Hub just had his annual lab work done and annual doc visit – told he’s anemic; no wonder he’s been so exhausted all the time lately; although after what been through with dad, as far as numbers, didn’t seem to be too bad – around 11 – normal’s 14-18, when getting call from lab re dad’s been down to 6 but I guess considering hub’s still trying to lead a normal life, like getting up and going to work every day while dad was basically sleeping all the time anyway, can see where be just about as bad; at least they didn’t say to get him to the ER ASAP; gave him some iron pills and come back in 3 mos. but….

poor hub never learned to swallow pills so while looking at his pill sheet talked about chewable ones so in calling around trying to find some found one pharmacy that had them because they had special ordered them for the pharmacist’s own daughter who appears to have the same issue…but now learned there are different types of iron pills – different types of iron? or at least absorbed by your body differently – now hub was originally prescribed ferrous sulphate – which, what originally led to this, was finding out could get over the counter, no advantage to having a scrip – but pharmacist said hardest on your stomach; now not sure if he told doc all of this or not but did make sure he knew he’d just had hernia surgery – now why he didn’t already know this, or maybe he was supposed to because surely surgeon had told him but then you know how all that stuff can go – anyway he didn’t seem to think much of that and maybe that in itself wouldn’t have been that big a deal but the main reason for having the surgery was because his stomach was inflamed from acid reflux that couldn’t get out because of it so then after that he’d been put on some liquid ulcer meds for it, so now wouldn’t you think iron that was the hardest on your stomach wouldn’t be what you would need so anyway this chewable stuff is a different type that isn’t even absorbed through your stomach; completely bypasses and is absorbed through your intestines; however, the real question is what’s actually causing this in the first place and how long has it been going on, since he hasn’t had labs in a year – my question is, that being the case, why didn’t do them before the surgery, thought that was always part of pre-op – anyway he’s wondering if maybe there’s some internal bleeding going on – plans to bring it up to the surgeon – guess will see

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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42 Responses to Anemia

  1. Tessa says:

    I am surprised they didn’t give him B12 shots. Supposed to work the fastest. I am anemic sometimes and b12 deficient. When I am I bruise if you rub against me. My BFF can’t swallow pills either. I take a handful at a time. One thing that doesn’t bother me.

  2. didn’t think B12 shots worked for iron deficiency anemia

    • Tessa says:

      I really don’t know. Listen to your doctor. My memory is not so good anymore. I used to know a lot of things that have flown the coop of my brain.

  3. no, listen to your pharmacist; I think had we listened to his doctor, it would have killed him

  4. my mom and grandmother trusted them, I think, more than they did doctors!

  5. well, they didn’t have nurse practitioners back in the day but I was just having that conversation with hub’s aunt last week about transferring uncle over to home based primary care where one of those comes to your house that might do a better job, at least of listening, than his doctor is now anyway; like she just pay attention to anything, since she’s not going to do anything anyway, but if she’s not she needs to at least do something to make life easier for her to take care of him

    • Tessa says:

      My mom had homecare because she wouldn’t leave the house. She was afraid of the vehicle. We got a wheelchair van, but she refused pretty much to use it so home care was set up through Medicare.

  6. Medicare? didn’t think they would do that; at least not long-term

  7. but for a long time?

  8. ok, so they self-paid?

  9. oh, ok, so you just talking about they didn’t have a supplemental insurance policy to pick up the difference of what they didn’t pay?

  10. I thought they all covered what Medicare doesn’t; do you know what the difference is?

    • Tessa says:

      I thought the supplemental covered everything medicare didn’t but seems from what my friend says there are some things that just aren’t covered or covered completely. It does cover a lot more than what mine covers and it costs a lot more.

  11. hm, wonder what the difference in coverage is; think hub’s aunt and uncle pay $300 for both of theirs

    • Tessa says:

      That $200 was just for me and just to go with Medicare. Some people have turned 65 and have to use Medicare and then their regular insurance goes down because they become secondary. Mine is set up that Amerihealth is primary with medicare secondary and taken care of by them.

