period it’s set in – but how much nastier, trashier, dumpier, if you will, things were back then – things that aren’t really talked about much in stories or novels set in the time period – does it fall in the category of that era being romanticized as this simpler, less industrialized, etc. time – but, really, would we really want to go back and really live there in all the filth and dirt and trash that there was – I dare say not – that most of us if we really were forced, say, to travel back there, would be only too glad to be able to come back and would even be screaming at the portals to be allowed to do so and then think of the poor souls left behind, because I’m not sure all of them would want to be; dare say some of them would be trying to get in the door as well to come with us and would be amazed at what we complain about now –

I mean there were real situations to some of the ole sayings – like more than one way to skin a cat –


not a pot to “pee” in or anywhere to pour it out – anybody volunteering their head to walk under at just the right moment – kinda makes paying that plumber a little more palatable, doesn’t it?


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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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4 Responses to Traveling in Time Trash

  1. Thumbup says:

    The smells. Probably stunk too.

  2. So very, very true. I was shocked the first time I read a more in depth history of Versailles, as I never would have thought that such a beautiful royal palace would have been littered with dog poop and where every stairwell, corner or even slightly screened area was used as a toilet. Michel Faber’s ‘The Crimson Petal and the White’ does a good job of reminding the reader of how unpleasant a lot of Victorian London was.

  3. you’ve read that book?! I cannot believe it; I found that book when I was in Boston for a month at Children’s next to Harvard Medical with a sick grandchild near the end of my stay getting ready to come back home; they ran me out for a break – I’d learned they were having a lecture on ancient times medical there with a reception – where, also, intriguingly enough (hm, maybe I need to do a post) I met a Tuskegee Airman, being from AL – in the room with the table they called the “People’s Library” – take a book, leave a book – kinda like the new Little Free Libraries popping up everywhere and of all the books that’s the one I took – really think I intended to finish it and return it – I think I’d found some others to take – hope so, anyway – since I didn’t finish this one and just couldn’t leave it behind – hope that doesn’t make me a book thief – just need to make sure don’t gain anymore weight – they laughed at me, worrying about, but they told me I had a weight limit to fly back on that little plane and as I’m sure you know; that’s a big thick heavy book but all’s well; we made it back safely and I got it read; can you imagine spending 20 yrs. working on a book? but, yes, especially in one of the reviews I read about it after it talked about how he was pretty exposing the underbelly of the Victorian Era – along somewhat of a more religious line but again, think doesn’t get enough talk about the same thing is the book In His Steps, even written somewhat in the same time frame, maybe a little later, maybe Edwardian, but still not much better, brings out some of the same things, though maybe not quite so graphic, but still not all sweetness and light, re Dickens, etc. – and now, in our era, hearing, hopefully not everywhere, that San Francisco’s getting like that

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