Row, row, row, your boat

Seems I’m always finding something fun to do till it comes time to do it. The year before hub and I got married they’d started something they called Founders Day, working out to be the next weekend after we got married the next year, so as soon as we got here his sister and brother-in-law (oh, without getting into all that; yes, I was married before, anyway…) came to get my son to take him but then at some point, of all things, maybe it was that way then just for that purpose, anyway they changed it to the first weekend of June, where before it had been the 3rd. Now let’s see – son – another son, son of this marriage – and daughter in law moved up here end of year before last so they would have been here last year but she’d just had surgery so didn’t go, but this year she had this one a month before so she was ready to go; however, unlike last year and for several years, ever since hub retired from the volunteer fire dept. where he used to work the pancake breakfast he/we haven’t gone but this year they finally got the new station they’d been talking about forever built, after buying the main spot of land that had been used for the Founder’s Day, the spot we always called “The Pines” because of, just about the only shady spot, although they did manage to find some more this year, just not nearly so much, so they were having the dedication for it this so hub wanted to go to the breakfast this year, but too early for dil. Anyway all that to say, that of all years, this was free row day at the lake that I wanted to go to so he was willing to go to the breakfast early enough for me to leave to go to it and then pick her up for lunch and dedication and Founder’s Day, in time for me to finish and get back to take over. He said I needed it

and, oh, how I enjoyed it – I somehow had thought it was going to be canoes but no, it was the 8 man rowing boats, so we all had to be in sync – we trained first on rowing machines in the gym, just like the ones you have at a regular workout gym – and then we got to go out on the lake – it had been so long since I’d been on the water – oh, I loved it so much. It was just so nice.

Then, funny, turned out younger son and his gang –  who, btw, showed up at the pancake breakfast; didn’t know he/they were coming; he’d spent the night at a friend’s the night before – were fishing off the bridge, actually from under it really,  while I was there but they were facing the other way and so were we so we never knew each other was there until we both got back home and were telling what we’d done that day.

Wonderful day – they ended up finding a small county park and going hiking – dil, granddaughter and I walked around Founder’s Day – got some funnel cakes

About donnainthesouth

I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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