  12. how? I had, at least used to, always thought that Medicare had to be primary; only recently have I somewhat gotten the idea it doesn’t have to be, so is the $200 just your Medicare payment plus then your Amerihealth primary in addition?

    • Tessa says:

      Medicare part b is 105 dollars and the supplementary would be $200 and include part d prescriptions. I don’t have a supplementary. I have an advantage plan. Sponsored by state and paid mostly by the state. The state also pays my part b medicare premium. That is the extra help I get for my poor income. Amerihealth’s premium is like $69 and I pay $24.36 of it per month. I also have the discount prescription plan PAAD. They pay the rest of Amerihealth’s premium plus my generic prescriptions are $2.65. My medicare is secondary. I don’t use that card at all. I don’t know how it works i just deal with Amerihealth.

  13. ok, I don’t know much about Medicare Advantage but did think it took the place of regular Medicare and also maybe a supplement since as I understand it is actually by an actual insurance company; thought it was normally higher though I do somewhat know about the extra help thing; think my parents, or maybe at least my mom, though not sure if they do it by individual or household, at least if it’s a couple, since apparently you don’t have to include your dad’s, right? came close to qualifying, think maybe they missed it by just a little; your disability is from your work, right? but their – Amerihealth’s – regular premium is just $69? wow – course that is just for individual, so maybe does sound about right – always think of family – know dad’s insurance cut by 1/2 after mom died, but think it was still twice that though – and that was just for supplement and yours in Advantage but then you said it doesn’t cover as much as your dad’s? I always thought that was the “advantage”, if you will, was that it covered more but also don’t understand – you still have Medicare part b as well, did think Advantage plans took the place of those – surely not just Part A, since you don’t have to pay for that anyway; you’re not saying that only is the extra help, are you? since they’re paying most of your advantage – as well? maybe don’t understand the sponsored by – dad’s supplement was state but that was because he was a state retiree. They did get the Humana prescription plan but yours pays your insurance? or the state? and they pay all your expenses or maybe the rest is just written off? know that when realized about dad’s deductibles and such he never had to pay them either, seems was something about his supplement that it either paid or it was something about some kind of agreement that he just wasn’t charged for anything

    • Tessa says:

      I have regular Medicare. It is managed by Amerihealth which gives me some extra coverages that medicare does not pay for. I am helped by the state money wise. I paid part b Medicare until I got all the paperwork approved by the state for the extra help. It is my income only. Nothing to do with my father. Only a spouse makes a difference. That advantage plan has copays that I have to pay for everything. The supplement plans are are better but cost more.

  14. ok, I thought you said before you had an advantage plan; I didn’t know any regular medicare was managed by anybody or had extra coverages; thought that was the point of the advantage plans. But then you said the state also pays your Medicare Part B, which I thought the advantage plans took the place of, so would only be paying that. I didn’t think you would have to include your dad’s; of course if you did, then guess one of you would be paying for both, anyway, even if it would come out of each check, which, though, in a way, since think that’s the way it is for a couple, almost seems like they wouldn’t count both then either for both, but then do ya’ll share expenses? That regular premium still seems low, especially for extra coverage, even for single; they must really jack it up for family, which can see why; why I think there should be a couples coverage. But still didn’t know there was any prescription coverage that would help pay the regular insurance premiums; don’t know that mom and dad’s would have. And I still didn’t know you could then have regular Medicare as secondary and don’t understand about the copays, if you do, would think it would pick those up but know hub’s aunt talks about them having to pay copays, with them having a supplement, especially with how much more they’re paying, so just not quite getting all this but think if they’d use their income separately, don’t think she’d have to.

    • Tessa says:

      If I had a spouse I wouldn’t be eligible for any help and would be paying for all my medicare part b and for one type of plan or another. I couldn’t afford and then would be on regular medicare with no help and less coverage. A couple wouldn’t qualify for the advantage plan, but they would be able to get a supplementary plan. I went to that office I told you about and they took care of what I was and wasn’t eligible for and who was the best one to go to basing it on my medications. Because the Advantage plan is my part D prescription plan, plus some extras. It just so happens that it is handled by Americhealth and I do not use my medicare card. The take care of everything. Whether they co to medicare first I honestly don’t know, Probably. I don’t know any more about this so let’s drop it for now. Thanks!

