Chips and Salad, anyone?

Silly me, to think that if I didn’t take my debit card I could get out of spending any money, which might have, if the right person had been asked, but is it just like at the ER, when you have a thorough doctor visit that of course takes a long time because they’re concerned about your high blood sugar levels and gets you back on your insulin, that they take so long that your blood sugar level drops because you haven’t been able to eat, so that when you get out you’ve got to have something, so you’re off to the local fast food place because, of course, you have your little one with you and it’s till you get there that you remember you don’t have your debit card but…you’ve find both a Thai and a Mexican restaurant that you think would take checks so you go first to the Thai – nice fancy formal place, so surely no need to check, right? so you settle in, get the house special nice tea, order drinks  – soft, mind you – all around – get ready to order, then someone happens to think (is this the anxiety kicking in?) maybe we should check so ask the nice waitress to and no, they don’t accept checks; don’t even have the cash to pay for the drinks, sorry – so even though knowing they would just have to discard them, so would have loved to have brought that nice tea with me, we left them and left, ourselves – oh well….it was really expensive anyway and no kids menu, that I knew I’d seen at one of them so much have been the Mexican, right? so…

we head there and sure enough, yes, but go in first and ask the nice young man behind the counter if they accept checks – sure, no problem – so we go in, settle into the back room (the anxiety again?) – place our order – now, having just left the doc with all the high blood sugar level concerns, we try – or I do – to order – low carb – so get the taco salad, forgetting it comes in a nice taco bowl – but, which  you don’t have to eat, but of course that’s just about the only thing that – well, maybe not, maybe that it’s just the cheapest stuff, which, actually, therein somewhat lies the problem, but might have been willing to pay more for something not wrapped in carbs, was trying to set a good example, but then in addition to all of that, with everything they bring out for while you wait, an order of chips! duh! should have just refused them but…..

and they wonder why their blood sugar levels are up


About donnainthesouth

I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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