Back to the Doc

Ended up not going to Bingo last night after all – dil ended up not feeling good again yesterday so finally did call the doc – going in today, do appreciate she willing to not make 2 trips – or is not willing to make 2 – either way, saves gas – and said she could do in either order – see doc first or labs first – but with having the full labs done the other night in the ER – still and somewhat even more interesting that they gave her the complete report since they also did send them to him as well – at least we got it straight this time, since she does have only one – that even though they also, again, wanted her to see a specialist, since she’s no longer seeing the one who did her surgery – is this related? they somewhat mentioned, again, that it could be, but didn’t say it was….because wasn’t a female doc who did the exam? like last time it took that to say for sure….but this pain moving around is interesting as well, why they did the u/s the way they did, sure took long enough to get it done that way before, while this time might have been nice had they done it the other way but then that’s not where the pain was then but then since it’s moved there….but anyway didn’t have results sent to him, who until it was said definitely never believed it; not sure he ever really did but was just finally willing to do it; could it have grown back? possibly, certainly a good – or would it be bad? – enough environment for it – with an A1C of 15, which was the main thing this doc wanted to see about anyway, so…not sure if he’ll want to redo himself to make sure or will he just accept the results and move forward with his plan, which was…if it were that high he said he planned to admit her to the hospital, so….wonder if we’re taking a bag this time like she said she was going to when we went to the ER but didn’t but now we have an actual lab result, so….

will we be keeping little one or not – hm….were supposed to be, at least tonight, or at least this evening, anyway…but, the things that happen, doesn’t seem that much different than, was it last weekend? but something is – just don’t understand this whole care thing, but….that’s another story but…

always happens late so….but guess we’ll see….so

off to the shower

oh, since no bingo – jazz concert


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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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