Surgery Day!

and son was able to take off to take her so they out there now waiting…..why do they have you be there so early? but why do they have such a hard time with little one – anyway he calls to see if we can just keep her overnight, which I find somewhat rather strange that hub didn’t care – although he’d already talked about me – what – getting her from their house this morning – oh, that’s right – he said if she came last night, bhh, she wouldn’t have to get up so early this morning, which he’s right, she’s still in bed, but he forgets at her house she probably just wouldn’t have gone to bed last night – but, then, well, not sure, mom did go to bed early – or said she was – but she’s said that before and then not been able to sleep so has either gotten back up or ended up not going and so little one hasn’t either, so…but hub forgets about their upside down schedule, just thinks in terms of his, and then also forgets then that it’s probably been that way the day and night before, that she’s probably been up all night the night before and so slept most of the day so even here she’s probably not going to go to bed, although she’d already been here and I’d helped wear her out outside like she doesn’t get to do at home, which is another whole issue that we’ll see about, but she did go to sleep, at least earlier than she has been, at least by midnight, so…

so they out there by themselves waiting, all got out of him, not sure what that’s saying since haven’t heard from her; she’d said something about them getting a private room, where I’d thought they could handle her, but had never heard of anything like that so may have been some confusion there; that may only be if they admit her after…

but…if he hadn’t wanted to bring her over here last night, then maybe he wouldn’t have gotten pulled over – great – yet something else….oh well, deal with later….for now,

see how this surgery goes

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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5 Responses to Surgery Day!

  1. Tessa says:

    Hope the surgery goes well!

  2. Thank you; it seemed to; they even ended up sending her home, even though they said she could stay a night or two – don’t understand some people; I would have thought that with her wanting to stay, that the more out of it she was when they asked her the more likely she would have been to say she did but she says just the opposite, that she was still too out of it when they asked for her to tell them she did so home she is, but with the drain tube still in until Tuesday

  3. well….at least this surgeon gave her her cell phone number; says she’s going to call her tomorrow – will see what that brings – headed to bed now – thanks

  4. turned out not to be her cell number but just the ER number at the hospital but she did get a number to the office, called and at least they do have an answering service that does take messages and can pass them on to the office, unlike somewhere else I dealt with – that, oh, it doesn’t matter since they don’t charge for missed visits – well, what if that isn’t the issue – oh, well, worked out fairly well, she called back – now what would have happened had we not already been out at the ER, not sure, but possibly since we were, she admitted her

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