Will Wonders Never Cease?

That first child I had that made me a mom, my 1st born – my son – called the other day and wanted to know about buying dad’s house, ended up saying gf did have money after all; he wants to start tearing out dad’s bathroom, may have gone ahead and started – just wish we’d done it for dad or really for mom, but oh well –

just remember that day – hub worked 2nd shift, didn’t have a 2nd car, though would I have driven myself anyway – but I’d stay with my grandparents while he worked and sure enough, while they had their – weekly? – company – my granddad’s brother and sil, or was it the other way around – he was a step so I didn’t really know his family that well; they never really became mine – over to play Rook, which I played too, it started but I didn’t want to give up my game – I’d play my hand and go lay down till finally my grandmother got the hint and ask how far apart – oh, bout a minute – good thing we lived in town not too far from the hospital – do think the game had gotten over and we headed out –

just a throw in here – been a lot of talk on a site been on about Long John Silver’s – oh, and also, this was a university town – we’d gone there to eat one of those evenings and there was a nursing student there taking her OB/Ped? class that semester; anyway she saw me and my big belly – this  isn’t the time since he was born in September – and asked if she could be my  – shadow? – anyway they have to have a patient to track – and – if you don’t mind – they’d like to be with you when  you go to the hospital – so we contacted her and so glad I did; it was so nice to have somebody with me; they wouldn’t let just anybody with you back then, not sure they would have let even my mom, anybody not medically connected – not that I’m too sure my mom would have anyway; they sure didn’t back in her day and I’ve just realized how it must have been for her with me, being far away from her mother, but especially since, remember no cell phones back in the day, they couldn’t find hub – wasn’t like he was working at a factory where they’d know where he was – no, he worked at the uni but he could be just about anywhere – they finally did find him but not for a while, not till after he came, which, just in case you’re worried about the Rook game, no need, even with that small time frame, nah, still didn’t come for 6 hrs.

About donnainthesouth

I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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