  15. ok, sorry, but thanks, maybe just didn’t realize what your Advantage plan was, maybe they could have done the same with their Humana plan but they just got it through Wal-Mart; may just call them; thanks

    • Tessa says:

      That would be a good thing and see if your state has a aging and disability help office. I searched through my state sight and on disability. You might find there is an office to give you help. Take care.!

  16. Oh I talked to them yesterday about something else – funny, she said people have this mistaken idea it’s just for “old” people; she said “no; it says ‘aging’, like we all are” – did talk to Humana, after finding out they don’t go through Wal-Mart anymore; Medicare does it themselves, guess to keep it from being skewed to just one, but did learn more about the differences between the Advantage, regular Medicare, and supplement – lot there – did find out can be disadvantages to Advantage plans, like seems like you were talking about, that some things they don’t pay as much for in exchange, I suppose, for not having to pay as high a premium, somewhat like I guess you were saying the difference between you and your dad; I suppose, if nothing else, mom and dad just never considered trying to save on premiums when it would come to their insurance; they would just want to be sure they had the coverage and, yes, they possibly could have used the money; they didn’t live very high but then I don’t guess they really needed to; just as they got older and they, along with everything else, started wearing out, started needing more money but even then had some things been done differently things could have been different but even then they probably could have taken care of things or if they’d been willing to do some other things differently we could have more for them but things are as they are now, just a matter of making decisions now both for that situation and for ours down the road – thing concerns me, he just says he’s not going to retire but he’s beginning to have health problems; guess like you, which brings me back to an earlier question – think you’ve said you have SS disability, so not through your company?

    • Tessa says:

      I started out on private disability from my last job, that was finally canceled just as I got approved for Social Security Disability.

  17. ooh, that worked out just right then; so glad – do you mind telling why it was cancelled though? really concerned about being dependent on something like that – you’re not 65 yet, are you?

    • Tessa says:

      No I am 58 on disability. Age doesn’t matter with disability. They canceled the private disability because the psychiatrist was out to get me because she failed treating me. I got turned down because I smiled (fancy that), I went to drs offices (where else would I see the dr?), I didn’t cause public nuisances with my bipolar, I hadn’t attempted suicide yet or been in the hospital. That might have helped, but I got SSDI just in time so no big deal except I would have had about an extra $200 a month I really could use.

  18. not really sure why I asked now, except – (maybe Candy) said something about income going down when she turns 65 and think I just wondered why because, like you said, didn’t think age mattered with disability but then think she’s on her companies and think maybe it stops then is the problem there. You threw me for a minute – like said, guess forgot what actually asked, was trying to figure out in the world it could be cancelled but then that was my concern that company’s can be a lot easier I suppose; that’s sad but guess part of why I’ve heard you really have to act the part; don’t act in any way that would give them reason to think you don’t have what you’re claiming and guess you’re supposed to not get out of the house then I don’t know, doc supposed to come to you then? and I have wondered if they really expect/want you to have a big episode – like this lady I just heard of that ran out of gas on the interstate and I don’t know what happened or how the police wound up there but next thing you know she’s in the hospital for 5 mos. But yet you got your SSDI before your time in the hospital? so they didn’t require it?

    • Tessa says:

      I had no insurance at the time I was in the hospital. I went through charity care. Paid almost all of it. I had a small portion that I made payments on. Company disability I think ends at 65 and if they already haven’t forced you on SSDI you will go on Social Security and get Medicare if it is still around of course.

