Birthday Party #2

As in the 2nd one friend has given for her niece that started living with her year before last; she gave her a big birthday party for her last year, not sure if she’d already actually gotten custody of her then or not but she has now, but not sure if because of issues going on or they just wanted to make things more permanent but they’re wanting to adopt her, which possibly has led to these other issues; this is sister’s daughter, who is considered disabled and is now in a group home, so definitely in no position to have her, but she was not married to the man that’s been considered to be her father when she had her, although they did get married later; not sure if they still are; know there’s been talk of them divorcing but not sure if has been done or not, but because they weren’t married when she was born, although believe his name is on the birth certificate, apparently when  you begin to have a situation like this that’s no longer considered sufficient; a DNA test has to be done. Maybe, though, only if the adoption is being contested; if not, then possibly he could sign, if he were willing, but at least at this point he’s not, although possibly the DNA is as much for him as her, because he says if comes back negative, he’ll step out of the picture, although I don’t really see how you can do that with a 8 yr. old; I mean, at that point, what does biology really matter? if you’ve considered this child your daughter for that long, wouldn’t you want to still fight for her? however, way more to this situation than that, which makes me wonder if he doesn’t realize that, why he said that, but that being the case, then what if it turns out that he is, why wouldn’t he also then realize the other situations which, perhaps he does to a degree because he’s not really fighting for custody at this point, merely visitation, which I think, to a degree, is really what led to the adoption petition in the first place, to not have to grant even that, which she’s not having to at this point right now anyway, at least while all this is going on. Anyway they’ve been supposed to have court but they live in 2 different counties, so that was an issue, as to what in which county, so turned since she filed her adoption petition first, which was the idea, before they filed their visitation one, everything did get moved to where she filed her adoption one but that did make a delay in time then, which, then, for some reason, got scheduled before the DNA testing did, which would probably have just made for another delay had they gone through with it, so they delayed it again to get the testing done first, only to then find out – although surely at least as many people as were there to get it done,  you would have thought the lawyer, or at least his staff, would have known they only do it one day a week, on Thursdays, which she then ran into a situation that I thought only happened to me, that turning out to be this particular Thursday, was the day of the 2nd birthday party, and they’ve moved all juvenile court cases in that county to the farther away former federal courthouse, so now they’ve had to get up early, try to be there first thing, anyway, as well as want to be there before he has to be there for his, which they scheduled only 30 minutes apart and not sure how long it takes, not sure why didn’t allow more time; what difference does it make, not like they’re taking the results right over to court but anyway way it went,  and then the tester didn’t get there till 20 minutes late, leaving only a 10 minute window, but then that’s what attorneys are for, especially with all the harassment that’s been going on and then, thankfully, she was in a different vehicle he didn’t recognize, so she was able to get it done and back without incident.


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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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