Sometimes, we just don’t think. Kintsukuroi

I actually have a dish that I’ve thought about this for and would like to possibly do it, if this stuff is really real – I really thought I’d gotten rid of it somewhere along the way but apparently I just haven’t been able to bring myself, too, for I found it, yet again, the other day – it matches several I have and if were just like any of them, I probably would but it isn’t so I’d really like to have it, so I took it out and started matching the pieces – and it actually didn’t hurt anymore to remember what happened; I’d just like to have it back together, yes, “better for having been broken”, reminding me how far we’ve all come – hub and I were at a place we’d never been before or since when we found it, picked it up and had paid for it and were leaving but we had a 4 yr. old with us who was – what did they used to call them – “quite a rounder”; guess now you’d say he probably had ADHD, like he’s saying about his little one now but doesn’t seem to want to – or maybe doesn’t – remember how he used to be – anyway not sure, but surely, we had it in a bag, but maybe not – anyway he came running up I’m thinking to see it and – hm,hm, I didn’t have it in my hand but hub had it – knocked it out of his hand shattering it all over the floor – honestly I’m somewhat surprised it still came home, that he didn’t just chunk it in the trash can right then and there, but probably I insisted on bringing it home and was probably planning to repair it right then – would have been done like that in my family, but he was raised differently – if something got broken it just got thrown away so I just hid it away – what’s really interesting he just brought that up publicly not long ago, I think, in the context of you can’t ever put something back together, at least not like it was before – but better? not sure he’s ever thought about it – kinda scary, in a way because isn’t that what God does with us if we let him? sorry to be so long – probably oughta just put this on my own – hm…that got me to looking for it, not where I found it, what made me think I had gotten rid of it and then there it showed up in a totally unexpected place – hm…

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Sometimes, we just don’t think. Kintsukuroi.

This post from dear Wendy over at Ramblings and Musings also known as Wendy Shares A Thought touched my heart and I knew I had to reblog it for you as well.  Many of us have old wounds and scars, but to mend ourselves to be even more beautiful than we once were, to accept and dignify ‘the new normal’ is to kintsukuroi our lives!

Shine On dearest ones!

You are always beautiful to me!


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  1. Thanks for sharing and reblogging! ♥

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