Drain Tube Out

and she made it; didn’t really say much about it but then we weren’t in there but she was expecting her to stitch it up or glue it up – something, not just put a patch over it – but assuming like with friend – needs to heal from inside out so needs to be left but like hub, as it begins to heal, from the inside out, tends to scab from outside in and looks infected, at least as far right at the site, looks yucky, like the green infection stuff but at least with hub not red streaks and the scab came off and everything was fine – now his surgery is 2 days ahead of dil’s so maybe the same thing will happen with her but like said hers is having the red streaks and she felt feverish and was running a low-grade temp when she took it – with her thermometer she keeps in her purse – seems to be prepared for anything medically. Maybe didn’t/doesn’t need to wait another couple days see if the same thing happens with her as with him. Says she still feels like its knotty. She did end up calling the office and she was on call, told her to come in tomorrow morning if she still feels that way or she could go to the ER tonight but I wondered if she would call them if she did, thinking since she didn’t say that she decided to just see if she could make till then so….guess see what tomorrow brings now.

Just not sure if all this is related to her having diabetes – know it can cause all kinds of issues –  the joys of a chronic illness and all the complications it can cause.

She feels, though, she may have an abscess…

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36 Responses to Drain Tube Out

  1. Tessa says:

    How are things going now?

  2. back for follow-up appt. tomorrow – she has a knot – thanks for asking

  3. said it’s scar tissue but then was going to put her back in the hospital; wishes she’d just kept her in there now, even over son/her husband’s objections, although saying she said she didn’t want to; says she just didn’t realize what was being asked and came out that way, that she would have wanted to but then she didn’t go today so….

  4. I’m thinking that would be why a surgeon would want to put you back in the hospital but why would she have wanted to keep her in there in the first place – would that have kept it from forming somehow?

    • Tessa says:

      I doubt it, but what do I know. I am not a surgeon and my gall bladder was taken out in major surgery and I was in the hospital for 5 days and returned 2 days later as an emergency. One of the gallstones got out and blocked the bile duct. Bad situation.

  5. not sure if you’d call hers major surgery but it wasn’t laporascopic since she put in that drain tube; think it had something to do with how infected she said it was, that she was concerned about having gotten it all so was concerned about her winding up back in the er but especially about not being called about it but of course she was supposed to have already seen her so is that how you got back in? because they sure didn’t do anything when she just went back – thought it was pretty hard to get admitted through er. But, wow, one got out – whoa but how? not really sure about actual stones with her, thought they’d said it was full of them but seems all surgeon talks about is it being infected and being concerned about getting all that but from what understand it leaking is what can cause this knot so yes, she wanted to put her back in but….oh, do I feel another blog post – will see – she’s wanting to go see her sister’s baby she just had that’s in the nicu so she might get up there and wind up in their er; guess will see

    • Tessa says:

      My stone got out before they took the gall bladder out. They waited too damm long and mine was either affected or they used another term. I had to switch hospitals and they used an endoscopic scope and went down my throat and slice the bile duct to let it out. And I was awake for this. They made me stay awake and I could feel that tube going all the way down. Very unpleasant.

  6. ooh, wow – she did have one of those done but they just did it the usual way – giving her the stuff to knock her somewhat – don’t know what she would have done like that with her anxiety but you have it too, don’t you? did they give you anything or I guess you already had stuff, right? but, slice the bile duct? wow, so then what happened to it?

  7. hm, maybe I was asking about what happened with the stone since you said it got out and blocked your bile duct that you then said they sliced but wouldn’t have thought that they would have just left it at that point but guess so; they just trying to get your gall bladder out at that point; her surgeon still upset at not being brought in till so late in the game, not sure why took so long for them to think in those terms, seems like happened in another situation as well where it’s caused problems we thought this had but now – and need to get another blog post up – she more getting into the breathing problems turned out she had while out there

  8. right, but, wow – guess that would make you sick but then I would have thought with her gall bladder being as infected as she said it was would have made her sick as well but she didn’t seem sick, just in a lot of pain, but now still talking about her breathing problems but she did try to get out today

    • Tessa says:

      Mine was inflamed when they finally took it out which is why the stone escaped. I wasn’t sick until the bile duct was clogged. I got jaundiced too.

      Glad she tried to go out today. They made us get up in the hospital and walk several times a day with a pillow held to the incision. It is a good 4-6 inches long, up and down on my right side.

  9. wow, and they just let her go home – need to see about that incision; know she’s shown it to me and, one, it is definitely one, not laparascopic, but thought it was mainly for the drain tube, which, maybe is really what I was trying to ask, not really the stone since I didn’t know anything about all this you went through there but thinking if they sliced your bile duct to – what? – let the stone out that it blocking your duct was making you sick guess was asking then what happened then with the bile duct with them slicing it, not what happened with the stone

  10. hm, then that’s the part I’m confused about with all this with her except maybe she said she did it because there was fluid in – or around? – her liver but I was getting the idea it was because she’d gone so long getting her gall bladder out and it was in such bad shape – so nothing was said about anything like that with you?

