Saturday night – recap

Let’s see, have I mentioned all the crazy stuff with son’s job – well, for now, let’s just say he’s back where he was this time last year, where he started right in the middle of the move, when they were going to get the house then but because of this very type thing they just rented instead until not long ago; should have known about the time they signed the papers the same thing would happen again; anyway they have a whole new crew at the place and the guy who basically caused all the issues – an ex-cop, fwiw – is gone – and apparently the main guy didn’t really have that much of a problem – I just wish they’d stand up more for the situation but guess that’s what they hire managers for; not really sure how you can have a manager for more than one place but is somewhat what I’ve gotten the idea so he may get to go back to being manager, like he was, supposedly, at the other place, at least until that owner retired – think maybe they just need to get their new shop built or started, at least – anyway was supposed to have happened here before as well until the ex-cop came on the scene, which I’m not exactly  sure how that happened but anyway just like before and at the other place, gave them business, went down there – yes, both of us this time – and had oil changed in youngest’s car – one thing, they do have good prices, can hardly do it ourselves any cheaper and with hub not been feeling good; scheduled for surgery this week, on Wednesday – did some other things as well – and got jeep cleaned out and up after the melted crayon incident – maybe I should have been the one coloring, which do need to get all of that together for Monday/Tuesday when will be taking dil back to doctor, though not really sure why –

this was the appointment scheduled way back for her diabetes – in the middle of all this other – when he said that if it were out of whack he was putting her in the hospital – where/how? since he’s said since then the local hospital won’t let him…anyway,

since then, yesterday she got a call from the local hospital to schedule her gall bladder test for Tuesday – even as we were on our way out there to the ER – after her eating a big ole cheeseburger at our new little local bistro – after needing to eat because her blood sugar was bottoming out since she hadn’t eaten –

partially having to do with the whole job situation, lost days, etc.; tried to work out something about the house payment but seems to be different since no renting –

was hoping could have with something in her system, could find, but no, has to be their glow-in-the- dark stuff so basically couldn’t get anything done except something to hopefully help her get through the weekend, then….

she goes and has pizza – oh well,at least she hasn’t wanted to go back to another ER

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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17 Responses to Saturday night – recap

  1. Tessa says:

    Sorry to hear your hubby has to have surgery.

  2. Thank you; I’m not convinced he does; originally he was only doing it because the surgeon said while he was doing it he would try to find out what was causing his pain but when I went with him for his consult he said he didn’t think he’d be able to; he’s just wanting to do it, then he said he see about seeing about his pain – duh!

  3. I hope you were able to sleep last night

  4. good; gotta run – the gall bladder test

  5. said been infected for a long time; probably been what’s been running the blood sugar numbers up; having it checked again, may have to be admitted depending – waiting to hear

  6. getting admitted? well, true enough, wasn’t done even though they called – both the surgeon and the hospital lab – 1st time that’s ever happened – of course 1st time, except for the last surgery – had labs done outside of ER and doctor’s orders – like what used to happen with my dad with his weekly labs – saying sugar was 720 – needed to go to ER – though, yea, good luck with that! wonder why they would do at that point – have been at 500 and has still seemed like they didn’t really do a whole lot – have never really understood that – other dil has diabetes as well and would have to go to ER and they seemed to treat hers a lot more seriously with no issue of getting IV insulin – as in they just did immediately and seemingly emergently, while not the same with this one – the other one is Type 1; maybe that makes the difference? think she was really supposed to be on a pump, think she has finally gotten one – this one has finally gotten her insulin so don’t know if they think she’s just not taking it right – which, turns out she has not been “feeling” like taking it like she’s supposed to but also she’s not been able to be eating right with all this gallbladder stuff going on so she’s been concerned she would bottom out if she did – but she did go ahead and take even more than supposed to last night with those high number – doc did say if she couldn’t get it down think said would admit her if she went to ER – but she did get it down – all the way – to in the 200s – is hardly ever that low – so, right, no admission – and somewhat glad – with hub trying to recover from his surgery – and meeting with teacher today – later – wow – they had talked about admitting her tonight so will see about that

    • Tessa says:

      Around here 500 is a big thing. They don’t ignore it. Strange how differently things are done here then there. I think anything over 350 supposed to go to ER.

  7. around here it’s 400 but it’s just been what they’ve done – or haven’t – when she has

  8. haven’t said but surgeon said the whole gall bladder thing’s probably been what’s been running her blood sugar up

  9. no, not the stress and pain of it, though, yes, do know that, but she said the actual infection itself

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