got the drain tube out but then had a knot come up – called the doc’s office Wed. night, surgeon on call, said to come in Thursday but then did we? no…..

did give chance to go see hub’s aunt for her birthday – she turned 81 – and find out she was indeed going – back – to the doc – yes, she’d been already – thought I knew that but at least at one point she didn’t remember it, not sure what that says about the meds he gave her for her memory….

but of all days is when grandson, who was there, got called? to come in to report and for whatever reason really thought he’d better this time; he’d skipped the last 2 – or else he had no way to go anywhere else, not that he asked me and he did ask somebody else to take him, although she did ask me but I still thought – possibly, although guess really should have thought better by then – was supposed to be taking dil to doctor, so…then got a call and found the earlier text telling me know but by then he’d gotten a way so….after she threated to cancel – or at least not go to the doctor – and take him herself….

issue was would he be coming back to direct her? and…no, he did not come back

so…anyway, got through son’s birthday

then Saturday evening hub and I wound up taking her to the ER, where pretty sure, with her having a surgeon now, they wouldn’t do anything, and they didn’t, except give her an antibiotic, with a prescription for more, with no where to get them filled by that time – everything was closed, so, tomorrow – Sunday – and yes, think there were places – though not really sure but…..

didn’t matter anyway because she didn’t think to take with her when went to town, asked me to get it today and take it locally, get it filled but then….

nope, so now just wait, see what doc says tomorrow, so…

hub rather annoyed regarding that ER run, while…

in the meantime, found out Sunday morning that his mom had fallen on Friday – maybe we all should have been with son for birthday…

and hub afraid she’d broken her arm or wrist – was all swollen so..

took her to ER – thankfully, no, but at least she got brace and pain meds she did need, so…

hopefully will be allright but…

first time he’s actually been with her for a while and made opportunity to talk with other family about things he saw that they’ve been telling him that he’s been ignoring since her new husband has been as well (well, 7-1/2 yrs. now) so…..

meanwhile, follow-up appt. for dil tomorrow, see what happens


About donnainthesouth

I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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