Results of the Hyda-Scan

which she did have done – when they got them – appointment with surgeon tomorrow – at least since there was a cancellation – though by what they saw believe they would have gotten her in ASAP anyway, even if the scheduler did say they didn’t have an opening until – when – September? don’t think so – tomorrow being yesterday now – with hub having surgery but thankfully with new job son’s day off so he could take her – and when she – surgeon is a female – saw the results she was livid, asked how long she’d been going through this – 2 months – and she just now getting in to see her?! – oh, she was upset – gall bladder very infected and has been for at least that long – needs to definitely come out ASAP – although – hm, must typically only have to do surgeries in the mornings because – or does she not do them on Wednesdays – we have 2 hospitals under the same covering in the area and she typically does surgeries on Mondays and Tuesdays at our local one – Thursdays and Fridays at the other one so was scheduling her for Monday, which was going to work out better for me since hub’s expecting to be back at work by then but with the doc’s office having not given her the same type/strength pain meds she’d been getting from the ER and maybe before – they’re not a pain clinic – she was still in quite a bit of pain so asked if she could then get the previous kind to tide her over the weekend till surgery but apparently some type of surgeon policy can’t prescribe pain meds till after surgery but did check with local hospital to see if some way could go ahead and have surgery before the weekend so can have it in the morning and hub thinks he may be all right by then for me to take her – somewhat question will be do I stay – do I bring granddaughter back – be quite a bit of back and forth, so not sure, stayed out there with her probably/possibly that long with testing but maybe not counting recovery and all with possibility of being admitted, which of course she was with last surgery but she was supposed to be anyway, with it being the hysterectomy and not laparoscopically, which we didn’t think this would be either but seems to be at this point but maybe because of her diabetes? not sure, but her recovery was much longer than typical so not sure how long may be but hub definitely said didn’t think would feel like babysitting and would hate to leave her out there by self so just have to see; anyway sent her for labs, again, even though has just had all these done – and sugar came back at 750, after being just(?) 250, considered high, why sent in the first place, Monday, at the doc’s office but not sure how the insulin’s been but got it back down to that so see how things go

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  1. Tessa says:

    DIL sure having problems.

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