Happy Independence Day! if we can keep it

Hub off yesterday – though I admit, I don’t really understand why; if they’re going to do that, why not just go ahead and let them off Thursday as well, the 2nd, the actual day the Declaration of Independence was signed – wonder what they did on the 3rd – then let the fireworks begin on the 4th as it was read – whoever even reads it anymore before they have the fireworks – how many people even know – or care – what the fireworks are even supposed to be about anymore?

One of the best 4ths I feel we ever attended was at our little local church where they actually did a play about what it’s really all supposed to be about – 1 time, that was done – maybe no wonder all this stuff is happening to our country – maybe it’s time to get back to why and how it all got started – anyway,

back to him being off – went with him to get our car worked on – again – the other valve needed to be replaced – probably should have just been done with the other one was – for the A/C – went to, once I remembered, run down to Ace Hardware – they’re the neatest little chain hardware store – far better for such things than the big box ones – to see if they could help me out with my quilt frame dilemma – 2 doors down, Google said – ha! wrong – Mr. Bo Jangles! – but guess that’s because they just built – next door – but, again, wrong! they just went out of business last week – where the big bad jewelry store that’s been selling their guts out is moving too after – what – 25 yrs.?! oh well – just seems strange, though, because not going out of business – know of at least 2 they’ve put in recently in towns around so wondering what happened – anyway, so….

did get him to go ahead and go to where I really went with him for but….guess should have checked that out little closer too, since they’re more a wholesaler than retailer, so, sure enough, they were closed – errgh – but, have to hand this to him, he pays attention – saw the speed limit sign, though why they had one on the way out of town….but, anyway, sure enough, top that hill and there he was – now if had been me….oh well, can’t say not glad, just feel bad because if not for me wouldn’t even have been there – oh, my, but anyway, also put us close to the next biggest/smallest? big box store – do wonder how much business they do, stuck way out there where they are, though – wonder who’s bright idea that was, with the other 2 closer to town – anyway, he, too, came out and looked at my little project and here, with hub staying in the vehicle – thought he was staying out of the situation – hah – just got into it – actually got it out and set it up – getting closer to everybody understanding – it apparently even struck up once he did that because then he said he knew exactly what he needed to make it work but then after the guy did that he still didn’t want to buy it there  – oh, no, we gotta go back to the same name – we were in a different town – store as where we went the other day – where they didn’t have the stuff – but….do have what you can “make” it with – see how long that takes – but, oh well, at least he got it, maybe we’re making progress.

Then, maybe, since we just happened to be right across the road, he wanted to go to the Chinese restaurant but then he decided since their “open” sign wasn’t lit up they must not be open, so I suggested we go to the one our neighbors took me to when I’d taken them down there – hm, now why, they must have had vehicle problems because there weren’t driving problems for both of them, anyway – so, here we “start” to go, because must be where I wanted to go – no! – just “if” they “were” really closed but funny, inside lights are all on and door open, people going in, but, oh, no, if the “open” sign’s not lit up, they “must” be closed but I did get him to actually get out and go see for himself and sure enough, duh, they were open – nice buffet, nice meal – finished with their cream puffs – remember learning how to make those – and “my” fortune cookie said I’d be taking a vacation – hm, wonder what that will be

got our little granddaughter when took youngest’s old box spring/foundation, whatever it actually is, over there for them to put her mattress on; she’s growing up – ended up the night making “fairy cakes” then

today they came and got her, after we ended up taking the other bed apart, after, for the first time ever, her going to bed by herself, taking my spot on the outside, I might add, leaving me to crawl in – guess, really, since she did go by herself, I probably could have got by without sleeping with her at all then and probably should have since, first of all, crawling over to the other side was not fun – need to work on that room and get that bed moved back over so can get to the other side but then getting out this morning was worse – oh, that mattress and base was so sagged and thought we’d just flipped it not long ago for some reason anyway though couldn’t remember what was but thought would do it again but then also for some reason – now why? – took the base up again, didn’t need cleaning again under there but glad we did, ended up taking out all those books and clothes stored under there to go through – she grabbed my Pocketful of Pinecones book – oh, how appropo – remember – oh, what are the proportions of vinegar to water – hm…anyway when did found the support underneath was broken so no wonder – so he put a center support for it under it, which messed up the storage situation anyway but did fix the bed but in the meantime while had the mattress off and up made a wonderful slide – after which

we headed down to his aunt and uncle’s been concerned about but when got there their son moving the yard so we just went on around the circle then decided to go get a milkshake – after coming back and me changing clothes (long story) putting on my red and blue, which glad, since too cold and that place to drink them and raining so headed to where had thought pavilion was – but not – but was where supposed to have fireworks tonight – after free food – which, oh  – our 4th of July meal? he had to go get tortillas – and, yes, the local grocery was still open – to put leftover meatloaf on – go figure – so was so packed were going to stay to try to watch the fireworks but just decided to go ahead and come home – actually just a nice – Quiet – time


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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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