Ups and Downs

of blood sugar – dil’s running 500, so on all these ER visits, at least (?) giving her insulin – why do I say it like that – because of all the times when they didn’t, when they didn’t seem to be concerned about that, when that would be why we were going, when she couldn’t get her insulin but now that we have, what, is it 15 or is it 50 refills for it so it’s no problem, going in for something totally other, when before we were in and out like a drive-through where now they’re keeping us all night long, taking insulin before, they’re giving it to her while we’re there, getting it down to around 300, which is good for her, but not letting her eat, so then it’s bottoming out – or at least to her – but, no, it does gown to 60 – so then she has to eat to get it back up, so then we’re crunching the carbs, so we’re just getting into this up and down cycle, while her A1C is still high, like 15, so now while we’re back at the doc’s for this while pain issue we’ve been being at the ER for, because that’s what they’ve been telling us to do for this acute pain that they keep giving pain meds for that the pharmacy now won’t fill without authorization from the doc, which they won’t give, they, oh so casually remind her now not to forget to keep her appointment in a couple weeks for her diabetes that he did all these labs and bloodwork for in addition to what they’re doing on all these ER runs, that he had said that if it was still high he was going to put her in the hospital but now how is going to do that when yesterday they first said the local – so is that the issue, would it not be locally? – hospital won’t allow direct admits – funny, not what the hospital said; do they not think we can check out their stories, or won’t? – then they said, no, it’s that they – the office – won’t admit, so….


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13 Responses to Ups and Downs

  1. Tessa says:

    wow that is a high sugar count…my uncle was that way…I don’t understand why they can’t regulate it with the insulin. I know he was always high and in and out of the hospital…No Direct Admits?? That is crazy. I have gone right from the ER to the hospital admissions and my room.

  2. no, direct admit bypasses ER; that’s how they said you had to go but the hospital said they do it all the time; said it’s probably because this office does walk-ins so they just don’t want to do admits; their director will see you at the hospital; he just won’t admit you; now isn’t that crazy? so was gonna try to find another doctor but….let me check my last post; might be time for another one

  3. so why couldn’t they regulate your uncle’s?

    • Tessa says:

      I don’t know. They didn’t talk much and he finally died with complications of diabetes I think

      How do you do direct admit unless the dr sets it up?

  4. direct admit is when the dr sets it up; I thought you were saying it was direct from the ER but her dr or apparently at least his office won’t do it, at least according to the nurse practitioner, who’s also the one who gave us the straight scoop on the procedure yesterday, unlike the doc, who told us the hospital won’t allow direct admits, so not too sure what I think about this guy anyway now, especially after what the procedure doc told us yesterday; wonder what he would have said had we been able to see him to begin with, but of course easy for him to say since he won’t do anything either but then she’s not classic textbook either

    her mom died with diabetic complications as well; wound up having a heart attack from it; when I began to hear about that, never had before, apparently more common than realize, wish I knew more about how it happens, but she’s gotten more concerned about it all; at least am glad she’s at least gotten back on her insulin, just not sure where we are now; they do seem more concerned about her blood sugar than the problem at hand, which might be more serious long term but then so could this if they let it go too long, if it really is her gall bladder; I don’t know, maybe they should look at things like that; which is going to be the more serious if let go rather than what are the odds that it is; since gall bladder let go can lead to fatal liver disease why not go ahead and check it rather than wasting time checking stomach first, which, what would be the consequences of that if that is it?

  5. Tessa says:

    Seems so different than the way they do it up here, but I could be wrong. It has been awhile since I had anything but direct from the ER. I just finally back in the quest to try and turn mine around before I get to insulin.

  6. insulin’s been in the picture almost from the beginning; at least ever since she got pregnant with her 2nd child, then as a known diabetic from what happened with the first one; maybe only then because she was pregnant but she was kept on it – or went back to being on it – even after she had that child – but again, somewhat under only a nurse practitioner, who didn’t have a doctor on site, so when her dosages she needed got up high enough she said she didn’t have authority to continue to prescribe them any higher; she would have to see an actual specialist – not sure why she couldn’t go through her doctor but do find it interesting that her clinic shut down after she dismissed us and we quit going – she somewhat made a referral then before we could make that appt. she started having trouble with her eyes so we went to a eye specialist who also said she needed to see a diabetic specialist but referred us to the other one in town so now we had referrals to both of them but before we could get into either one of them she got pregnant again and had to be taken off the insulin she was on, by the ob/gyn, and put on another kind that’s safe for being pregnant, even on the very day she was supposed to see the diabetic specialist, so all that was put off until after she had the next child, and beyond, because of the complications that one was born with, until then she started going to another clinic with a real doctor, who started her back on the insulin she was on before, at the dosages she was on before, but then she, too, referred her to a specialist as she, again, began, to need higher dosages, but then, again, before we could get there, she ended up leaving, and what she was on she ran out and we couldn’t get more, except somewhat of on an emergency basis of the pens only – and, once again, without needles – so somewhat lost the referral again and have just now gotten started all over again, so here we are again – she was sent to diabetic education classes while she was pregnant but hub doesn’t even go along with what they say and between the 2nd and 3rd pregnancies she did wind up in the hospital with pancreatitis and the one who came in then said something totally differently – but will say she did somewhat finally say just the other day – though she’s somewhat said this before – that she is realizing it has somewhat, at least, to do with how she eats – she was just raised so differently with eating habits – part of why her mom died, she’s realizing – just so hard but you’re encouraging me, at least, with how you’re trying to turn your situation around – we’ll see

    • Tessa says:

      So she started with gestational diabetes? My daughter had it with both babies and is borderline diabetic now I think. The baby is 8 years old now. But Diabetes runs in our family. Type 2. I am finally seeing the light and that I am killing myself slowly, by not caring. So working on it now and hope it works and I didn’t wait too long.

  7. not really sure; she says she was diagnosed first as a teen-ager but then told she didn’t have it; not sure they could make up their mind. It does run in her family; like said, her mom died with complications from it, like the heart attack, that, like I said, don’t really understand how that works, but mom, dil’s grandmother also has it, has had the whole foot thing with it, but something don’t really understand is she seems to be doing better now; anyway, her grandfather, mom’s dad, also has it and he’s doing worse, to the point he’s in a nursing home now and from what I understand can hardly do anything for himself now but think he was worse, in the sense, when he’d be in the hospital, which he’d gotten to the point, maybe like your uncle, that he was being in and out all the time, that his brother – which has just occurred to me, maybe he didn’t need to have him, in that sense, after all – would bring him like $50 in the hospital, that he would then sneak out of his room and go load up on junk – yes, mostly, if not all, sweets – out of the vending machine – part of why he’s in the nursing home, because they didn’t think they could trust him to take care of himself at home or anyone else to really do so; they’d probably just let him do whatever he wanted, which I do understand being able to make that choice, but not really sure which comes first because, as I understand, too much sugar for too long can affect your brain, so not sure he was even still capable of making rational decisions about what to do, may have gone too long or was it dementia from other causes causing it but either way, but on the other hand, should it matter? should you still be allowed to choose? but somewhat point is, seemed like his wife, dil’s grandmother, because of her own diabetic issues with her feet at the time, didn’t seem able to take care of him, so he went to their daughter’s yet after that she seemed to get better, so….seems to be some questions there but either way dil has seen this and has gotten somewhat concerned, so….trying to try to work on it anyway and waiting on the doc appt., while in the meantime now trying to deal with this other while still young

  8. Thank you! and to you, too!

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