12 U S Marshalls – Open Up!

Can you imagine being woken up to that at 3 AM? especially if you’ve fallen asleep on the couch? And – if they’re shining lights in every window of your house? – now, you’ve moved our couch into your sunroom at the back of your house – so of course it’s surrounded by windows; at least you have blinds on all of them – and your master bedroom, where your husband is, is at the front of the house – and it’s woken your 4 yr. old up – so to keep from taking a chance on being seen by them, you crawl your way to your bedroom to wake up your husband to tell him what’s going on – because, being the sound sleeper he is and tired from work – and a bad day it’s been, since getting there from having been off the day before, he’s found his floor jack missing, so he hasn’t heard a thing and isn’t too happy, but gets up and of course by now they’re getting upset, but now you can open the door and find out what’s going on, which is….not what you thought – you thought this was all about the abandoned cat, which would be quite something if it were, right? but no….

this was actually about an escapee from the local work release – sometimes I wonder why they still have it; how many of those have they had around here – but why there? well, they’ve had a housemate for a while now that turns out to know this guy and he had just called him about 3 hrs. before, wanting him to come get him and bring him to the house; turns out he has been before – little does he know that would not have been a good idea in many ways, not the least of which is that dil wouldn’t hide him; she’d tell them in a heart beat he was there if he were, which good thing his car wouldn’t run, the car he just traded his other one that did for, and that son and dil just sold theirs that they’d been letting him drive before he got the other one, or he might have been there so don’t know what might have happened then – anyway, what I understand he’d then called some girl to bring him, who had text him for the address, is how they found out where they lived, but for some reason she didn’t or something, not quite sure what that was all about, but anyway by now poor little granddaughter’s wanting to know why all these cops were at her house and they searched it thoroughly, went up in the attic, under the house, every room, including his and finding everything, but thankfully only interested in finding him, went to the shed, which, again, guess good thing they’d just cleaned it out; had actually just been over there picking up our mower and noticing how cleaned out it looked – or they might have tripped and broken their neck if they’d actually gone ahead and looked that hard, which they should have because would have been a lot easier to hide, then, but not now, which they could see after they turned the light on – yes, it’s even powered – and didn’t turn it off, oh well – but the part don’t really understand, maybe they thought he was still going to be coming but they – or at least part of them, maybe not the whole dozen – still stayed another hour and a half – poor son, having to get up and go back to work and after everything that had already happened –

just glad didn’t happen until after the kids she’d just started babysitting that day had already left and she’d gotten the house cleaned up from that –

but then also in the midst of all that, of all things, was the day she’d found out about the abandoned cat – not one she abandoned, no, one she actually gave to the last person she babysat for, who, the last thing, that led to her no longer doing that, was what she felt was abandoning  her baby, after finding him inside with the door closed while her husband was supposed to be watching him while she was at work but was outside working on his car – her husband she’d gotten to come back to her, after making the one she was living with when that met,

whose the one who became their housemate, leave,

who’s friends with her cousin, the son of the aunt they were renting from, except they weren’t paying their rent, but then that’s all family issue stuff, who lived next door, who told him they’d left the cat, so she goes over there and finds it almost starved, so gets word to her somehow – how? because thought she’d changed her number – anyway, that if she doesn’t get it she’s going to turn her in – so think she wouldn’t turn in a work release escapee? don’t think so –

so she says she gave it to said cousin, who of course, one, says no, but then, even if, being just next door, of course, it’s going to go back –

anyway says she’s going to get her for harassment and cousin says she’s going to get her for trespassing if she goes back over there – anyway

cousin goes back and can’t find it (maybe like the lost turtle but that’s another story) –

and they finally caught the guy – he never even came up this way


About donnainthesouth

I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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