  19. seems I remember something about that; was dealing with that with dil’s hysterectomy; so ironic, now son’s back at the same company, only where before it was a franchise, now it’s back to being a corporate owned store so wondering about the insurance now, with them getting behind on their Obamacare and finding out it really is still or maybe even more so just private insurance because they want the whole behind at once – up front, in other words, no working with them making payments – or I think they’re cancelling them end of month; thankfully, there is another company in town now but not sure how all that will work – but anyway when worked there before they offered insurance but would have literally taken everything he made so didn’t get it but because was offered and turned it down the charity care program at the hospital wouldn’t take her either – you saying it paid it all, not you, right? except for what you did make payments on – that was one hospital and not really even sure why were even seeing about it because it wasn’t the local one, all they had to have and guess just because they had to have it or maybe it was the whole doctor thing – did the charity care take care of that too? – was a letter of medical necessity to take care of it; as far as I know there wasn’t any part they were expected to pay – we just had to pay the doctor up front. What thinking about age; guess he just thinking that his SS would be plenty with his salary if need be, but then not if not have to since saying he can’t retire….and he sure doesn’t like this new Medicare rule

    • Tessa says:

      Charity care only paid the hospital and the tests. It did not pay for drs including the radiologist to read the test. However the er dr waived his fee, and the radiologist I only had to pay half. The don’t cover regular drs outside the er. I had no insurance and low income so they paid what they considered 100%. There were lower amounts depending on income.

  20. ER? radiologist? are we talking about your surgery – gall bladder thing? somehow that’s not the hospital thing I thought we were talking about – I thought we were talking about one connected with your disability – is that it? did yours wind up being emergency? I mean I remember some about it, that you had some issues but not realized it quite treated like that – I think that’s what she kept trying to get done and they just never would do it, until she finally had to actually get it scheduled; now, granted, when she finally got in to the surgeon she was quite upset about it, but still getting in to her was quite the ordeal and that was under insurance; we liked to have never even gotten the other surgeon, for her hysterectomy, to even acknowledge what the ER docs were saying about it and agree or say she needed surgery and then certainly wasn’t going to do anything until he was paid, even write the letter to the hospital, saying she needed it – they’d said basically the only way they would do it as an emergency without that was if she were pretty much bleeding to death right there – they did pay for all the tests before and visits but, yes, not even the radiologists, which, of course, was a totally different group; they might have worked out something but not sure now if that was even before or after all this other stuff; I just know we talked about how they – in a “global” sense – are supposed to be going to this new system called “global” billing, where everything will be billed together, just to hopefully eliminate this type of thing, but don’t think we’re doing it locally yet. And I think all this was back when he was working at where he’s back working now, where he’d been offered the insurance but under the franchise; he maybe have already not been working there then, but if no, then pretty sure he was just working at a little one-man show just down the road and think when he still wasn’t making very much; he was supposed to be getting labor rate and at a higher rate if he got enough hours in but whenever he would get close he’d cut him off and shut him down and wouldn’t let him get them, till finally I think he pressed the issue enough he got them for maybe 2 weeks; if he could have done that, he could have made decent money; of course then it might have been enough he couldn’t have gotten the help for her and still probably wouldn’t have been enough to take care of it but then somewhere in there is when they at least got the insurance but not till after all this; in some ways, wish we’d pressed the issue to wait a little longer since it came out of our pocket – we just couldn’t seem to get it to work either way – care to fill me back in – because we just sometimes wonder/ed just what we could do and here we are back in the situation again, both with her and their insurance and our pocketbook, which I’m not even really sure what our situation is now; just know we ended up giving them our tax refund – first we’d gotten in years, what with all the taxes we been paying in years – plus we were shocked at getting some money from our insurance from our wreck – which, btw, how did all that work with you?

    • Tessa says:

      The ER visit was the first thing for my mental health stay. They check you to make sure none of it is physical. That included radiology tests. The other hospital stay with endoscopy was 28 years ago when they took the gall bladder and appendix out.

      I am still under treatment for car accident injury with the chiropractor. Still hurts.

  21. right, at least I know it’s supposed to be that way – seems they did something like that for me – you remember it all that well? but seems they didn’t really do that much with her, either when they admitted her for mental health stay – which she didn’t – or when they didn’t and she was wanting to – hm…certainly nothing radiological, that was only with the gall bladder and hysterectomy.

    Did you have any insurance coverage from your wreck? I’m really sorry you wound up having so much trouble from it – hub didn’t – dil’s been told she needs to see a chiropractor, though, still thinking possibly effects from this gall bladder surgery, from pulling up the muscle where they clamped her; remember anything about anything like that from when you had yours so long ago? probably not, especially since it was probably – and I think was – done so differently

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