Is no news good news?

well, do I say yay they didn’t find anything; always wondered about people who took that as good news – so, okay, if they didn’t find anything, then what’s the problem; just because the test doesn’t show anything does that mean there’s nothing there? well,  the nurse practitioner did say Friday that this test was only of the stomach – which, true enough – no, not true – was going to say that’s where her pain’s been but no, it hasn’t – she’s been telling them it’s been in her side and the doctor had said it should show up if it was her pancreas but that’s not what the n.p. nor the doc who did the procedure today said – he said it would only show what was in the abdominal cavity, that she needed to tell her doc he needed to check her gall bladder, which is what they’d originally said they were going to just take out to begin with – before this test? or depending on what this test showed – or didn’t? before they said that if it didn’t show anything they were going to send her to a specialist – a GI? or that’s who they were going to send her to before the test or for the test when they thought she lived somewhere other than where she does? because she hadn’t updated her id? since the one they would have sent her to here retired and the one who does this test isn’t seeing new patients; he’s only doing these procedures, not sure if he does the removals – or did – anyway – but since realized she does live here just went this route first – not really even sure how they came to realize that, unless because I found out about there being only the one doc here – from that same pharmacy who wouldn’t give her the last meds but where we got the first ones, since they were the only one who takes her insurance – guess good thing they’re the 24 hr. one in the bigtown – when we called to see if they could have anything to do with the whole other thing that happened – oh my – anyway – so called and found out no appt. necessary to schedule so when did think they called the doc to tell them. Anyway, did find out today from him they have new doc coming in couple weeks but….doesn’t think can wait that long….but how soon can get in to one in bigtown? guess might see – does seem like didn’t take hub that long, so…..oh, when in there Friday one reason pain wasn’t on that side but they say it doesn’t have to be, but was on side, not in middle, but….guess hub was at least having trouble on the right – and yes, the right, being the right – side so think his doc did pretty much send him right on to the right doc – GI – stomach? the same? but who did do a specific GB test, not this procedure; he didn’t go through this for that, though think or did had had before this last deal that his doc’s might eager about, so…..guess see what happens now


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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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