    • Tessa says:

      Other people got drains. I didn’t because all my arteries and such were all twisted together and jammed in there since I am so short and he said he was afraid to cut in there and make sure all the stones were out. So he skipped that part and a stone was already in the bile duct and he refused to listen when I told him and everyone the pain was still there. I should have sued them all. I had to go back and spent almost 2 weeks extra in the hospital thanks to nobody listening to me. If they knew he didn’t finish the procedure they should have thought about what might have happened. I had to go to the big city hospital in Philadelphia because they would have had to cut me back open where I had the surgery. I went to Philly and had the Endoscopy and they looked and found it and then slice it so it would fall out.

  11. wow – I have heard of that I think somewhere else, unless it was you talking about it, about being short and having all your stuff just kinda stuffed in there, but not until recently; interesting, not my dil’s problem, for sure; she’s definitely taller, but still….seems to sounds kinda strange, but really more so that you didn’t have an endoscopy first, before you ever had the surgery; how did they know that’s what the problem was to begin with without doing one first? but then you had to spend 2 weeks in the hospital?! that sounds unusual too – why so long? but I don’t understand what you mean about not finishing; what didn’t he finish, that he knew about at least or should he have known about that stone being in the duct, but how?

    • Tessa says:

      They cut you open inside to make sure there are none left. He didn’t do that because everything was jammed together including the main artery. He didn’t want to kill me by accidentally cutting that artery which is fine, but when I continued complaining about the pain still being there they should have taken that into consideration and autmatically checked. Instead they rehospitalized me and ran tests and was going to put me into isolation for something and I had another symptom that gave them the answer.

      They found out by ultrasound and an upper gi test.

  12. make sure there are no stones left? besides just the cutting you open to take your gallbladder out? like you saying they supposed to always cut your bile duct open – they can’t tell that from the endoscopy? they put her drain in through where they cut her to take her gall bladder out; why they said they didn’t do it laparoscopically, assumed that’s how they did yours since you said major surgery but no? did they do yours laparoscopically? is that what you mean maybe by not cutting you open to make sure? maybe they don’t typically do that; they just assume not, unless they have reason – or should – to think might, like in both your cases, where it was in such bad shape? but then I don’t understand why you were in the hospital for 5 days to begin with

    • Tessa says:

      I had major surgery, 5 days in the hospital. Out on Friday. Went back in on Sunday by ambulance.When they do major surgery they have to make sure there are no stones left or what happened to me would happen to someone else. Therefore the drain was put in. I wasn’t cut except for the surgery to remove my gallbladder and appendix. He couldn’t do the test so no further cutting was done so no drain was needed. Laparoscopic surgery came after my surgery, but they wouldn’t have been able to anyway as I had too many stones in there. I had this done 28 years ago just after the birth of my son.

  13. maybe because it was so long ago, before they started doing the laparoscopic, guess that’s what you’re trying to say – was thinking you meant you had it as well but then you didn’t and guess you’re right but still how did they know if they didn’t do scans ahead of time and, right, not cuts except for the surgery to remove – and both? oh wow – your gall bladder experience sounds like my mom’s appendix experience – can hardly believe this and don’t understand it all but my uncle was telling me the doc punched my mom in the stomach and burst her appendix. don’t understand about not being able to do the test that seems like would have found that stone in your bile duct so that they would have taken care of it while you were in the hospital but they did put a drain in but it didn’t take care of it? wow

  14. well, I didn’t think so but you said in your last comment a drain was put in but maybe you just meant that’s what’s normally done but you’d already explained why they didn’t do it with you so maybe you’re trying to say that’s why they put a drain in her even though that’s not what they said but still don’t understand why they couldn’t do the test on you

    • Tessa says:

      because to do the test they have to cut something in there and my main artery was there and he could cut it, he thought it safer to leave it be….I thought so too, but we didn’t realize one of the stones had already gotten out. I don’t know what it is they cut only they couldn’t do it on me, but it is normal procedure and so is the drain for major surgery at least. Not sure about Laproscopically.

  15. this test you’re talking about where they have to cut something is normal procedure? not sure is any more; well, was going to say with the laparoscopic, but of course she didn’t have that, but, still, are you saying they were supposed to cut you more than just what they had to to take your gallbladder out?

    • Tessa says:

      They have to check that no stones got out. But they couldn’t do that for me and I had complications. I don’t know anything about the laparoscopic surgery at all.

  16. But they found out through ultrasound and the upper GI/endoscopy, right? like she had done ahead of time; know that’s when they did get so concerned about her gallbladder, though nothing said about stones, just the shape it was in and being so infected, like how they found out hub’s wasn’t working right but still no stones, but friend’s was full of them but also think would have shown if there were any that had gotten out?

  17. is an endoscopy not an upper GI?

    • Tessa says:

      No. And endoscopy is a scope down the throat (gag) and the upper gi they give you gunk to drink and then watch it move through the upper body.

  18. maybe they can combine them; pretty sure they ran a tube down her throat and I know they gave her something to drink to watch it move; at least thought that’s how they said they saw hers was so bad but not sure it was a gag thing because thought they gave her something for that after they gave her that to drink; do you know why they made you stay awake?

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