This Digital Age we live in

Not than son should be getting stopped in the first place – that’s annoying, but that’s another issue, but when he did –

first of all, his house and car insurance are with a basically online company, so not sure if they just don’t send out cards or if they’re like on their website and they expect you to print them off, which, these people that don’t have printers, although he came over and printed out his house insurance info the other day to send to somebody else,

or if they just expect that digitally will be accepted everywhere but the cop sure didn’t like it being just on phone; however, the judge didn’t have a problem with it so the no proof of insurance charge the cop slapped him with he dropped – thankfully;

maybe fits with the new system the DMV has of being able to renew your license online now,

which glad, since not sure how long you have after your birthday, which, hm…now that I think about, when was this stop? since birthday was end of May and here it’s now almost end of July, sure it is about time to be getting it done; I didn’t think you had this long; was it actually already expired? and at the stop? hm…anyway, whether or no, he at least was finally talking about getting it renewed, so now why wasn’t it already done on his day off –

oh, yea, probably because of other bills, like the car and house insurance, which had gotten behind; now why? when he was making good money – oh, was it because of the car payments on the car he couldn’t get registered – all that down the drain, though was nice to have while they had it but working out now anyway – another long story – anyway –

getting all that caught up now that car’s gone, along with payments, so guess time –

but how – though think can still go to the courthouse – oh, maybe that’s what brought it up – hm…was it an issue when went to court over the stop, even though judge did take the digital insurance proof – seems had this problem once before – at least think he does keep it in his wallet now – unlike just throwing it everywhere and – bhh – poor dil’s pulled him out of a crack before – and this was before they got married when he was staying at my mom’s – she goes over there and finds it having – now how in the world? – gotten between the bed and the wall on the floor –

but probably didn’t want to ask off to go again, since didn’t get it done while there –

so download your app – and give  your life history and geography away – and renew it online – yay!

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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2 Responses to This Digital Age we live in

  1. Tessa says:

    Renewing licences online is new. I got mine that way, but they can only do it so many times before the picture is outdated and I guess you have to go in?? I have to do my registration. It is sitting right in front of me and done online, but lazy me hasn’t done it yet. Got to end of August. I forgot it last year.

  2. that still hasn’t been done, and actually turns out didn’t do his license online either; slow enough and he works right down from the courthouse so he was able to run down there and do that, but good thing it can be done in any county, unlike the registration, which don’t think can be done online, so what happened last year that you didn’t get it done, so hasn’t been now yet from before then?

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